Wearing Mask & Winning Businesses

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How do you show up in the world?

Whether you realize it or not, you could be wearing a mask. It’s the facade that we want the public to see. 

For real estate agents, this could mean using lies and B.S. tactics to get business.

But this eventually works against you because prospects and leads are looking for someone they can trust.

The truth is…our lies leak. They show up in our behavior, choices, and results. 

So, if you want great power, simply have the courage to take off the mask and come clean with who you are. Because when you’re honest with yourself, you can be honest with others. And with that authenticity comes immense power.


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It is time to take the mask off. 

Now, this is not a video about face masks. This is not a video about the sickness that has been ravaging our society for the better part of a year, in more ways than one. 


You and the masks you wear

This is about you, and this is about the way that you and I show up in the world. That is the masks that we wear, that we wore long, long, long before the pandemic, and that most people continue to wear, whether they’re on a face mask or not. 

That is the facade. That is the front. That is the smiley face, the pasty that we put on our face to make us look like everything is going great, to make us look like something that we are not.


Masks throughout history 

Now, back in the day, in Greek, there was a word that was used of actors and actors, that people who played a part, and that word was “hypokrites”, from which we get the word “hypocrite”, and the word “hypocrite” literally means to wear a mask. 

It relates to, in the Shakespearean day, in the Shakespearian theater, they would wear a mask, and so actors and actresses to play a part … Of course, in that day, all actors were pretty much actors. They were all men. 

And so, the way they would play the part was with a mask, and they would literally hold a mask up. If you’ve seen the imagery or the kind of the symbol of drama, of theater today, it’s two masks. It’s a happy mask and a sad mask. It’s tragedy and comedy. That mask represented actors, and they would literally wear a mask to represent the character that they were playing.

Today, my question is, what is the mask that you are wearing? And it may be more than one mask. 


Masks in your real estate business 

One of the things that I have always believed and always taught as a real estate agent, and then now as a real estate coach, was that you can get yes without the BS. Well, what is the BS? 

Well, it’s the mask. It’s the lies. It’s the bait and switch. It’s the bogus stories, the bogus statistics, it’s all of that. It’s the stuff that we put out there that’s not real. 

There’s one question today, the number one question that every person you meet has. The number one question that every prospect, that every lead, that every seller, that every buyer has, and this is the question: Who can I trust? Can I trust you? Are you real? Are you legit? Or are you wearing a mask?

Social media kind of plays into this, right? Because, we post pictures of our face on social media. It’s called, after all, Facebook, and we put our face up there, and it is the face that we want the public to see. But the question is, is it the real face? 

Now, that doesn’t mean that we need to post every time that we feel upset, or we feel a certain thing, that we need to post that face. But it simply says, is the face and the person that you are portraying to the world, the person that you’re portraying in your relationships with your clients, with your family, with your friends, is that real you, or is that the fake you? Are you hiding behind a mask? Are you pretending to be something that you are not?

What I have discovered in my own life, what I have discovered in working with thousands of real estate agents, and just in my life experience, in general, is that the person who has nothing to hide is the most powerful person in the world. 

If you can find a person who is absolutely transparent, absolutely honest, and I’m not talking about in some political sort of way. I’m talking about legitimately, the real deal. This, what you see, is what you get. 

And you know some people like that, don’t you? You know some people that they don’t pull any punches. It doesn’t mean they’re rude or they’re mean, it just means that they’re honest, that they’re legit, and that they aren’t fake, that they don’t pretend to believe one way and then in private act another way. In public, they’re this way, in private, they’re this way. On social media, they have this front, but in real life, that’s not their front. That they have this dark side that they don’t let out, that they have this deceptive part of them, this lie that they are living that they hide, and that they pretend like that isn’t real.


The Truth About Our Lies

Here’s the truth. The lies that we live, they leak. They leak. They show up in our attitudes, in our eyes. They show up in our behaviors. They show up in our choices. They show up in the fruit on the tree. 

If you want to find great power, some of the greatest power you will ever find instantly, it is simply have the courage to take off the mask, to come clean with who you are, with what you are, with what you believe, and have the willingness to look at it in the mirror. 

Number one, take the mask off for yourself and just be honest with yourself, and then you can be honest with others. And in that honesty, in that authenticity, is incredible power. 

What is the mask that you are wearing that needs to come off?

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