These 4 Things Will Kill Your Success


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These are the 4 things that stop you from being successful.

The 4 Destroyers

  1. DECEPTION- When you’re not honest with yourself about where you are right now (i.e. in your business), thinking that everything is fine, you don’t do what it takes to succeed.
  2. DODGING- You creatively avoid doing what you know needs to be done. You make excuses for not doing it. Dodging=Procrastination=Lack of courage. The key to fighting procrastination is to face your fears. Just do what you need to do to move your business forward, even though it scares you.
  3. DRIFTING- It’s when you go about your daily tasks with no focused goal, clear direction, or strategy.
  4. DISTRACTION- Getting sidetracked by social media or unimportant phone calls stops you from being productive.

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Full Transcript

In this video, I’m going to share with you four things that will stop you from succeeding this year, four things that will stop you or anyone from succeeding. If you want success, if you want to make a lot of money and be super successful as a real estate agent or as a business owner, here are four things that stop people in their tracks, and most people do not realize what’s actually stopping them.

Hey, there. It’s your coach, Kevin Ward, the founder of YesMasters Real Estate Success Training, helping you get more yeses and more successes in your business and in your life.

And these four destroyers, they will destroy your success. They will destroy your dreams. And most of us don’t even realize it when it’s happening to us. Now, what these are, these are the default reactions that most people have that hit us when we run into a limiting belief or we run into something we’re uncomfortable with.

So, here they are. 

The 4 Destroyers

1. DECEPTION. Number one, the first of the four destroyers, the first thing that will stop you from succeeding this year is deception. Deception. That is the first of what I call the four Deadly Ds. Deception is just not being honest. It’s a lack of honesty. And primarily, it’s you not being honest with yourself. We make excuses. We justify. We lie to ourselves about, “I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll do it next week.”

And, so, what we do is we are deceiving ourselves into thinking, “Oh, it’ll be fine. Oh, I’ll do it later. Oh, it’ll work out.” And we lie to ourselves, and it stops us from moving our business forward, moving our life forward, from making the decisions and taking the actions that we need to take, in order to succeed.

2. DODGING. Number two is dodging. Number one is deception. We lie to ourselves. Number two is dodging. And that is, we know what we’re supposed to do. We’ve committed to do it, but when the moment of actual action, go like, “Ugh, I don’t want to do it.” And, so, we start creatively avoiding doing it. So, we find an excuse or a way around it, and we’re dodging it.

And this happens with real estate agents all the time when it comes to their prospecting, when it comes to lead follow-up, when it comes to lead generation. When it comes to needing to make that phone call, it’s like, “Okay. I just don’t feel like it today. Oh, I’m so busy. I got all this stuff going on.”

And what’s happening is, is it’s not that you’re that busy. It’s that you are creatively avoiding. You’re looking for some excuse to justify not doing what you’re supposed to do. And one of the biggest ones is, “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Now, that is … can be a lie if you’re not going to do it tomorrow. So, it can be number one, deception, but it can just be a way of procrastinating. See, dodging shows up as procrastination. Procrastination is nothing more than us dodging or creatively avoiding what we know we should be doing. If we shouldn’t be doing it, it’s not procrastination. We know we should do it. We intend to do it. It’s important for us to do it, but we don’t do it. We are dodging it. Procrastination is, we’re dodging our responsibility because of a lack of courage. If deception or self-deception is a lack of honesty, dodging is a lack of courage.

How do you fix it? Guys, here’s what happens. We face our fear. Our fear comes toe to toe with us, stands right in your face and says, “You can do it tomorrow. Why don’t you do it tomorrow? You don’t have to be scared.” Right? Because you don’t have to be scared about what you’re going to do tomorrow. Right?

Here’s what you got to do. You got to look fear right in the face and have the courage to just pop it right in the nose. You pop fear right in the nose, “Oh, really? You think you’re going to stop me? Bam, I’m going to pop fear, right in the nose.”

Okay, so here’s what happens. You allow fear to pop you in the nose. And every time fear pops you in the nose, and you procrastinate, that fear, you get more scared of your fears, they get stronger, they get bigger, and you get smaller. And it hurts.

