The Worst Place to Learn How to Succeed as A New Realtor

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Where should you go if you want to learn how to succeed as a real estate agent?

The 4 worst places:

  1. From everyone. Stop listening to everyone’s advice on YouTube and social media, because 80% of those people aren’t successful.
  2. Non-producing agents. Don’t listen to agents who don’t have the income you want.
  3. Facebook groups for new agents. With thousands of people in a Facebook group, not everyone can help you be successful.
  4. Real estate licensing schools. They help you get a license, but don’t help you succeed.

The best places:

  1. Mentors. Learn from people who have the kind of success you want to have.
  2. Broker Trainers. Find top producers in your office. Shadow them. Go with them on listing appointments.
  3. A Great Coach. Find a coach who has helped other people succeed, and be coachable. Go to
  4. An immersive event environment. Being around pros is the best and fastest way to learn. You’re getting not only the information, but also the support of people around you. When your emotion is high, your learning increases dramatically.

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Why would you want everyone’s advice on how to succeed at something that 80% of the people who try it fail?

Hey there, it’s Kevin Ward, the founder of YesMasters Real Estate Success Training and the creator of Agent Mastery Live, my all new three-day training event. Go to to check it out.

Today, I want to talk about the worst place to learn how to succeed as a real estate agent, whether you’re new or seasoned. If you want to learn how to succeed as a real estate agent, what are the right places to go to, and what is the worst place or the worst places to go to? We’re going to break all of that down in this video today. So I’ve got four places that I consider to be the worst places to learn how to succeed as a new real estate agent, and then the three best places to learn how to be successful as a real estate agent.

Let’s first talk about the four worst places to learn how to succeed. Number one is everyone. The worst place to try to learn how to succeed as a real estate agent is by listening to everyone, and this is what actually instigated this whole video. This whole video is because of a comment that I got on a YouTube video a while back, and the comment was this.

“I’m a new agent, recently retired from another job. I wouldn’t say I’m struggling, because I have a lot of ideas and energy, but I have no clients yet. Would love for advice from everyone.” And I’m like, why would you want everyone’s advice on how to succeed at something that 80% of the people who try it fail? You want to learn from them? Who are you wanting to learn from? So number one, stop listening to everyone’s advice. Okay? Stop listening to everyone’s advice on YouTube, on social media, in your office, at your home, with your friends. Stop listening. If you want to be successful, stop listening to everyone’s advice, okay? Number one.

Number two, stop listening to non-producing agents. Hey, look. If they don’t have the income and they don’t have the success you want, why would you listen to what they’re doing? And the worst place is in our real estate offices, and I remember it when I was a brand new agent. Oh my gosh. Half of the agents in the company thought they were the experts, and they would tell you everything that you should do, and you should do this, and you should … And I know Mike said to do this, but Mike Bowman was my broker, but I do it this way. I just remember thinking to myself after a while of listening to them, and some of them, I’ll listen to you, but I’m not listening to you. Because why would I listen to people who aren’t doing it, trying to tell me what I should be doing, when they’re not being successful at it?

Number three, Facebook groups for new agents. Oh, this is the worst is there are so many Facebook groups for realtors. It’s kind of mind-boggling, isn’t it? I mean, I thought there were a lot of realtors in America. You want to count what there’s a lot of? There’s a lot of Facebook groups for realtors. Well, this was a video of one of the coaches on one of the real estate Facebook groups, and actually, I’ve got the link for it. I’m not going to share it. I’m not going to tell you who it was because I don’t want to throw him under the bus, but it’s like, okay. This, my friends, with all due respect, is wrong thinking. The coach in the group said, and this is a new agent real estate Facebook group. He said, “We can all learn from each other.”

Okay. I’m sure we can in some respect, but my friend, do you want to be successful? Then don’t try to go learn from people, I mean, because there’s thousands of people on these Facebook groups, and I’m not against the Facebook groups but there’s thousands of people and I mean my Facebook group has thousands, and some of these have tens of thousands in the groups, and a lot of them aren’t even realtors. They’re selling their stuff, but the point is, you want to listen to all of them? You can’t learn from everyone. You don’t want to learn from everyone. You can, but you don’t want to. You want to learn from people that can help you be the most successful.

The fourth wrong place to learn how to succeed as a new real estate agent is, again, with all due respect, from the real estate licensing schools. It’s from real estate schools. Now, I’ve been a licensed real estate agent and/or broker for over 20 years, which means I’ve gone through countless courses. I have taught real estate licensing schools. I have attended countless MCE courses and all this kind of thing, and here is one thing I know for sure. That very rarely do you have a teacher in a real estate licensing school, whether it’s continuing ed or your licensing programs, who actually has had any kind of the success that you want as a real estate agent. Now, there are some, and there’s some awesome and fabulous teachers out there, but in general, the purpose of real estate licensing schools is to help you get a license, not to help you succeed in real estate.

