The Script to NEVER Use with FSBOs or Expired Listings

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One of the most daunting tasks in real estate prospecting is approaching a FSBO or an Expired listing to set a listing appointment with them. They can be rude, condescending, or even downright nasty.

To make matters worse some of the scripts that we’ve been taught to use, actually make sellers even more distrustful of us and make it even harder to actually get a listing appointment (much less actually get a listing) One of the really stupid Realtor scripts that I’ve used and heard many agents use over the years is the script: “If I bring you a buyer, would you be willing to sell it?” .

That approach is both self-defeating, and (most of the time) total BS for several reasons:

1. The seller most likely doesn’t believe you. And…if you don’t have a real, qualified buyer for his house, you will simply reinforce their distrust.

2. You actually make it harder to convince the seller to list with you. The reason is because you just validated their belief that all they have to do is wait for an agent (like you) to bring them a buyer, so from their perspective, listing the house is not a benefit to them at all…but just an expense.

3. Some agents use the “I need to see if your house will work for my buyer” as a ruse to “get their foot in the door” . Again, this BS (“Bait-n-Switch”) tactic only deepens their distrust and demonstrates your willing

You may be able to get an appointment…but if it doesn’t lead you to real business, what’s the point, right?

I believe it’s time for us, as real estate professionals, to reset the industry and clean up the BS (bad scripts) that have floated around for way too long. It’s time to start coming from a place of adding true value to buyers and sellers. They need us, and we don’t need to use BS scripts to trick them into letting us help them.

Deliver value with a NO-BS approach. Ask effective questions that identify the seller’s real motivation so that you can serve their best interest. And then lead them to meet with you and inspire them to hire you by focusing on what they want, rather than what you want.

The reality is with great skills and the right approach you can get “YES” without the BS.

I would love to hear your thoughts, feedback and questions on this. And please share this with others if you agree.

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