The Most Powerful Script Ever for Real Estate Agents


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How do you get better with Scripts?

  1. Get Practice
  2. Get going
  3. Get feedback. (From prospects, role play partners, and your coach).

BUT…the most important and powerful script that you will ever master is the one inside your head.

This is the story of what you say to yourself (e.g. “I hate scripts. Scripts don’t work for me. Or, it’s useless calling FSBOs.”)

No matter how great the script you’re using is, it won’t help you if you hold a negative script in your head. Your internal script or story is what determines your presence & your confidence (or your lack of confidence…and it shows up in those non-verbal cues whenever you’re prospecting.

The key is to change your internal script so you then change your results. Shift your script to, “This person is my next appointment. They’re my next listing. I am the best. I am the best decision they could ever make. They need me.”

What is your internal script? How are you going to change it, so you get better results in your business and in your life?


Full Transcript

In today’s video, I’m going to talk about, of all the scripts that I have used and created and use over the years that have gotten me hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of listings and made millions of dollars in sales, there is one script, one, only one that is the most powerful script ever for real estate agent. 

Here’s what you need to understand. What you say matters, and how you say it matters just as much, if not even more. Because you talk about your words, that is 7 or 8% of your communication. And 93% of your language is your body language, your presence, and your tonality of how you say it.


3 Steps to Get Better With Scripts

So as we talk about scripts and how to get great with scripts and how you say it, there’s basically three skills or three steps to getting better with scripts, both what to say and how to say it. 

  1. You’ve got to get practice. You role play, practicing chanting the scripts. 
  2. Start prospecting. Number two is actually to get going, actually start prospecting, actually start talking to people and using the scripts in real life, in real time, in real business. 
  3. Get feedback. And then number three is to get feedback. As you prospect, as you do your lead followup, as you go on listing appointments is to get feedback. Now you can get feedback from your clients, from your prospects. You can get feedback from role-play partners. And obviously the skill of the role-play partner will have a lot to say about the quality of the feedback that you’re going to get.

So if you’re role-playing with somebody that doesn’t know what they’re doing, their feedback is probably fairly useless. If you’re role-playing with somebody who is very skilled and is a top producer and is a master of communication and prospecting, then your feedback from them can be great. You can get prospects from your role-play partners. And of course, then you can get feedback from a great coach. 


The Most Important Real Estate Script Ever

But what you are saying to your prospects is powerless. And how you are saying to your prospect is powerless if, and here’s the magic, if what you are saying to yourself undermines everything you’re saying to them.

In other words, the most important real estate script ever, ever used, ever written if it’s ever written, is the script behind the script. And that is the script of what you are saying to yourself

When you’re on the phone and you call that For Sale By Owner, you call that Expired, you’re on that listing appointment, or that lead follow-up call, or you’re pre-qualifying what are you saying to yourself? 

Because you’re always talking. We’re always talking to yourself. And if you are saying to yourself, something like this, “Ah, scripts don’t work for me. Oh, for sale by owners, it’s useless calling them. This is a waste of time. Expireds? They’re always going to be mad.” If that’s what you are saying to yourself, that my friend is a script, and it’s a script because it’s something you say over and over.

Think about it and be honest with yourself that when you’re prospecting, when you’re on the phone talking to somebody else, you also are talking to yourself. And you’re saying like, “Oh my gosh, I know this isn’t going to go well. Oh no, I think they’re going to hang up on me. Oh no, this is…” 

And whenever you start having that conversation with yourself, if they ask a question like, “So how many homes have you sold in our market?” And you go like, “Oh no, I haven’t sold enough homes. This objection is going to kill me.” That script, my friend, the script behind the script is what will kill you.


The Script That Kills You

It’s way more important than any script in here. The truth is that there is no script in here that is going to help you if the script in here is messing you up, if you’re undermining it. If you’re saying, “I don’t have enough experience.” If you’re saying, “I hate working with for sale by owners. I hate calling For Sale By Owners.” That is your script. 

If that’s the inner script going on, that is going to come out in your communication. Now, it’s not going to come out of your mouth in words. It’s going to come out of your mouth in tonality. It’s going to come out of your body language. It’s going to come out of your presence because you lack confidence. You lack power. You lack conviction. You lack the joy that makes them go like, “I like this person. I want to work with this person.”

Now compare this script. So here’s the script. I hate scripts. There is a good script. When you hold that story, you’re never going to be a master of good communication using a real estate script. Because I hate scripts. They’re just not me. And that story is undermining your ability to use a communication device or a choreographed conversation with conviction. 


Change Your Internal Script, Change Your Results

Now compare that story to, “I’m too new. I’ve never sold a home over a million dollars.” That script, now compare that with another script. Compare that with this script. “You are my next listing. You are my next listing. This person, they’re my next appointment. They’re my next listing. I am the best. I am the best decision they could ever make. They need me.”

Now, if that’s the story that I’m saying to myself when I’m picking up the phone and I’m calling that expired listing, and I’m saying to myself, “They need me. They may not know it yet, but they need me. I will be the best decision they could ever make.” When that my friend is the script that you’re using in here, then the script that you are using that’s coming out of your mouth to them is going to be totally different. It’s because your internal script is your story. 

And your story is what determines your presence. And it is what determines your confidence or your lack of confidence. And it shows up in those non-verbal cues whenever you’re talking to someone else. The single most important script that you will ever master is the one inside your own head.

Now that doesn’t make the words that come out of your mouth, your real estate scripts, not powerful, but I’m not trying to sell you this book today. What I’m trying to sell you on is the story of what you are saying to yourself. 

Now, if you want a copy of the book, you can go to and you can get a free copy. Just pay shipping and handling and I’ll send it to you. But again, right here is what matters

If this makes sense to you, I want to hear what your script is. What is your inner script? Make sure you put it in the comments below. If you liked the video, give it a thumbs up. Subscribe to the channel if it’s your first time here, and whatever you do always expect right here, yes.

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