For that, you want somebody that’s actually had the success and helped others have the kind of success you want, and it’s just like getting a real estate license. It’s like getting a driver’s license. Just because somebody knows how to teach somebody to get a driver’s license does not make them a race car driver, okay? And you want to be a real estate agent with a license. You want to be a race car, a pro level achiever as a real estate agent, then learn from people that have done that.

So, that is the four worst places to learn how to succeed as a real estate agent. From everyone, from non-producers, from Facebook and social media groups, and from real estate licensing schools.

Now, where are the best places to learn how to do it? Well, there was a saying that I heard when I was a kid. Actually it came from the Bible, that said, “By their fruit, you shall know them. By their fruit, you shall know them.” The best place to learn is from someone who actually has fruit on their tree, which means they’ve actually produced the kind of success that you want to have. So where’s the best place to learn? It’s from somebody who’s done what you want to do at the level you want to do it. They’ve had the kind of success you want and/or they’ve helped other people have that kind of success as well.

So there are three ways that I found helped me. As a new agent, these were the things that were the game changers for me. Number one was I had great mentors. Now to me, a mentor is somebody who’s actually in the game that helps you in the game. Okay? That’s when I talk about a mentor, and because this is my experience.

I had mentors. I had four mentors when I started as a new agent. One of them was, I’ll say little better than worthless, but three of them were really good. One was Connie Carey, and this was all at Century 21. Connie Carey. One was Sharon Hodnett. These are all in Dallas-Fort Worth, and the other was Linda Peterson. And I think all three of them at 20 years later they were all seasoned producing agents when I was brand new and I think they’re all still seasoned producing agents. I think Linda Peterson has now gone into training. I’m not sure if she still sells or not, but they were phenomenal and they were great agents and I went with them on listing appointments.

I talked to them, they helped me with transactions, they helped me negotiating, they helped me with preparing CMAs, and I actually went with them and shadowed them on listing presentations, and I learned so much from them that it’s just inestimable.

If you want to learn the right place, find somebody in your office. If you’re in a brokerage that doesn’t have top producers that have the success you want, you should probably get an office that has top producers that have the kind of success you want because that’s how you learn to be the best. And so one, you want to get around mentors who are the best. And learn from them, shadow them, go work with them, go do stuff for them for free. I would work for free for a top producing agent just to go shadow them, just to learn how they do. I wouldn’t get on their team, but I would go with them so I can learn everything and I would ask them questions and I would serve them to get them to be able to incentivize them to help me and guide me to become great at what I do. So number one, learned from mentors.

Number two, the second best place to learn how to succeed as a real estate is having a great coach. Now, agents are interesting about how they feel about coaches and I know why. I’ve observed and I’ve watched it and I’m like, why do some agents love, they’re like, “I think everybody should have a coach.” And there’s like, “Coaching stuff, that’s just a waste of money and time.” And here’s the reason people believe it. It all depends on the kind of coach they have had and how coachable they are. So people that are coachable and have had a great coach, they know the value of having a great coach, and then there are others, man, like you had a bad coach.

In high school, in basketball my senior year, I had a bad coach and it was like, man, I would rather have no coach at all than have a bad coach, and that’s reality. And in fact, in reality, no coach at all is probably about as good as a bad coach. So if you’ve had bad coaches, I get it. There are good coaches out there, so one is get a great coach.

Now that coach may be your broker. It may be in-house. It may be somebody that you’re fortunate enough, or maybe somebody like me that you find online on YouTube or a place like this. You go to and click on coaching and you can find out about my coaching programs and so forth. But you want to find a coach that has done what you want, that’s got a level of success you want, and/or has helped other people have the kind of success that you want. So number one is great mentors. When I’m talking about other agents that can help you become a great agent and a great coach, and both is better.

Then number three, the third best way to learn how to succeed as a real estate agent, especially if you want speed. In other words, if you want to learn fast is in an immersive event environment. In an immersive event environment.

It is the best way to learn something really fast. I learned this first from Tony Robbins because Tony Robbins, when I first started hearing about this Unleash the Power Within that he did he talks about he has this immersion event where he says, “I get you here and I keep you here all day every day, and we take you on a journey,” for three or four days, three and a half days with Tony Robbins. He doesn’t do the last day now anymore I don’t think, but anyway, it’s been eight or nine years since I went to Unleash the Power Within, but bottom line is he puts you in there and for three days, that immersive environment where it’s not only the information that you’re getting but you’re also getting the environment that it’s more than just rah rah, okay?

