How to Transition from Part-Time to Full-Time Realtor

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If you want to know the answer for, “How do I go from part-time real estate agent to full time realtor?”

Here is the answer:

  1. Commit to success.
  2. Set a date when you are going to be full-time.
  3. Get training.
  4. Go hard as long as your part-time. Treat real estate as your side hustle.
  5. Get word out to your Personal Circle.
  6. Get listing using turbo lead generation.
  7. Save all the money you make from your closings so you have a cushion for going full-time.



What are the five steps to help you make that transition quickly, painlessly, and powerfully, and profitably, and safely from part-time to full-time?

Hi there. It’s Kevin Ward, the founder of YesMasters real estate success training, and the creator of Agent Power Launch, the best way to help a brand new agent go from new to super successful. In this video I want to talk about how do you make that jump from part-time all the way over here to full-time, because it’s the way that many, many new real estate agents get in the business and the way they make progress or move forward, and that is they start out, that they still have another job, that they need to make ends meet to pay the bills while they start their real estate business, while they learn the ropes, while they start making money until they can eventually transition to full-time. I want to just talk about what are the five steps to help you make that transition quickly, painlessly, and powerfully, and profitably, and safely from part-time to full-time.

If you want to make the transition, here’s the five things you got to do. Number one is you have to commit to your success. You cannot succeed in real estate predictably if you go like, “Well, I’m going to give it a shot. I’m going to try this out. If all goes well, we’ll see how it goes.” If you go in with that kind of tentative lackadaisical approach or that lack of commitment, your chances of crashing and burning go through the roof. The failure rate in the real estate industry, 70% are out within the first year. That was not the plan. Nobody goes in planning to fail. If you’re going to succeed, you go in and you commit. You commit to go all-in 100%.

Now I don’t mean you have to go full-time immediately. It’d be great if you could, but the key is I am committed 100%, number one, I’m committed to succeed. I will not fail. I will not just wait around in this. I am jumping in 100% with passion and I commit not only to succeed but I commit to be great at delivering great results for my clients. Because look, a buyer or seller that is trusting you to help them buy a house or sell a house doesn’t care if you’re part-time or full-time. What they care about is are you going to take care of them, are you going to deliver them the best results, or are they going to be stuck with a part-time agent that means they’re going to get less effective service. So if you’re going to do real estate, you’re going to transition from part-time to full-time, commit to be great at what you do, commit to succeed 100% all-in.

Number two, to go from part-time to full-time the second step is set a date. When is your quit date in your job? When is your launch date when you’re going to go full-time? You want that to be set in stone. Boom. Commit to go full-time. When are you going to do it? Now here’s what I recommend. Six months or less, six months or less that you’re going to … If you’re part-time today, you want to go full-time, you need to do that within the next six months, and here’s the reason. I talked about this in another video on how to succeed as a part-time realtor, and that is what they have found is that whenever somebody is committing to go from a part-time job to a full-time job, make something full-time, to transition from one career to a next, if they’re going to do it, they do it in less than six months.

If it takes them longer than six months, the chances of them ever successfully making the transition drop dramatically. Six months gives you plenty of time to do the things you need to do to make the transition. You may set a time frame of three months, four months, five months, six months. Five or six months is probably going to be a good, safe, and yet aggressive time frame. Set a date of when you’re going to make the transition. By this date, by August 30th this year I’m going to be full-time real estate. Whatever it is, set the date. It goes right along with this first part of committing.

Number three, now that I’ve made the commitment is I want to get training. You got to get trained. Really while your part-time is a great time to get trained because you have some time to do it and you want to just make sure you commit to get great training, great mentorship, great coaching. If you want the best online course just with me to work with you and help you, you can get, go to, I’ll post a link down in the comments in the description, video description below, and go to where you can get the best start to help you really know everything you need to do for your first 100 days in real estate whether you’re part-time or full-time to crush it and guarantee your success. If you want to guarantee your success, commit, set a date, and get training.

Number four, to guarantee your success in making the transition from part-time to full-time is go hard. Even when you’re part-time, go hard part-time. This is where your part-time job is real estate, your full-time job is whatever you’re doing, your day job or whatever, and you’re building your real estate business. If you’re working let’s say 12 hours a week or 20 hours a week or 25 hours a week, however much time you’re giving, when you’re working those hours, go hard at it 100%.

Now I did another video that I’m going to also put the link in the description below called How to Succeed as a Part-Time Real Estate Agent. I want you to watch that video because it’s going to explain exactly how to do this, how do you be successful as a part-time agent on that journey to becoming full-time. Because if you can become successful enough as a part-time agent, I’m being successful working 20 to 25 hours a week but I’m also putting in 40 hours a week somewhere else, you’re burning both ends of the candle my friend. The moment you go from part-time to full-time and you drop, you just got 40 hours of your life back, and now you go from 20 hours to 40, you just traded in 40 hours for 20. Here it’s awesome. Even if you work 50, 55 hours as a real estate agent you’re still going to have better control of your time and of your life. But the key is to make that happen, is you got to go right.

How do you go right? You commit, you set the date, you get training, and then you go hard part-time. You side hustle real estate. It becomes your side hustle and you hustle. You make sure you’re doing the right stuff that’s productive, that puts points on the scoreboard because for you to ultimately make this transition safely, the fifth thing that you must do is, unless you’re already financially independently wealthy, you want to stash cash. You got to stash cash. Because when you quit your full-time job to take real estate full-time, you don’t want to run out of money. It’s just painful. You don’t want that to happen.

Here’s how you do it. Let’s just use a six-month time frame. I set six months of my time frame. Let’s say I don’t do a single deal for three months. I may get some buyers. I’m working with a buyer. I’ve got a listing or two, but it’s, after six weeks I get a listing, six weeks later it closes. Awesome. I got a paycheck. The first three months you’re working for free. Then you get a closing and then the next month you get another closing, and now I’m starting to get toward a deal a month. Then my second three months I get three closings. I want to take every single dime of those closings and stash that cash to support me for the next three months after I quit.

When we talk about stashing cash, you want to take everything that you can from your full-time job, use that to pay bills and live on, and then save as much as you can, streamline your expenses, lower your overhead a little bit so that you’re preparing yourself to be able to launch successfully into a full-time real estate career. You want to take all the closings and the deals you’re having and take every dollar from those closings and put them in the bank as savings, as cushion money to be living on. And I want to be in that six months going into the seventh month, when I go full-time, I don’t want to be starting and having zero. I want to already have listings that are active, I want to have pending sales so that I know in month seven I got another closing or two or three. Because now all of a sudden I’ve got an extra 20, 30 hours a week that I can invest in my real estate business full-time to accelerate. I just don’t want to run out of money in the meantime.

That’s it. It’s really that simple in terms of the steps required to do it. Commit, set the date, get training, go hard, go full-time while you’re part-time. In other words, those hours you’re working you work 100% committed, and stash some cash over those closings that you get before you go full-time so you can make it happen. This is not an endeavor for an amateur. This is an endeavor for somebody who’s committed and willing to go pro. And if you’re willing to do the work, you can make it happen.

Now you want to make sure you get the right help, the right training. I’m here for you. You’ve got all the free videos that I offer. If you want the best of that, go down and check out Agent Power Launch, Make sure you give the video a thumbs up, comment, share. Play to win. Always expect yes. And if you’re going to do this, do it to succeed.

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