Your First 30 Days as A New Real Estate Agent

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1. Commit to be the BEST.

— The quest for Best changes everything. Like a rookie…gives 120%.

2. Train like your life depended on it.

— First 30 days daily: 1 hr scripts > 4 hrs prospecting/Lead FU, 2 hrs on scripts & 2 hrs on Systems/Strategy/Mindset, 1 hr on ofc stuff. 7AM to 7PM.

3. Believe you can do this.

Napoleon Hill said, “Your only limitation is the one which you set up in your own mind.” You CAN succeed mightily…even as a rookie.


While all the amateurs complain, you train, and the result of that will change everything for ya.

Hi there, it’s Kevin Ward, the founder of YesMasters Real Estate Success Training, helping you get more yeses and more successes in your business and in your life. If you’re a brand-new agent, this is really for a brand-new agent, and that is if I were starting over, what would I do, and how would I approach the very first 30 days?

This is based on a very simple premise. I want to get started fast, I want to make a lot of money fast, and I want to get my first deal overnight, okay? How would I do it if I wanted to get started fast, and crush it fast, so that I can reach high levels quickly. How would I do it?

On this video we’re gonna talk about your first 30 days. I’m also gonna be doing another video on how to get your first deal fast as a real estate agent that will be a follow-up on this video that will be coming out later, and so you can be watching for that. Once it’s done I’ll actually post the link in the description of this video, we’ll post it below, but it will be done later.

In this video it’s how do you approach your first 30 days in order to succeed fast as a brand-new real estate agent? Three keys that we’re gonna talk about, and we’re gonna break it down of, how do you actually spend your day every single day for that first 30 days?

First, is if you want to succeed as a real estate agent fast, the very first thing you need to do in your first 30 days when you start day one is you commit to be the best. Now, this is not for most real estate agents. Just so you know, I don’t train in a way that is of interest to most real estate agents, because I don’t train amateurs. I’m not interested in working with agents who are just interested in making a little bit of money, doing a deal every now and then. I only train agents that are committed to greatness, that are committed to being the best in their market at what they do.

I believe if you’re gonna succeed, you have to commit to be the best. Why is this important? One, because it puts you on a trajectory that’s gonna be there. But here’s what happens, the moment you commit to be the best in the market at what you do, everything changes about you. When you change, the way people react and respond to you change.

A lot of new agents ask this question: “How do I get credibility when I don’t have a track record, I don’t have stats? How do I get people to hire me, because I’m brand-new? I don’t know what I’m doing, and how do I get them to hire me?” Here’s how: because you show up the way the best in the market show up even though you’re new. You can do that. If you’re not good yet, you can get good quickly based on the other things I’m gonna share with you in just a second.

First, you have to commit to be the best. What happens is, that is that quest to be the best that changes the way you approach your business on a daily basis. You’re gonna work harder, you’re gonna be more intense, you’re gonna be more passionate, you’re gonna have more conviction. When you have that, and you talk to a prospect, or you talk to a lead, they’re gonna hear you different, because they can hear the intensity, and the commitment, and the passion in your voice. They see it in your body language, they see it in the way that you show up, the way you perform, your consistency, your integrity. Everything changes when you do this.

Like, “What if I’m not the best?” Well, you’re on the quest to do it. Think about being the Rookie of the Year, okay? In sports they’ll have … they’ll give a Rookie of the Year award. Well, is the rookie the best in the league? Is the rookie thee best? Probably not, but we recognize that because they’re on that quest to be the best.

What can a rookie bring that most veterans do not bring? Here’s what they bring: they bring heart, they bring hunger, they bring drive. They want it so bad, they show up with 120% every day. The rookies that make it, the rookies that win Rookie of the Year, they play harder, they know they’ve got to scrap and fight for everything they get. When you come into real estate, if you’re coming in going, like, “Yeah, I’m cool, I’m good. I’m gonna crush this.” And you come in trying to look cool, and you’re thinking it’s gonna be handed to you on a silver platter, because of something you’ve got in your background, or something like that, good luck with that, but you’re probably in for a rude awakening.

I want you to think about Jerry Rice. Here’s why I think Jerry Rice is a great example. When Jerry Rice, who was the great wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers, to this day … He’s retired years and years ago … To this day he has scored more touchdowns than any other player in NFL history, and nobody else is even close to him, probably will never come close to how good he was.

When he got out of college, and he went into the pros, he was not that good. He was not fast, he was not highly recruited. He played for a small college. He just wasn’t considered to be one of those guys who had the potential to be the best, right? What did he do? He committed to be the very best, and everyday that’s how he showed up. Years later, once he was already a … superstar, once he was considered the best wide receiver ever, he would still show up like a rookie every year.

In fact, at rookie training camp, when the rookies all showed up for the week before the regular training camp, Jerry Rice was the only veteran that showed up. He showed up and trained with the rookies for that first week, because he said, “I felt like I had to prove to myself that I belonged. I had to earn my position again.” He just had that work ethic to show up like a rookie with the commitment to scrap and fight for everything.

