How to Warm Up for Powerful Prospecting

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Great performers always warm up. In sports, theatre, music, all performing arts, leaders, and speakers, they follow a Pre-game ritual to prepare themselves to perform at their best. How do I get myself prepared to crush it?

Warming up is critical to your ability to perform as a real estate agent. Here are the three key steps to warm up:

  1. Role Play and/or chant scripts. (confidence & mindset)
  2. Powerful Declarations. (Emotional pumped up).
  3. Physicality. (Blood-pumping) Jumping jacks Mind, Emotions, and Body engaged and ready to rock your prospecting.

These three steps get your mind, Emotions, and Body engaged and ready to rock your prospecting.


Your warm up is critical to your success.

Hi there, it’s Kevin Ward, the Founder of Yes Masters Real Estate Success Training, helping you get more yeses and more successes in your business and in your life. Today we’re going to talk about something that you probably haven’t thought much about or talked much about. That is how do you warm up before your prospect, or do you warm up before you prospect. Because I’m having this video on prospecting warm up, then I think the obviously answer is yes, you should definitely warm up before you prospect. In fact, you should warm up before you prospect. You should warm up before you do lead followup. You should warm up before you do listing presentations. Your warm up is critical to your success.

Think about it this way, whenever you look at performers that, where performance matters, that always warm up. They always have a pre-game ritual, whether it’s athletics, sports, whether it is theater, whether it is music, whether it is singers, musicians, or singers, or speakers. Any time that you have somebody who is going to be doing an activity where how well they perform that activity is going to determine their results, they always do warm up right. We always think about it in athletics. We think about it in music. Why not warm up before you prospect for business? You’ve got to do it. It is your pre-game ritual. It is your pre-game warm up before you actually start. Why, because you want to start powerfully. You don’t want to start cold and unprepared. You come racing in, and you either come in and you’re late, or you’re stressed out, or you’re still tired and you’re just dragging, hello, you’re not excited about it. You have to get yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally into the right frame, the right state of mind, state of body, presence, to be able to be great at what you do.

I want to show you three things that you should do every day for your prospecting warm up. How do you warm up for prospecting? Well number one, first thing that you need to do every day before you prospect is you need to actually practice what you’re going to say in the conversations. What are the most likely conversations that you’re going to have today? You do that by role playing. You can also do it by chanting the scripts, chanting the conversations, but I recommend the core conversations that you’re going to have that day, that you do a role play session with another agent or somebody in your office, or someone that you can practice with what you’re actually going to say and role play it through several times. You do a role play session. If you’re getting ready to prospect and you’re going to be prospecting for sale by owners, and expireds in your personal circle, or whoever it is you’re going to be prospecting that day, or a combination of those, role play those. Maybe role play one of the scripts and then chant the other scripts.

If you have objections that you typically get a lot of, like if you’re calling expireds and you’re typically get two or three objections that you get all the time, which there’s two or three that are pretty common like we decided not to sell, well chant how you’re going to handle that conversation. All you’re doing is just like if you think of a football team, before the game actually starts they actually run through some of the plays. They may warm up on their passing, and warm up on their, physically they warm up, but they also warm up by running through some plays, doing some dry runs. They do that in basketball.

We went and saw the Boston Symphony this last year. My wife and I went and saw the Boston Symphony. Well we got there like 45 minutes before the performance started. Well guess what, all the musicians are down there and guess what they’re doing, they’re warming up. They are preparing. They’re practicing. They’re doing some practice running through the stuff. They’re getting their instruments ready, their chair ready, their music ready. They’re preparing for the performance. A large part of what they’re doing is actually warming up. Step number one, role play. I’m getting myself, my mind, in the right frame for prospecting so that the words are there, I’m ready. My confidence is up, my presence is there, and I’m ready to go.

The second thing you’re going to do before you role play, number two is you want to jump. Now, that’s right, you want to jump. What do I mean by jump? Do you mean physically I have to jump? Why would I have to jump? Here’s why you physically jump, because it gets your blood pumping. Now I don’t care if you actually jump or you do some other physical movement, but I want you to move your body, to get your physicality engaged so that your muscles, your blood is pumping, your heart rate’s up, you’re breathing, and so forth. You may do a couple of yoga poses. You can do … Here’s what I recommend. You can just do some jumping in place. Just like yes, yes, yes. I’m getting myself going. You can do calisthenics. You can literally do calisthenics. Literally do some jumping jacks, whatever it is. I literally want my pulse to increase. Get my blood pumping. Get my voice going.

Just get everything moving so that when I get ready to go it’s like I’m fully awake. You want to breathe deep. When I say jump, what I’m saying is get your physicality involved. You want to engage your body because when your body has energy it comes out through your voice, it comes out through your tonality. Practice, get my mind reedy. Boom, I’m role playing. Jump, I want to move, get my blood pumping before I start I’m ready to go. I’m not going to, “Hello.” I don’t want to come across with that energy. So physically get your body going so that you’re ready to be powerful when you show up to prospect.

Then number three goes right along with it when we’re going to jump. The third thing we’re going to do is we’re going to shout. We’re going to role play and we’re going to jump and shout. Now what are we going to shout? We’re going to shout declarations. What are the declarations? Declarations are, they’re statements of passion and conviction, of beliefs that you have that make you more powerful. Just to give you some real simple declarations if you don’t have declarations, like “I am the best. I am the best. I am the best. I am infinitely powerful. I am totally confident. People say yes to me. I get an appointment every day. I get the listing every time.” Those are declarations. Now the difference between a declaration and an affirmation is the conviction behind it. “I am the best. I am the best. I am the best. I am the best.” That would be an affirmation.

A declaration is, “I am the best! I am the best!” Now you can combine them, I don’t care. You can jump and shout all at the same time, and go like, “Yes! I am the best! I am the best!” I don’t care what you do, just do something that gets you ready in that peak performance place so that when you start making your phone calls, or you go out and start door knocking, whenever you start talking to people, you are turned up, you are turned on, and you are powerful and ready to go.

Now we just, in doing this we engaged the three core elements of who you are that needs to happen. Number one with role play we got your mind ready. With jumping we got your body ready, and with the shouting of the declarations of “I am the best! I am the best!” Is we got your emotions ready. Your mind, your body and your emotions all tuned up, dialed in, cranked up and ready to go will make your prospecting 10 times more effective than if you show up and you’re bored, you’re late, you’re stressed, you’re worried, you’re tired, you’re no energy, you’re skeptical, you’re not confident. When you show up that way, nothing is going to happen. But when you do this, and you take the, just like all the professionals in the world do where performance matters, and you know your performance matters right, that profitability comes from the quality of your performance, that when you prepare yourself to increase your performance, you’re going to like the results and you can always expect yes.

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