Why The Greatest Achievers Never Plateau


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Most people say they want to go to the next level.

But as the greatest achievers know, there is no “next level”. There is only ascension and descension (no middle ground). And as you ascend, you will meet a lot of resistance.

For you to ascend & achieve, you must first get CLARITY on what you want and COMMIT to having it no matter what…even if it requires you to go out of your comfort zone.

Yes, you are a king or queen, but it’s not your job to save everybody. You are the ruler of your life & your business. That is your kingdom. With all the real estate strategies you have, practice and do the work.

What do the greatest achievers in the world all have in common? They trust their gut. Because of that, they don’t need other people’s approval, and they make decisions quickly. If they make the wrong decision, they learn from it fast and course correct.

Full Transcript

Guys, you know why you never plateau? Because the ground ain’t flat. This is one of the lies of low achievers.” I want to go to the next level.” Well, here’s what the next level is. The next level is the plateau where all the losers hang out while the winners just keep riding, going right on by because the losers have no interest in levels. They have interest in ascending. You’re either climbing, ascending, or you are descending. There is no middle ground. The only other place is you’re sitting still dying. Comfort zone, is just a grave, waiting for your dreams to die. You are just going to sit there early for him.

Everything you want is on the other side of your comfort zone. 

Can you get comfortable being uncomfortable? You have. You got comfortable with your bullshit? Now, can you get comfortable with massive achievement? It’s the same, just a different direction. One ascends, the other descends and in the descension loop, you’ve got gravity working for you. There’s always going to be resistance when you’re climbing. There’s always going to be resistance when you are ascending. Yep. Okay, what else?

You’ve got to have a clear goal.

Clear goal, clear vision, clarity. What is the destination? People don’t have a problem achieving their goals. People have a problem-

Figuring out what it is they want.

Figuring out what it is they want. When I ask the question, “What do you want?” It’s crazy. I’ll have people, I don’t know. I just want to make money. Why the fuck do you want to make money? Because it ain’t money. Well, I don’t want stress. Yep. Good. What else? Most people don’t have clarity. This is why we spend a whole morning working on clarity. What do I want? What am I committed? I get what I want. Okay, cool, I want this. I want a million dollars. Okay, who doesn’t? What are you committed to having?

Okay. I had a scarcity woman sitting here two breakthrough experiences ago, and she just declared she was going to make a million dollars the next year. And I’m like, “Okay, you’re starting at like zero, right?” Yeah, “But I can do it. Can I do it?” “Yep, you can do it”, but you can’t do it the way you’re thinking and you can’t do it the way … she’s trying to save everybody, she needed $200,000 to help this person and $400,000 to help this person. Okay, this is when I first had this conversation of, in my belief, my worldview, there’s only one savior, and I’m pretty sure it ain’t you. Are you my savior? No. Then quit trying to save the world. How’s that working? She’s been trying for years. I’m like, “How’s that worked for you so far?” “Not very good.” Right, so why are you going to keep trying? Clarity, my friends, between you guys, it’s like wanting it’s one thing, committing to it is another. Being willing to do the changing required to be able to become the person that can have that. Be able to become the person who identifies as being the king or queen required to live in sovereignty. That’s a different journey. That’s the reason I coach you.

You don’t need me to learn how to do the vortex. You needed me to learn how to rule your life, rule your kingdom, rule your business. Strategy, simple. Practice, repeat, practice, repeat. Do the work. Do the work. Stay on your schedule. Stay on your schedule. Well, it’s because you’re full of shit. You are a king with secrets that you don’t want to deal with and you don’t want to confront, and the secrets are secrets from yourself. You’re lying to yourself. That’s the reason. That’s why most people can’t do this alone. That’s the reason I have a coaching business. The reason people get into coaching is because they’re not only going to have the support, they have the tools, but they also have the support and the team, so they’re never alone.

Have you guys discovered it’s easier doing this shit when you’re not alone?


Real estate is not your kingdom

Real estate may be a part of your empire. It may be a part of your kingdom. I’m not talking about looking like a king or looking like a queen so that people look at you and go like, “Ah, I can respect him. He’s a king”. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do that, but I don’t want you to confuse that what we’re talking about is I need to show up in my market like a king, big gold chains, maybe some big, roughly things that royalty wears, right? England, walk around with some tights or whatever, like the French royalty. Now, it’s not about looking like a king or looking like a queen. Whose approval does the king need?


Nobody’s, just his and Gods. That’s it. Only proof you need is yours and Gods, that’s it. We talked yesterday about trusting yourself, certainty, knowing inside of yourself, I know the answer. What do we call this? Trusting your gut.

Your gut.

Your gut. Trusting your intuition. Trusting the voice. Trusting the voice of God inside of you. Where do you look for validation in your decisions? Where do you look for validation in your identity, in your worthiness?

Our spouse?

Do you look here or do you look for it in the approval of others?

Supposed to look within.

Determines who is king. You show me a king or a queen that can make a decision. I’ll show you a king or queen is building something. The speed with which you make decisions. 

Decision-Making & The Greatest Achievers

I look at the greatest men, the greatest achievers that I follow and as I study billionaires, I study the highest achievers of the planet, one thing that I know for sure about men who know how to make decisions like that, and they like the big decisions. Put me, I want the pressure. I want the pressure, I was made for this. Give me the big decisions. I don’t want the little shit. I want the big decisions. This is why champions are champions, because when Tom Brady makes decisions, guess where he is when he makes his decisions? In the pocket. He has literally tenths of seconds, fractions of seconds to make decisions.

Whenever Michael Jordan would come dribbling down the court, and he’s walking down and the game is on the line, championships are on the line. He doesn’t happen to go, “Okay, let’s stop and look at this. Okay, I got it, I got a wing man here. I got a wing man here. Oh, there’s a dude coming up on me there. Let’s think about that for a second”. Instant evaluation, immediate decision, action. Done. Don’t ever think about it. Don’t ever second guess yourself. Well, what if I make the wrong decision? Good. Then you learn and what do you do? Then I make another decision. Course correct. Change it. But don’t ever second guess the decision. One of the things I have observed about high achievers is it is very difficult to get them to change their mind. Why? You can challenge them. You can give them all kinds of light and insight and wisdom and all this, and they’re like, “Yep, thank you very much for sharing, now fuck off”. Why? Because they trust their voice more than they trust yours.

Now, why does all this matter? Because the highest paying job in the real estate industry is the job of leading people to decisions. That’s it.




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