And, so, what happens the next day? Now, my fear is even stronger and bigger, and it threatens to punch me. I’m like, “Okay, okay. I’m not going to do it.” And so what happens is, how many times have you procrastinated something, to the point the opportunity completely disappeared? Happens to everybody.

So, learn to stand toe to toe with your fear, punch it in the face, knock it out, and stop dodging things that you know will move your business and your life forward and help you succeed in real estate.

3. DRIFTING. Okay. Number three, the third deadly D is drifting. And drifting is just like when I just … I get started in the day, but I’m just really not clear. I didn’t spend the time getting focused on my goals. And I’m just like, now I’m just in the grind. And I just show up at the office. I go, “Okay, what do I need to do? Let’s check email.”

And we’re just going around from one thing to another, without any clear sense of direction or strategy. I’m not focused on my goals and go like, “Okay, for me to hit that number and to make my $500,000 this year as a real estate agent, I got to do this today, this today, this today.”

Instead, we’re like, “Oh, another day, another dollar.” And we just drift through the day. Have you ever had one of those moments, where you realize, “Oh, it’s getting dark outside,” and you look at your watch and you’re like, “Dang, where did the day go? Oh my gosh, I did not get anything done that I needed to get done today. How did this all happen?”

So, now we’re like, “Okay, now I got to work late. Hun, I’m going to be a little bit late because I got so much stuff left to do.”

What happened was, you just kind of drifted through the day and realized the end of the day came, and you’re like, “I wasted the day,” because of a lack of clarity. My friend, if you want to succeed, you’ve got to get clear about what you want, get clear about your goals, so you go into the day with focus, laser focus, on achieving your goals so you don’t end up drifting through the day or, even worse, drifting through life, which is what happens to most people.

4. DISTRACTION. And then number four, the fourth deadly D, oh, this one’s bad, is distraction. Distraction is when other things outside of us pop up, pop up, pop up, and they grab our attention, and they distract us. Now, all four of these deadly Ds can work together, but the biggest source of distraction for almost every single one of you is right here. It’s in your phone. It is the push notifications that pop up on your phone. “I got a text message. I got an email.”

It pops up on your computer, and you immediately get sucked into reaction. Instead of being proactive, you become reactive. And now, you get distracted. And it may be you’re like, “Oh, who was that? I wanted to go see that video from Kevin.” And you’re looking up that video, and then you click on it. And then there’s like, “Oh.” And then there’s another video that’s like, “Oh, cool. Let me see what that video is.” And all of a sudden now, you’re watching videos about something totally unrelated to what you went in there to look at videos for. You came in there to get real estate training, and you ended up watching some funny cat videos.

And all of a sudden, you’re distracted, and you have a lack of focus that takes you off. And all of a sudden, you get into the scroll hole of your social media, or you get into it watching something on Netflix or whatever.

And you can literally, even with just Instagram, you can be watching Instagram videos for an hour and, all of a sudden, you’re like, “What? It’s already three o’clock? What in the world just happened? I spent an hour on social media,” because you allowed yourself to get distracted because you did not have the focus. You had a lack of focus.

So, my friend, where are you getting stuck? Where are you getting caught that’s keeping you from succeeding in the four deadly Ds? Are you deceiving yourself? Is deception getting in the way? Are you lying to yourself? What about this? Are you dodging your responsibilities? Are you creatively avoiding what you know you should be doing, procrastinating, putting it off? Or are you drifting through the day? Are you literally, right now, watching this video, and you’re watching it because you know you should be doing something else, but you really don’t have any sense of clarity and sense of direction? You don’t have a structure for your business. You don’t have a structure for your day, and so you’re literally just drifting along through your career, through your life? Or is it distraction? Because distraction, all of these can by the way, become addictions, distraction, distraction by social media or by whatever the computer screens, TV, sports, whatever it is, all that can just suck you in.

What of the four are you struggling with the most? And right now, what do you need to do? What shift, what change do you know you need to do, to start conquering those four deadly Ds, so that you move forward on the path to success?

So, again, if you like this video, my name’s Kevin Ward. Make sure you give the video a thumbs-up. Put any questions or comments you have in the comments. If it’s your first time here, make sure you subscribe to the channel for more great training and motivational videos we bring to you on a weekly basis. Have a great day. Play to win and always expect yes.



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