Now there’s events out there that are just rah rah, but when you take the rah rah, okay, you take the hype and you collaborate or you combine it along with content, with things that are transformational, things happen to you in that environment where there is high emotion and high intensity of information gathering and the supportive environment of other people around you so that you’re getting the connectivity, the relationships, that it changes you. And I know some people are like, “Ah, that’s all hype and all this kind of stuff.” No. There is hype, no question about it, but it’s not all hype because what happens is we know scientifically, this is science. When your emotion is high, when you are in a high emotional state of excitement or whatever it is, when that happens, your learning increases dramatically and the impact of that learning increases on you dramatically.

Now the problem happens when you come into that great immersive environment, everything happens, you get all excited, and then you go back into an environment and you surround yourself by people and surround yourself in an environment that makes you absolutely weak. That can completely, or at least dramatically undo a lot of the benefit of it, but it’s still the value of being in an immersive environment is absolutely amazing.

In sports, for example, every single year I know in the NFL, what do they have every single year before the season starts? They have spring training. What spring training? Practice? No, it’s not practice. It’s literally they take their guys and they remove them from their normal environment and they take them to a different place where they are immersed in a training environment for a period of time to prepare for the season. Same thing in baseball, major league baseball. They take you to spring training camp. They go to training camp in an immersive environment. All day every day they’re in an environment of absolute immersion in the program of baseball, of mastery, of getting back in the groove of learning and growing and they do that year after year after year after year after year. They never stop.

Why? Because they found out in that immersive environment, in that immersive environment, things happen. You grow faster, you elevate quicker. In fact, Nick Bollettieri. If you’ve never heard of that name, Nick Bollettieri is a tennis coach. Now, he’s in his eighties now, but Nick Bollettieri has as a tennis coach, by the way, doesn’t hardly know how to play tennis, but as a tennis coach, he changed the game of tennis and he changed it because he did something interesting.

He, instead of doing tennis lessons the way that everybody else was doing it, whereas if you’re a tennis player, you would come. If you are a professional tennis player, you would have your trainer, your coach, and you would come and you’d work out with him. He would train you and you’d work out for two hours or six hours or eight hours, and then you go home. And he goes like, “I think if I can get them in an immersive environment, I can teach them and train them better and their skills will improve quicker,” and so Nick Bollettieri created the first Nick Bollettieri tennis camp, where the players literally came to the tennis camp and they lived at the tennis camp, and he trained them and they were in this immersive environment so every day it was almost like literally eat, drink, sleep, play tennis.

Now people were like, “This is like, intense. This is like, too much.” Well, out of that came people like Andre Agassi, Monica Seles, Anna Kournikova, Serena Williams, Boris Becker, Venus Williams. In fact, Nick Bollettieri has created more champions, more professional tennis champions than any other coach ever, and the tennis champions that he has coached have won more professional championships in professional tennis than almost all the other coaches combined, and he credits it all with this concept of bringing tennis players into an immersive environment where he’s able to have a greater impact them in a shorter amount of time and they’re able to accelerate their growth and learning quick.

So if you want to succeed as a new agent or as a seasoned agent and you want to elevate your game quicker, the best way to do it is in an immersive environment. Unfortunately for most people, it’s not like you can go for a month and go train with a coach all day every day for a month. Most people can’t afford to do that, but that’s the reason most people don’t pull down the kind of incomes that you do in professional sports where they actually do that. Do you want to train for the Olympics? You actually go to the Olympic training facilities and all you do all day every day is you train with your Olympic team, your Olympic coaches, and all of that kind of stuff.

That immersive environment is where transformation happens, so the best place to succeed in real estate is not when you’re dabbling in social media or listening to everybody’s opinion or hanging out in your office with other people drinking coffee and them shooting their opinions around. It’s when you get around pros, when you get around the best, you get that self in that environment where you get around mentors, you get around coaches, and you put yourself in an immersive environment like we have at my training camps, like at Agent Mastery Live. You can go to to check it out and when you come join me, my commitment, my promise is you come spend three days with me and then you implement what I train you to do. The biggest key is implementation. It will absolutely change your life and two years from now if you do exactly what I train you to do, you will not recognize your life. That’s what I say.

Now, the key of all of this, okay? The key with mentors, coaches, immersive environments, events, all of that. The key is number one, you learn. Number two, you implement. Number three, repeat. You learn and then you got to go implement and then you learn more and then you implement and you learn more, and you just got to do that constant never ending growth mindset and a growth cycle. That should never end.

You look at the best performers in athletics, in theater, in performing arts in the world. The best, they never stop growing. They never stop getting better. They never stop learning, implement, learn, implement. Some people just learn, learn, learn, learn, learn. Some people learn and then they just implement, implement, implement and they never learn more. They just stay stuck at that same level. You learn and then you implement and then you learn more.

If the video has been helpful for you, make sure you give it a thumbs up. If you have questions or comments, place them down below. Subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done so yet, and I look forward to seeing you on the next video.

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