The Future of Lead Generation

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The lie is that prospecting is dead. Not even close.

“People hate sales pitches.” True. And they hated them 40 years ago.
“People hate you calling or knocking…”. Often true…just like 40 years ago.

A lot has changed…BUT NOT EVERYTHING.
What’s changed:

1) It’s harder to reach people.
2) People are more skeptical.
3) Online access to information.


1. A mult-dimensional Lead Gen strategy that is relentless.
Combination of prospecting (call, door, text) & marketing (print/mail, email, internet)

Ask more = win more. Ask in different ways…that accommodates how prospects will respond…and more persistence to break through resistance.

2. A powerful communication skillset that can lead people to decisions.

No matter how you generate the lead…to convert the lead, you’re going to have to inspire them to hire you…and list at a price that will sell. Communication skills are going down the drain…because nobody wants to talk to each other & face possible rejection… Which leaves the door wide open…for pros.

3. A bullet-proof mindset that is set on success, not trying to make everyone happy.


What is the future of lead generation? And so in this video, I’m going to give you the definitive future of high powered, high profitability, high income lead generation that works.

The word on the street is everything’s changing in real estate. Everything’s constantly changing in real estate and there’s a lot of changes happening in real estate, granted. What is the future of lead generation? How are we going to get business going forward in the future with all the changes that we’re seeing out there? Because a lot of change is happening and agents, especially new agents and seasoned agents are going, “What works today and I’m trying cold calling, door knocking, open houses. I’m trying the social media. I’m trying all this stuff and some stuff works and some don’t. Do you buy internet leads? What is happening? What is working? And more important, what is the future of lead generation?

In this video, I’m going to give you the definitive future of high powered, high profitability, high income lead generation that works. And what I’m going to share with you in this video is not tactical. It is strategic. Which means it’s not about what’s working today that may not be working next week, all right? So I’m not talking about Facebook marketing, because Facebook marketing today is awesome. But it changes. And it’s doubled and tripled and quadrupled in price. And so things are always changing and it’s still in development.

I am going to talk in terms of the future of lead generation the strategic angles of what works today and what’s going to work in the next two, three, five, and probably even the next ten years. Because things are changing. The two key channels of lead generation are relationships and new business. So two keys. Number one is relationships. So if you want to make a lot of money in real estate, the secret today is all going to be relationships. If you want to just build a massive business, relationships are ultimately where it’s at. The problem is for most real estate agents, they don’t have enough highly leveraged, highly qualified relationships that will give them enough business to make a lot of money before they go broke, right?

So because of that, the other key prong for the future of lead generation is always going to continue to be new biz. And new biz is simply people that you don’t have a relationship with. People that you haven’t met. So this would be like your personal circle, your sphere of influence. That group. This would be your people you don’t know that we traditionally talk about, this is cold-calling. The problem with that is it’s one dimensional and it terrifies people and it doesn’t work as well today as it used to work. So what is the future both of relationship building for effective lead generation and what is the future of getting new business? What are the key strategies or the key elements for successful lead generation and getting new business?

So first, let’s talk about existing relationships the people that you already know, that know you, they like you, they trust you. Here are the two really most important things for getting business from your personal circle. Number one is what I call TOMA. TOMA is top of mind awareness, which simply means that if you’re going to win business from people that you know, they’ve got to know you’re in business. They got to think about you. If they don’t think about you, they’re not going to refer you. Right? If they don’t think about you being in the business and so just assuming that they know you got your real estate license does not mean that they’re going to think about you enough to refer you whenever they hear about somebody buying or selling. So you’ve got to train them. You’ve got to build a relationship. You’ve got to talk to them. You’ve got to keep yourself top of mind in their awareness so that when they hear a conversation about real estate, they go like, “Oh you need to talk to my realtor.” And that takes training. So that is a strategy that I teach in the Real Estate Vortex by building your personal circle.The first thing is you have to have top of mind awareness with them.

