This Husband’s Rules For How To Have a Happy Marriage

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Rules for a Happy Wife:

1. Tell her I live her every day.

2. Kiss her every morning before going to work.

3. Kiss her every night before going to sleep.

4. Give her fresh flowers every week.

5. Open every door for her everywhere we go.

6. Aim, flush, and put the toilet lid down every time.

7. Treat her like a princess with kindness and respect no matter what.

8. Don’t be boring.

9. Write her at least one romantic note a week.

10. Remember and celebrate every special occasion.

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If you follow these ten rules that I’m going to give you for how to have a happy wife, and how to have a great marriage, these ten rules will make you more money.

Hi there, it’s Kevin Ward the founder of YesMasters real estate success training. Helping you get more yeses and more successes in your business and your life. And this video is about getting more success in your life. And why is it that important? Because I promise you that if you want more success in your business. Having success in your personal life will feed success in your business life. And so this video is about how to have a happy marriage. Now I got to be honest, this is really a video for guys. So if you’re a girl, if your a wife or whatever, a wife or a fiance or a girlfriend or whatever, you may still enjoy watching this. In fact I know you’ll enjoy watching it, but you’ll probably want your boyfriend or husband to watch it and that may or may not go so well, depends on how you get it in front of him. Just use little stealth. But for those of you that are guys, if you are in a relationship or want to be in a relationship, and you want it to be a great relationship and you want to love your life, and you want to love the relationship you’re in, so that it is a passionate, romantic, sexy relationship, yeah this video is powerful for you.

And I’m going to tell you one other thing in a minute. I’ll prove it, and that is that if you follow these ten rules that I’m going to give you for how to have a happy wife, and how to have a great marriage. These ten rules will make you more money. They just, they will. Stay with me on this. All right, so here we go. I literally wrote this down because somebody, what happened was, is a friend of mine on Facebook, a Facebook friend is, said I’m 35 years old, I’m getting ready to be married for the first time. I’m getting married for the first time. Any advice for any married guys out there on how to have a good marriage. And I’m like okay. Well I’ve had bad marriages and I have now a great marriage and, I have a great marriage now because I learned some stuff and I changed some stuff about how I do it. So, here are my ten rules for a happy wife. So here we go, number one.

Tell her I love her everyday. Number one, I tell her I love her everyday, multiple times, the more the better. You tell your wife you love her everyday. Don’t be like the guy that told his wife when he got married hey honey I love you, I’m letting you know now. If I ever change my mind I’ll let you know. No, no, no. You got to remind them every single day that you love them. Tell her you love her everyday with words. Tell her you love her every single day. That’s rule number one for a happy marriage. Rule number two, kiss her every morning before you go to work. Kiss her every morning before you go to work. Kiss her every morning before you go to work. Before you leave the house, the last thing you should do before you go to work is you kiss your wife. I don’t care if she’s happy or mad. You kiss her, before you go to work. And here’s why. They did a study, and this was actually a study was done about 20 years ago now. But they surveyed executives and managers in the workplace and here is what they found out. That men who kissed their wives everyday before they left for work, made significantly more money than guys who did not kiss their wife everyday before they went to work.

Now this was only married guys. Married men who were in the workplace, and they found out that married men who kissed their wives before they left for work everyday made significantly more money than married men who did not kiss their wives before they left for work everyday. And so the natural question that they asked, was like why is this the case? And so they interviewed these people and what they found out was that men who kiss their wives everyday, it reflected one, a higher level of commitment to relationships, and a higher level of communication skills. They also tended to have less stressed in their home life so in turn they were more focused, more at ease, and more productive and energetic in the workplace. So they simply got more promotions, they moved forward in their business, in their careers better, and they made more money. So if you want a raise, if you want to make more money, here’s the simple strategy. Kiss your spouse everyday, probably goes both ways for husbands and wife, kiss your spouse everyday last thing before you leave to work. You don’t even have to mean it. Just do it. All right. It helps if you mean it.

