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The Power of Visualization: Change Your Story, Change Your Life

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I was talking to an agent recently who at one point before the market collapse back in 2008 had created a net worth of tens of millions of dollars…and then lost it all.  He didn’t just lose it.  Suddenly he was tens of millions of dollars in the negative!

In this video I share the story of my conversation with that real estate agent and the shocking revelation he made to me about his fears and his struggle to overcome his fears TODAY.

The reality is that our mindset and the stories (i.e. “drama”) that we create about ourselves and our world are more powerful than we realize.  And most of the time, our “story” does not help us build our business and achieve the success or lifestyle we want.

The Power of Visualization is one of the most powerful ways to make change your internal story quickly and to give yourself a stronger mindset and to improve your results. Affirmations and declarations can be very helpful, yet visualizing yourself as if you’ve already achieved something or done something adds much more power.

If you want to change your life, change your story. If you want to get better results in your life, it starts with your beliefs and expectations about what is possible for you. We all create our “story” about ourselves and then we live into that story. As an example, a “drama queen” is someone who always makes their “story” more dramatic than it really is and then they literally create that reality through their story.

Simply re-write your mental “story” to the outcome you want and visualize yourself living into that story. Real estate agents, in fact almost all people, underestimate the power their inner game has over their success. Thinking better thoughts will always create better results.

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