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One of the most powerful video marketing strategies for a real estate agent is getting great video testimonials from clients and past clients. People don’t believe what you say about you, but they believe what others say about you. I call it the power of third-party credibility.

Here are the 4 simple steps to getting and using video testimonials:

1. Ask for it…multiple times if necessary.

2. Make it simple…and get it done.

3. Have them tell the story…”How did we meet?” “What happened next?”

4. Post it…everywhere. On Youtube. On your Website (have a Testimonials Tab). And on Social Media (Facebook and Instagram, etc).


We’ve been talking about the power of video marketing for realtors, I wanna talk today about getting testimonial videos. It’s kind of interesting and the expectation that a lot of real estate agents have is that when we think of a video marketing, we think of having a video, some flashy, world class production video that makes you look like a rockstar, makes you look like a superstar. While that kind of video has use to it, it is not the highest leverage use a video that you can do. One, ’cause you can only do one of ’em. Two, it tends to be very expensive. Three, they can only make you look so good, and unless you are a rockstar it’s kind of hard to make it look like really fabulous and really have credibility with people.

Video testimonials, when you get somebody else talking about how great you are, there’s a lot of advantages to it. Here’s why testimonial videos are so powerful. Simply because people in our world today don’t believe what you say about you. They tend to be very skeptical of that. When you promote yourself, self promotion videos tend to … People looking at them and go like, “Okay, yeah right, whatever.” But people always believe what other people say about you, and it is the power of third party credibility. It’s the reason that references have worked forever and are a great source. The challenge with references or recommendation letters and all that kind of stuff, is that you can forge them. But you can’t forge an actual video of a satisfied client who is talking about how great you are.

If you take every single client that you have, when you do that transaction and you close that deal and they are happy, is get a testimonial video from them. Unbelievably powerful. Is everybody gonna do one? Probably not. But if you make it a goal that this next year you’re gonna get as many video testimonials as you can do, and you get half a dozen of ’em, that gives you a level of credibility that you have with people that may not know you, may not have anything, and they’re looking and checking you out. By the way, people check you out before they hire you. If you’re referred to them or they find you or whatever, they’re gonna Google you, they’re gonna check you out. I’m gonna talk about how getting testimonial videos will help you both in having something positive that people will find when they look for you, and also give you some real SEO horsepower and credibility when people do search for you.

Let’s talk about, what I’m gonna call the four key steps to getting great testimonial videos. How do you get a great testimonial video and then use it to get business and convert business. Step number one is if you wanna get testimonial videos is you have to ask. You gotta ask your clients. You gotta give ’em great service, make sure they like you and then ask for the … Say, “Hey, would you do me a huge favor? Would you be willing to let me do a video with you about your experience and kind of as a testimonial for the experience you had working with and helping you sell this house?” If you’ve done a great job, and I’m assuming you’ve done a great job, most of the time they’re gonna say, “Sure.” Now, I’m gonna also tell you this, that most of the time if you ask one time they’re gonna say “Yes,” and then they’re not gonna do it. You may have to ask and then you may have to ask more than once. If you have to ask more than once, that’s just what you gotta do.

Because people will say, “Yeah, I’ll do it,” and then they don’t do it for you. When that happens don’t look and go like, “Well I guess changed their mind, or they didn’t wanna do it.” No, what happened is they’re terrified of video, and you know what I’m talking about. You turn on, you look at the camera, you turn the camera on and all of a sudden you go like, “Oh, oh, oh, oh” You feel the nerves, right? They’re the same way. If you have them do it, whether it’s them doing it on their own, or you’re doing it with them, you turn that video camera on, you take that phone, that smartphone, and you turn it and you click it on, they go like, “Hi, my name …” They’re nervous. People are busy, so they may tell you, “Yes, I wanna do,” and then they don’t do it. You have to ask three times, four times, five times. And they’re like, “Oh yeah, yeah, I need to do it.”

So number one you gotta ask for it and you may have to ask more than once. Number two, the second real key to it is I am just gonna say is you wanna make it easy. Make it … You wanna make it simple, let’s just put it that way, make it simple. The simplest thing that I can do is do it with them. ‘Cause they’re gonna put it off, say, “Why don’t we do it right now.” You get your smartphone and if you have somebody else that can hold it for you and run it, then that’s the best way to do it, and have them do it, if you need … We talked in a previous video, if you haven’t watched the video yet, on basic gear, video training for realtors, basic gear. Watch that video and it talks about the basic gear setup that you can have to do this. You just wanna make it simple.

The simplest way to do is you actually get with them on the camera and say, “Hey everybody, it’s Kevin Ward with YesMasters realty, introduce yourself, and I’m standing here with two of my great sellers, two of my great clients, Bill and Mandy. Bill and Mandy, just tell us a little bit about your experience of us working together and how you felt about it? Tell us about our first meeting, tell us about this?” And so forth. Make it simple and the key is, get it done, help them get a video done. Number three, the third key is when they actually do it, what I’m really looking for is I really want the story. Is encourage them to tell their story about working with you. Instead of just saying, “Hi there, yeah we’re Bill and Mandy and well I tell you what, Kevin is awesome and if you need a good realtor call Kevin.” That’s a plug, not bad, it’s a testimonial, it’s still great, but what’s more compelling to people is when they hear the story. Especially if you have a client that had a previously, their experience in the past with realtors may not have been great, or it may have been a hard thing or they had some difficult circumstances and you really came through for them, that can really be compelling for people.