Here’s what you can control: you can’t control the fact that you don’t have stats, that you don’t have a track record, that you’ve never done this before. You can’t control that, but here’s what you can control: you can show up with a higher level of commitment than anybody else in your market. You can do that right now today. “I’m more committed than anybody else you’re gonna talk to, Mr. Seller.”

That passion has a lot of weight. With that commitment to be the best comes the second thing that you’ve got to do in your first 30 days, and that is this … and these are things that are never talked about in training. Number one, is train …  Oh, that’s real good … train as if your life depended on it. I’m gonna do it again here. Train. There we go. Train as if your life depended on it.

Now, I make a promise to you, and that is if you train the way I’m about to share with you, you’re gonna blow everybody else out of the water. The reason is most people won’t do what I’m about to train you to do. What I’m about to share with you in the next few minutes will absolutely change the game for you, change the trajectory of your entire career, because nobody else in your market, nobody else in your office, no other new agents, no other rookies, none of them are gonna do this. That is, I want you to train the way a professional athlete would train for the Olympics, and I want you to do it for the first 30 days. That’s it. First 30 days.

Here’s what you do: you’re gonna spend five hours a day training. Your first 30 days you’re gonna spend five hours a day training, and you’re gonna spend five hours a day playing. This is preparing for the game, this is playing the game of real estate. You’re gonna be on the job, you’re not gonna spend … You’re gonna actually be in the game right away, because you get your license, you’re with the office. If you’ve got your license you’re ready to go.

Then you’re gonna spend half of your day preparing, half of your day training, and half of your day playing the game of real estate. Here’s how you do it. First hour in the morning … Now I’m gonna … Here’s how I would look at it, I would do a 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM would be my schedule. Now, if you want to go 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM that’s cool. If you’ve got kids, or school, children in school, whatever, you got to work around this, you figure it out. But here’s the way I would approach it: 12 hours a day is how I would schedule my day, and for the first 30 days I am committing that I am gonna be in the game 12 hours a day.

That gives you time for breaks, gives you time for lunch, and all of that. But from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM I am gonna be committed to becoming the best in my market at what I do as a brand-new agent. This is gonna accelerate you like nobody’s business. Here’s how you’re gonna spend your day: the first hour of the day, the first hour of the day you are gonna do nothing but work on your scripts. Which means you are gonna chant your scripts and you’re gonna role play.

You’re gonna get a role play partner in your office, you can do it on our YesMasters Real Estate Success community Facebook group, and your coaching. Get role play partners, okay? It can be your family member, a spouse, whatever, but get one hour a day. You’re gonna spend probably half of that time chanting the scripts out loud, and then you’re gonna spend half of that time actually role playing.

Then after you do that, first hour of the day, and then for the next four hours you’re gonna do two things: you’re gonna prospect, and you’re gonna do lead follow-up. That’s how you’re gonna spend the rest of your morning, all right? From 7:00 to 8:00 AM I’m doing scripts. I’m practicing, I’m preparing, you’re mastering it. Like, “Who am I gonna talk to today?” I’ll talk about that in the next video of how to get listings, how to get deals fast as a real estate agent. But starting out, whether you’re prospecting people that you know, your personal circle, or expireds, or for sale-by-owners, or whatever your prospecting.

I’m gonna spend the first hour of the day warming up, practicing the scripts, getting it in my head, getting it in my heart, getting it ready to go, and then I’m gonna spend four hours talking to people: prospecting.

It’s where the money is. You want to make money fast in real estate, the more people you talk to, the more business you’re gonna get. You talk to people, you ask for business. You warm up, you train on the scripts, and then, boom, I’m in the game prospecting. Spend four hours a day prospecting and doing lead follow-up, so that if I’m generating a lot of leads by the end of that first couple of weeks, I may be spending three hours in a lead in prospecting, and then an hour in lead follow-up.

If I don’t have enough leads to follow-up on, then I’m gonna spend the rest of that time prospecting. All right? I’m gonna prospect and lead follow-up four hours a day. Then, when I’m done with that … That’s gonna be from 8:00 to noon, right? 7:00 to 8:00 I’m doing scripts. 8:00 to noon I’m prospecting, and then I’m doing lead follow-up. At noon I can take a break, I can go have some lunch, or whatever. It’s gonna come down to this other hour, which I’ll get to later. Then after I get back from lunch, I’m gonna spend two more hours doing one thing: working on scripts. Working on the conversations that are gonna make you money.

Prospecting scripts, lead follow-up scripts, pre-qualifying scripts for talking to sellers before a listing presentation, the listing presentation script, all the objection handlers, is to spend two hours a day in the afternoon doing nothing but practicing those scripts, chanting them, reading them out loud as fast as you can, just getting through there, and then role play. I’m gonna practice them with somebody or whatever, but two hours a day in the afternoon I’m gonna do more work on scripts.