Number three. Kiss her every night before you go to sleep. Kiss her every night before you go to sleep. Why? You’re going to sleep better. Why? Because it just reaffirms commitment. It reaffirms intimacy. And it doesn’t have to be sexual. It doesn’t have to be anything other than just doing it brings intimacy into your relationship every single night. And a wife, especially women typically want affection. They want affection more than they want sex. I know that may be frustrating for guys, but that’s just the truth. And a kiss is simply an expression of affection, do it everyday. And every night last thing before you go to sleep, that way she knows you’re framing the day, last thing before you leave for work, and last thing before you leave for sleep. Before you drift off to sleep is you’re expressing your affection to your wife. Number four. Now those are the easy ones. Okay, now it gets a little more advanced. Number four. Nut I’m not kidding you got to do all ten of these. Number four, fresh flowers every week. Give her fresh flowers every single week until you die. And again I’m not kidding. When I met Julie, eight years ago and we got together, and we first started became boyfriend and girlfriend, we first moved in together. I made her a promise that I would give her flowers every single week.

She always used to … Because she’s been burned before in relationships just like probably all of us have, and she’s like you’re just a sweet talker. You say all this now but that’s going to change and I was just like, I promise you, you will have fresh flowers every week. In fact I used to tell her, you will have them fresh roses every single week until you die. That’s what I used to tell her. And, which was what I did for a long time. I don’t give her fresh roses every week now, because sometimes she’s tired of roses. So now we do different kinds of bouquets and all that kind of stuff. But she has, and this has been true now for over eight and a half years, that my wife has had fresh flowers every single week for over eight years. Every week. Even when we travel. Flowers. Why? It tells her I love her. Women love … Now, oh my wife’s allergic to flowers … Don’t … If your wife has some reasons that she hates flowers then find something else to give her every week that says I love you, I don’t have to do this, no special occasion, except you are special and valuable to me. It makes them feel super special. Give her flowers every single week.

Number five. Number five. Open every door for her everywhere you go. Every door. Everywhere you go. Building, home, car, in, out. Everywhere you go, open every door. I made that rule for myself when I started dating Julie, I said I’m going to open the door for her. My wife does not open her own door. She just doesn’t do it. I open the door for her everywhere we go. Now occasionally she’ll forget, she’ll open the door, I’m like, my princess what are you doing? I treat my wife like royalty. Why? Because when you treat her like royalty, she likes that relationship. She likes the way it makes her feel, so guess what she’s going to treat you different too. Right? Open every single … I’m telling you guys. I think chivalry if that’s the word to describe this, I think chivalry and showing that kind of respect, and honor, to a woman, you treat her like royalty, it is very, very, very powerful, and very attractive. Number five. Number six. Pay attention carefully here gentlemen. Aim, flush, and then put the lid down every time. Okay, let me say that again in case I lost anybody. Make sure, number one, lids up. Then aim, and then flush.

And then put the lid down every time. Just do that okay. It’s amazing to me when I go and I don’t even like going into men’s public restroom, because I’m like did their mom not teach them how to aim? And how to flush? It’s crazy to me. You want to respect your wife. Number one be a good aim. Number two flush every time please, And number three put the lid. Make sure you put it up before you go, before you aim, put it up, aim, flush, put the lid down. Your wife will love you for that. All right. Number seven. Treat her like a princess with kindness and respect, no matter what. Treat her like a princess. Again this is one of my rules that I made for my marriage. I will treat my wife like a princess with respect and kindness, no matter what. And what I mean by no matter what, is it doesn’t matter if I’m upset at her or she’s upset at me or what’s going on. If we’re in the middle of a fight I’m going to treat her with kindness and I’m going to treat her with respect. I’m going to honor her as royalty. In her life, that’s the way she gets treated and she will return that. Okay? It doesn’t matter what her rules are, this is my rule.

You go like, well if I did that my wife’s still going to beat me up, and she’s still going to be this, you know she’s still going to yell at me and all that kind of stuff. Look, you’re never going to change your spouse by direct action. You can only change you. So these are not rules for you to try and enforce. If you’re a lady watching this, this is not rules you try to enforce on your husband. Okay? Now you can feed these to him, and hope that he gets it. Okay? Hope that it gets it, because he’ll like it. If he does this he’s going to like the results. He’s going to like the way that you feel about it, and the way you treat him different because the way you treat him different. But it’s got to be on you taking action. If you’re watching this video it’s like how do I implement this? You treat your partner, you treat your spouse with love and respect no matter what. Kindness. No matter what. I just see people, and I see guys that, the way they treat their wife, and they’ll be rude to her or they’ll say stuff to her, or they’ll yell at her, or they’ll do. And I’m like dude if you ever talk to my wife that way, I would kick your butt.