So they may go like, “Yeah, so tell us about the first time we met? Well the first time we met, you actually came and knocked on our door or we met you at an open house and you were super friendly, but we just weren’t interested, and so I think we kind of gave you the cold shoulder. Then you followed up with this and you called us and you were super friendly and nice. You just stayed in touch with us and that was impressive just ’cause other agents had said they would and they didn’t do it. So tell us what happened next? Well, then when we got ready to sell our house we listed with you and we were really nervous, blah, blah, blah, but you helped us price it right and we got multiple offers really, really quick. What happened next? Then you really negotiated for us, we had a couple of issues with repairs, but you helped work through all of that and so we were actually able to get our house sold and get more money than we expected and it was just awesome.”

If you can get them to tell the story about simply asking real questions, “What happened next? How did that make you feel? What happened when we got the offer? What happened when the inspection was done?” Get them to tell the story, that story is really compelling to people. When somebody else watches they go like, “Ah, here’s an agent that I can trust, because these people trusted him, trusted her, and this is the result that they got.” Having that story element to it, rather than just giving you a plug and saying, “Yeah, he’s a great realtor, call him,” the story really makes it more believable and makes it more real to people. And then, once you get the video … By the way, when the turn the video on and you have it recording, just ’em, “Listen, we’re just gonna turn the video on and let it run, if you mess up or anything, just don’t worry about it, we’ll stop, we’ll start over, we can edit it out, so we’re gonna make sure we get you looking really good and get all the good stuff and we can edit out the bloopers.” All right.

Then turn the video on and just let it go, ’cause they may mess up and they go like, “Can we start over?” Yeah, just start over. And we just start over and keep going and then you can edit the video, it’s way easier than having to stop and then go, “Okay, let’s start over again and so forth.” It’s perfectly okay to do some video editing and so forth. The key is you really wanna get their heart, you wanna get that story. Once you get the video done, get it put together, then obviously the next thing is you wanna post the video. Now here’s where you’re gonna post the video. Number one, you wanna post it on your social media, so I’m gonna put primarily is gonna be Facebook. Facebook. You wanna post it on your social media. The next place you wanna post it is you wanna post it on your YouTube channel and then the third place is you post it on your website. I recommend that you have a testimonial … Hoping you can see this, a testimonial tab.

What that means is you know how at the top of a website, at the top of your website it’ll say sellers, about sellers, buyers, whatever. As I wanna a tab that says “testimonials”, or “what others are saying”, and so that when somebody comes to your website and you send somebody to your website, they go like, “Let’s check out these testimonials.” Boom, they click on it, or even better you may even have a couple of testimonials right there on your home page, and it just says, “what others are saying” and they have a couple of video links or three or four, that people can click and watch what other people are saying about you.

Again, people don’t believe what you say about you, but they do believe what other people say about you. Now, let me just kind of make a quick explanation of this. When you post it on your social media on Facebook, a lot of people are gonna see it, they’re gonna like it, and so forth. It’s best when you post you make it about the clients, not about you. Instead of saying, “Hey, look what I just did and how awesome I am,” you say, “Congratulations to Bill and Mandy that they just sold their house, I’m so grateful to have client like this, they were awesome, you guys were awesome to work with and thank you so much for the kind words you had to say. I was excited to get to work with you guys and earn your business.” Make it about them and congratulations on the sell of your house. Make it about their success, not your success. And then people watch the video and they’ll like it and they’ll share it or whatever.

Now, put it on YouTube. When you put it on YouTube here’s what you want to put, is you put “Bill and Mandy’s seller testimonial about your name – realtor,” or Los Angeles realtor, or Dallas realtor, or new York realtor, whatever it is. You wanna put testimonial, their name, first names only, and it’s not critical, but their name, testimonial for, your name, and then your city or market, realtor. Here’s the reason that’s important. Is there is a company out there that owns YouTube and that is called Google. Google, as you know, is the king of search engine optimization, of SEO. Google happens to like YouTube, ’cause they own it. If you wanna get the fastest and best way to get when somebody searches you and they type in, my case would be “Kevin Ward realtor”, if they type that in, if they type in your name realtor, and they Google it, if you’ve got YouTube videos that have your name in it and realtor, they will put your YouTube videos a lot of times on the very first page.

Now, let me just give you an example, I’ve got some of mine coaching members that if you type in their first and last name realtor, and you click enter, what’s gonna come up is just gonna come up maybe their … It may come up their realtor profile, profile, profile, their website may come up, but one of the things that will come for a lot of ’em if they’ve done this kind of videos and put ’em on youtube this way, is the YouTube thumbnail of that video. If somebody Googles anything, they’ll look and there’s all this text and says, “Here’s a website, here’s a website, here’s a website, oh here’s a thumbnail, and it’s a YouTube video.” People are most likely to click on the graphic. They’ll click on a video sooner and more likely than they will click on a website. Your youtube videos, and we’ll talk in our next video, I’m gonna talk some more about using YouTube strategies, as an SEO strategy, is that that youtube with that you haven’t to pay for it, is very organic in helping you get up onto the first page of YouTube and then having it on your website.

By the way, you embed the YouTube link directly onto to your website under the testimonials tab. When you’re doing that this is primarily gonna be when people come to your website is gonna give you immediate traffic. The YouTube channel, the longer it is there, actually the more SEO power it’s gonna have. The quicker you get video testimonials up, get people watching them, the better it is going to be. I know this is not something that a lot of agents think about, but I’m gonna tell you, if there is one video strategy that is probably the most underutilized video strategy in the market it is this right here, is getting third party credibility from video testimonials, from satisfied clients, who love the work you’ve done and are happy to tell about it.

It takes a little bit of work, a little bit of effort, but you get it up there, the video do not even have to be professionally produced, because it’s the story, it’s the heart, it’s the reality, that here is somebody who trusts you enough to hire you and if they trusted you, then your prospects will also trust you and hire you.

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