Why People Tell You “NO”

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People tell you “No,” because the believe you’re just trying to get something from them for your own benefit.

Why do they believe that? Because you’re thinking about getting something for yourself. That’s what’s in your mind. That’s WHY you’re there. You’re there to “get” a listing.

They don’t feel safe…when you’re trying to GET something from them for your benefit. BUT when you have something to offer for their benefit and that’s WHY you’re there and you are passionate about it…they will follow you gladly and without reservation. They’ll hire you and they’ll be happy to pay you.


They tell you no because you’re there for yourself.

Today, I want to talk about the number one reason that people tell you no.

When you’re not getting the results that you want, when people are not hiring you to list their home, there is a reason, and there’s multiple reasons, but this is the number one reason, and here’s the number one reason, they tell you no because you’re there for yourself, not for them. That’s the number one reason.

The reason your close sucks is because they think you’re just there to get something for yourself, that is their perception. Now, regardless of your reality, their perception is, you just want to get a listing. You just want to get their business, you just want to get a listing so you can get your commission check and you’re out of there. You and I both know that that is the perception. When people believe that you’re in it for yourself, they don’t feel safe, they don’t trust you.

Now, why would they think that? Well, because for a lot of us, that’s why you’re there. In fact, when I first started real estate, I got in because I genuinely cared about people, I wanted to help people, I thought I’d be great at it, and then they start training you, day one, you’ve got to go get a listing, go get a listing, go get a listing. Even though I cared about people, even though I wanted to help people, when I showed up, what was my ultimate goal? To get a listing. When you’re there for your benefit, people can tell. They can tell by the look in your eyes, by the way you talk, by the way you move, by the way you act, when you know how to get a result for them and you’re passionate about getting that result. In other words, if they’re a seller, they want to move, you know how to get their house sold for top dollar and you’re there because you’re passionate about helping them get the best result. When that happens, people can tell. As they talk to you, as they listen to you, that’s what they’re looking for. They’re looking for can I trust this person? Does this person have my back? Or is this person here just to love them and leave them?

It goes back to what Zig Ziglar taught years and years ago, and that is, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Do you care about me? Do you care about my house? Do you care about delivering a result for me or are you just here to get that listing and get that paycheck so you can pay your bills? As long as they feel that way, they don’t feel safe, they’re going to tell you no.

Now, how do you shift that? You shift it. You change your focus. You change your focus from what you want to helping them get what they want because I am going to believe, I’ve got to believe that almost every one of you watching this, that you really, actually care about the people you serve, you really want to help people move. You want to help people sell their house, you want to help them do something that’s good for them. And yet, when your focus is on getting something from them, they immediately go like, “Whoa, I’ve got to protect myself from you because you’re here to get from me, rather than to give to me.” When that happens, they don’t trust you because they don’t feel safe.

The moment they believe, the moment they are convinced that your why is their benefit not your own, that your primary why, people will hire you not because of how good you are, they’ll hire you because of why you do what you do. When they believe that your why is to help them, they will gladly, joyfully, and without reservation say yes to you. They will follow you. They will hire you and they will be happy to pay you because you’re in it for them before you’re in it for yourself.

Of course, the great news is that when you help them get what they want, when you serve them and get them the result they want, they’re happy to help you get the money that you want, to make your life work and to make you win in your life. That, my friends, is the secret, it’s the number one reason people tell you no, and it is the number one shift that, if you make it, will cause more and more people to begin to tell you yes.

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