But here’s the reality. I know you would never, even imagine talking to my wife the way you talk to your own wife. Does that even make sense? Why in the world would we … We would treat a stranger or another man’s wife, with greater respect and honor and kindness than we treat our own wife, that we promised to love and cherish until death do us part. So guys, time to start living up to your vows. Man up. Treat her with honor, kindness, and respect, even when you’re not happy. Even when you’re tired . Even when you’re frustrated with something else. Whether it’s about her or not. Kindness and respect. Period. Number eight, guys. Don’t be boring. Don’t do this. Don’t be boring. What I mean by that is, if you’re coming home from work and you’re sitting down on the couch and you’re turning on the TV or you’re sitting on the computer and you’re just … When she shows up the only thing that’s different than what the house was like before you came home and after you came home, is now there’s a pair of shoes on the floor, and maybe some dirty clothes laying around? Uh uh. Don’t be boring. If you’re boring she’s going to be boring. And if she’s boring, you’re not going to like it.

You got to bring excitement and joy and adventure into your life, and into your wife’s life. So you got to do stuff for your wife, with your wife, at least we … You got to have a date night. You got to do something. You got to do something that create memories. Weekly, monthly. You got to do … You just want to do this. Because you want to have a great marriage, you got to feed it. This was one of the powerful rules that I struggle with this one. Because it’s like we get in the rut, and it’s like oh, I got to get better at this one. Don’t be boring. And I remember eight years ago I promised my wife, I promise my wife, long before she agreed to be my wife, that I will never let our life get boring. And there’s been times that I look around, I’m like oh, we’re so busy, we’re so tired, and all the sudden I look around and go like you know what? Our life’s getting boring. We got to do something. Move. Do something. Create memories. Take a trip. Take a day trip. Take a weekend trip. Take a night, evening walk. Do something special. Do something fun. Do something that will create a memory, don’t be boring.

Number six. Write her at least one romantic note a week. Write her a note. Tell her something in words, in writing every single week. This is different than texting. It’s different than email. It’s where you take a card and your write her a romantic note. Now it can be this. It can be a Post-It note. This is awesome. And when you write something special to your wife like this, and you do it, and you stick it on the mirror, or you lay it on her pillow at night, she loves that. I have a little secret, don’t tell her, I have a little secret stash of cards, and when I need them, I got them. And you give her a note every few days. It makes them feel special. And here’s what I promise you. She’ll keep every single one of them. She’ll have a box. She’ll have a place that she keeps them all. Why? Because they matter to her, they’re special. Tell her. It reminds her that she’s valuable to you. So write her a note, at least once a week. And then number ten, last but not least is remember and celebrate every special occasion. Okay. Do I need to go deeper on this? Remember, don’t forget her birthday. Do not forget your wedding anniversary. Don’t … Put in your calendar.

If you have a tendency to forget, put in your calendar all this special occasions that, in your life or family, like your kids birthdays, and all that kind of stuff. Obviously your wedding anniversary. Obviously your wife’s birthday. Valentine’s Day, all that kind of stuff. And then, if you have a hard time remembering, put it in your calendar and then set with your Google calendar or whatever, set a reminder for seven days in advance. To remind you your wife’s birthday is coming up next Tuesday. Oh. Now you can actually look like you’re smart and remember everything. Okay. Don’t put yourself in that position of waking up one morning going like, oh crap is this our anniversary? It’s our anniversary. Ah. And now you got to try and sneak out of bed, sneak out of the house, go get a card, go get flowers and make it all look like you planned it out. Really? You’re in trouble. You’re done, right? And some of you know what I’m talking about. So celebrate, remember and celebrate every single occasion. Here’s a couple of more that you ought to celebrate.

Number one, the anniversary of your first date. Because that’s not a big occasion, a lot of times to her. But if you remember it, and you celebrate it, she’s going to go like wow, my husband remembered our first date. The anniversary of your proposal. When you proposed to her, celebrate that. Remember it. All those kind of little things that you do like that, you’re just making deposits into the love bank my friend. And it will pay you rich dividends. All right. I want you to put in the comments what do you do. What are your rules? What are the things that I’ve left off here that you go like this, I do this, and my wife loves this. Or if you have a husband, if you’re ladies, put in your stuff. I’d love to see … If you got rules of your own, put in the comments below. If you like this video, go ahead and give it a thumbs up just because it helps me out. And subscribe to the channel. Most of the stuff you’re going to get on here is real estate training, but sometimes we give you stuff about life because when you have a better life at home, it’s going to help you have a better life at work, in your business, and that way you win everywhere.

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