The One Success Secret No One Talks About in Real Estate

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Everybody talks about technology and marketing plans and customer service and branding as keys to success, but no one talks about the biggest key to success for agents.

It begins first with WHO matters in your real estate business: Your clients. That’s who you represent. It’s about them.

And there is really ONE THING they want at the end of the day: RESULTS. And nobody talks about it. Brokers don’t. Trainers don’t. NAR doesn’t. They talk about rules and ethics…but not RESULTS.

Over 95% of Sellers say their #1 goal is getting the MOST MONEY POSSIBLE.

When you are a master of getting the best results, people will line up to pay you.

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If your clients matter the most, there’s really only one thing that they want at the end of the day and that is results.

Today I want to talk about the one success secret that nobody talks about, the one success secret for real estate agents that nobody wants to talk about. Now everybody is talking about technology, everybody talks about technology. Everybody talks about marketing and marketing plans. Everybody talks about customer service. Everybody talks about branding, everybody talks about open houses and they talk about drones. But the one most important success secret of real estate agents that nobody wants to talk about. Now, what is that one success secret?

Well, I think it starts with the fact that there is ultimately one thing that matters the most for you as a real estate agent and it begins with who matters the most in your business and that is your clients. You see, it’s not about you. It’s not about me. It’s about the one that you represent and that’s your client. It is all about them and so the one success secret is the one thing they want the most. If your clients matter the most then there’s really only one thing that they want at the end of the day and that is results. The one thing that your clients want more than anything else is they want the best results and that my friend is the one success secret that nobody wants to talk about. Nobody trains in it. I’ve never been trained on this.

Brokers don’t talk about it. Your managers don’t talk about it. Trainers don’t talk about it. The NAR isn’t gonna talk about it. They talk about rules and they talk about ethics and they talk about contracts and they talk about lawsuits and they talk about the technology disruption and all of that stuff they’re talking about but they’re not talking about delivering the best results. And frankly, all of this disruption that’s happening in our industry, all of the lawsuits and all of the talking and all of the hullabaloo that’s here going on in the real estate industry, it all comes back to this one thing and that is that real estate agents are not known for delivering fabulous results for their clients. The reason we’re threatened by technology is gonna replace agents is because the public perception is, “Why do I need an agent? They don’t do that much. They just charge big commissions.”

Every big lawsuit that’s going on against the NAR and brokerages and MLS’s and boards and all of that kind of stuff, the big stuff, the class action lawsuits, all goes back to a few sellers who believe that they were not represented well and that they paid huge commissions and did not get huge results. Because if they believed that they had gotten the best results with their agent all these lawsuits would not have existed and yet nobody wants to talk about it. Why do we not want to talk about it? Because it’s hard. Because getting the best results requires mastery but here’s the secret, here’s the success secret about it, that is when you master delivering the best results for your clients your business is bulletproof that’s gonna happen in the industry. Whether it’s lawsuits or market shifts or technology or discount brokers or eye buyers, anything that’s coming or gonna come your business is gonna be bulletproof and oblivious to all of that when you master becoming the best at delivering the best results.

Because I can tell you right now, discount brokers, they’re not talking about results. Eye buyers aren’t gonna talk about delivering the best results. They’re not gonna talk about it. They talk about convenience, they talk about, “We’re cheaper. You’re not gonna have to deal with an agent. We’re gonna save you the commission.” That’s their whole marketing. They don’t talk about getting better results, they can’t. It’s the one thing where there is no one that can compete with you when you can master delivering the best result. All they’re out there going like, “We help you save commissions.” Well, think about it this way. Proclaiming to the world, “We help you save commissions,” is kind of like somebody going out there and going like, “I can help you avoid all those big car payments. Ride the bus.” Right? “Here’s the best way to avoid those ridiculous, expensive car payments. Get a bicycle.” Taking the bus or getting a bicycle may save you the car payments but the car payments allow you to have your own car and when you have your own car you’re able to do things you can’t do.

So, whenever you can deliver a better result then people will gladly pay for that. People will gladly pay for something that actually delivers tangible value to them. You see, what the eye buyers and discount brokers don’t help clients do is help them get more money in their pocket. And not to even to mention the fact that most eye buyer platforms charge more fees than a full service brokerage commission when it’s all said and done. And here’s the bottom line of this, that over 95% of all sellers, now hear me good here, over 95% of all sellers number one desire is to get the most money possible in their pocket. That’s what they want, more than anything else, they like convenience, they like no hassle, they like not being ripped off but at the end of the day they want the most money in their pocket. That’s the result that they want.

When you master the ability to learn how to position your property in the market, how to get the best offers, how to negotiate the best terms and price, how to protect the equity of your sellers in the inspection period, when you master getting them the best results and getting them more money in their pocket, when you master that, people will line up to hire you and they will pay you your price. It is the one success secret that will solidify your business and solidify your success in any place in any market in any time and nobody talks about it because it’s too hard. You want to win in the real estate business no matter what happens? Master getting the best results. Now, if you know you need help doing that and you want help doing that, I’ve put the link below. I want to invite you to join me at my next three day training camp.

At our YesMasters training camps, what we train you to do is how to deliver the best results for your clients so that when somebody says, “What are you gonna do different than everybody else?” I help you get more money in your pocket. I help you get a better result than anyone else can get you and when you can say that with integrity and when that’s the word that gets out about you, people will line up to hire you and nobody will be able to tell you no.

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