Now, this is gonna be hard, right? Three hours a day? I mean, how much does the average agent spend practicing scripts? Somewhere between zero and five minutes a month, and I’m not kidding. You want to be great, you want to be successful, you commit to be the best, and then you do what the best do, and that is you train like amateurs don’t train. Pros train, amateurs complain. All right? Do that.

Then, after I’m done with that I am gonna spend two hours developing and implementing systems and strategies. On my systems and my strategies for running my business: creating a lead follow-up system, creating your personal circle system, creating your listing and presentation, your pre-listing process, your transaction process.

You’re gonna have to be learning a lot of stuff and doing that. In a description of the link below you can get access to my agent power launch online course, which will help you with all of this. It gives you not only the scripts, but it will then help you develop … set up the systems and the strategies you need to do that.

Two hours a day I’m gonna be working on watching training videos, learning how do I set up the systems, the transaction checklists and all that kind of stuff, so that I can make my business work. Because you’re gonna be generating leads, getting appointments, and then going out and getting listings, right?

Then, one hour a day is gonna be spent doing … I’m gonna call this, doing office stuff. Now, what is office stuff? Well, it’s going to the MLS, it’s going to the board of realtors to go do whatever you’ve got to do, it’s dealing with stuff with your office, it may be dealing with some administrative stuff, okay? That is eight hours a day. You go, like, “What if I get an appointment?” That’s why you’re working from 7:00 to 7:00.

That leaves you two hours a day that you’re gonna do for actual appointments, whether it’s going out and showing a buyer and helping them buy a house, or going on a listing presentation, whatever it is. This one hour here is designed for preparation. I’m telling you, it’s gonna be packed, and there’s gonna be days you’re gonna work more than 12 hours. All right? But every business owner I have ever seen, every entrepreneur that was successful, when they start their company they ain’t working eight hours a day, my friend.

If you’re thinking eight-hour job mentality, work and get a paycheck, you’re in the wrong business. The beauty of real estate is it gives you the opportunity to own your own business and to determine your own income, but you can’t play the way a minimum wage person plays. You can’t play with the job mentality, right?

What this does is this puts you on a fast track to building a foundation that will make you unstoppable. What most agents don’t do, is most agents aren’t willing to do this, the preparation time. They’ll go to classes. Somebody says, “You need to go to these classes and these trainings,” and some of them are mandatory, you’ve got to go to them, but so much of them only give you little parts, little segments of what they need to be doing.

What I’m talking about is putting your business together, and the most important thing about putting your business together is learning how to communicate with people that are interested in selling a house, buying a house, in a way that inspires them to say, “Yes,” to you.

Right here you’re gonna spend more time in a month, more time in 30 days learning how to talk to people, and learning what to say, and lead people to decisions than most agents will spend in their first year, and many agents, more than they’ll spend in their entire career before they get out of real estate.

That’s your first 30 days, in terms of commit, and then train, as if your life and your career depended on it, because it does. Now, if you’re just interested in a deal every once in a while, and just surviving, you don’t have to do this. But if you want to be the best, and if you want to really succeed in real estate, this is the step.

Then, the third step is, in your first 30 days is believe that you can do this. Believe that you can be a massive success fast as a real estate agent. I’ve got coaching members that in their first year, making $200,000-$300,000 a year in their very first year in real estate. They don’t think like average agents think. They train like average agents don’t train, and they believe at a level that most agents don’t believe at.

You go, like, “How do I get confidence? How do I have this belief that I can do it?” Here’s how: when you commit to be the best, and then you train like this, that belief is just gonna come into your life. I want to prepare you that it’s gonna be hard. I want to prepare you there’s gonna be resistance. The people in your office, your broker is not gonna understand it, your manager’s not gonna understand it, other agents are not gonna understand it.

They’re gonna be going, like, “You don’t need to do that,” or, “You’ve got to go to this class. You got to go to this thing.” And you’re gonna go to stuff that’s gonna take you out of the process of training like a professional athlete trains to be the best at what they do. If you’ll commit to the process, commit to the training, commit to be the best, commit to the training and just … then the belief is gonna come.

You’re probably gonna do some extra reading, and reading some really great books, like, Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is probably the first and cornerstone book that I recommend everybody reads just to get your mindset, to start thinking about success. But think about it. Get that belief. It comes because you’re putting in the work to get you to that point.

Now, a couple of things: if you like this video, make sure you give it a thumbs up. If you have comments, questions, post them down below, share this video with other agents. Subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done so yet, and then also be watching for the next video that I’m gonna publish that will come along with this.

That is how to get started and succeed fast as a brand-new real estate agent, and how to get your first deal like that, fast. But it starts with this as the foundation. If you want to get your first deal fast, I’m gonna give you specific tactics and strategies to do that in that next video, but if you’re not willing to do this, it’s gonna be slow, it’s gonna be harder, it’s gonna be much less likely you’re gonna do it.

If you’ll make the commitment to put this together in your first 30 days, bam! It’s gonna put you on a the trajectory that nobody else can touch. And while all the amateurs complain, you train, and the result of that will change everything for you.

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