The second thing that you must have in your relationships is trust. That means you’re a person of integrity and that you’re going to take care of them and or people they refer to you. So if you’re not good, if you’re an amateur, if you’re part-time or you’re incompetent, or you’re not confident, they don’t trust you enough to give you the business. So that requires that you go pro. It requires you to commit to a high level of skills, both in communicating to people but also in delivering results. And helping people get homes sold. Help people successfully buy a house. So if you want to win with your relationships, the future of lead generation starts here.

In order to win in relationships,  it requires that one, you’ve got to talk to them. You have to ask for business. All right? You have to ask for business and you have to be worthy of that business when you ask for it. Now, I’m going to share with you an overarching principle of success in all of the future of lead generation. And I’m going to put it down here because this is everything that I’m going to say comes down to this one simple principle. And that is ask more win more. I don’t care how you slice it. I don’t care how much technology comes along. I don’t care what you want to talk about. You want to succeed more? You want more business? You’ve got to ask for it more. And you’re going to have to ask for it more here and you’re going to have to ask for it more here.

And so many people, so many new agents, there are two things that stop a lot of agents. Number one is fear. They’re afraid. We’re going to talk about that. Number two is sometimes they’re flat out lazy and they want to figure out a way to get business without having to go out and ask for it. And can you do that? Yes, it works. But if you want to make a lot of money and be highly successful, the future of high powered successful lead generation that leads to massive success is this principle is going to always be true. You want more business, you’ve got to ask more. Your people that you know, the most you ask, the more likely you are to get a yes. The more likely you are to get a referral.

All right? So now, let’s turn to generating new business. What is the future of lead generation when it comes to getting people that you don’t know to want to work with you and to hire you? Number one, the number one key thing for getting new business in today and in the future is that we must have a multi dimensional lead generation strategy. Now what does that mean? What that means is when I started real estate, I had a one dimensional lead generation strategy. I was broke, we didn’t have social media, the internet was still pretty new. Very few real estate agents, very very few, even had a website. There was no Zillow. There was not even If it was there, we didn’t ever know about it. We didn’t use it. The MLS didn’t even have pictures on it when I first started real estate back in 1998.

So I had a one dimensional strategy. Pick up the phone and call for sell by owners and expireds. One dimensional. I called them. They said yes or they said no. If they said yes or maybe they would say maybe, then I would get the appointment or I would call back or whatever. But I had a one dimensional strategy and that was pick up the phone and dial for dollars.  Right? Smiling and dialing. That was the way I built my business. And I called for sell by owners and expireds. I did very little cold calling. Now when I call for sell by owners and expireds, I never called that cold calling because the great Zig Ziglar said when I call, I expect people to be warm so I don’t do cold calling. I do warm calling. And that was the way I approached it. And that was how I built it but it was still one dimensional.

There were other agents that all they did was they did geographic farming. And it was a one dimensional game. Other people just did open houses. Other people just did relationships, just did by referral only. And it works but you miss so many opportunities that are out there. And if you want massive success, if you’re looking for just a little bit of success, then number one I’m probably not the right coach for you to be listening to. And number two, you don’t need this, okay? But if you’re looking for a lot of success, if you want massive success in real estate, then you’ve got to understand to win in today’s market requires a multi dimensional lead generation strategy that is relentless.

Now even back when I started, back in the old traditional sales training, they would tell you if you want to get a deal, you need to close at least seven times, right? You’re calling for sell by owners, you’ve got to expect at least seven no’s. If they say no, you ask again. You ask again. And they trained you close seven times. Some of them dialed it back and said we’ll close five times. Or close only three times. But the point was you had to be relentless. You had to be willing to do it over and over again. The problem with that is if I call an expired and they say not interested, what am I going to do? Call them back six more times with the same line and the same approach and they’re just going to say no, no, no, no, no, no? Right? And some people say the strategy is you just call them until they give you an appointment or tell you to take a flying leap.

Well, how about this? How about have more than a one dimensional show? How about have more than one strategy? So it’s not just a one dimensional approach to the business, having a multi dimensional approach to business. Which includes calling people on the phone, texting people, emailing people, knocking on the door, sending direct mail, targeted internet lead generation, whether it’s social media marketing or Google ads or whatever it is. Using multi media type of advertising still works. Okay? Even radio and television still works awesome. But if you want to generate a lot of business, here’s what’s got to be required is you’ve got to have more than just be a one trick pony? You’ve got to be more than a one trick pony. You’ve got to have multiple ways of reaching people and you’ve got to do it over and over and over again.

So that if I call somebody, and let’s say an expired listing. Now here’s what we know. 50% chance that expired listing is going to relist within the next 30 days with a different agent. Do you want that listing? Do you want to be the agent that gets that deal? Well you’ve got to do something to get in front of them. Well if you call them and they shut you down or if you call them and they don’t answer, if that’s the only strategy you’ve got, you’re done right? So now you’ve got to be able to call them, you’ve got to be willing to leave a voicemail, if you’ve got a cell phone, text them, email them, knock on their doors, send them something in the mail, okay? Geo target them using social media. You probably can’t target just one person but you can target an area.

But the point is, use a multi dimensional approach and if they won’t talk to you, do you have a place online that you can send them that gives you the opportunity to sell them or to convince them that they want to hire you? What I call an agent online vortex that we teach at our Double Your Listing Power Training Camp.

And so having a multi dimensional approach strategy is to be relentless. And it goes back to this. Ask more win more. Here’s the simple principle. Back in the old sales days when they taught close seven times, here’s the deal. If you can find seven different ways to get in front of a potential seller and especially what I call turbo leads, highly motivated people like for sell by owners or expireds that have already raised their hand and said, “I’m moving and I need help.” Right? You find a way to get in front of them over and over and over again. I don’t care whether they like it or don’t like it. You get in front of them enough, you are more likely to get that listing. Okay?

Now I know some of you are going, “But what if they don’t like me? What if I annoy them? That’s going to offend people. People are rude.” And all that kind of stuff.

Number two is you’ve got to have a powerful communication skillset. A powerful communication skillset. If you are a real estate agent and you’ve mastered powerful communication, you learn how to communicate with people powerfully, how to influence and persuade and lead people to a decision. You, my friend, are going to be unstoppable. You, my friend, have a whole plethora of opportunity going to open before you because we are in an age today where fewer and fewer real estate agents want to talk to people. They’re like, “If I talk to you, will they be mean to me?”

And so more and more people come into the real estate industry today are trying to find all kinds of fancy lead generation strategies where they don’t have to talk to somebody. “I don’t want to call people or knock on their door because they may be rude or they don’t like it so I’m just not going to do it. And I’m going to find other ways to get them to want to call me.” All that is great and that’s awesome but the day they call you whether it’s by going after them or you waiting for them to come to you, the moment you generate that lead now you’ve got to convert that lead into business. You’ve got to inspire them to hire you. You’ve got to convince them to list with you and you’ve got to convince them to list with you at a price that will actually get the property sold so you get paid and they get to move. Right?

That requires skill. It requires this thing right here, and that is powerful communication skills. And so many people and especially if you are a millennial. This is a huge opportunity for you because so many millennials don’t want to talk to anybody. They’re more comfortable texting. Like this is safer. But when you have the ability to talk to somebody and lead them to a decision, to be compelling, to speak with conviction and passion, and clearly articulate a message that inspires people to want to work with you, you my friend are unstoppable. You get leads generated however it happens and then you’re afraid to talk to them? You’re afraid to follow up with them? You’re done. They’re not going to hire you. Right? So all those leads are wasted if you don’t have a powerful communication skillset that knows how to lead people to a decision.

And then number three is bullet proof, if you want to generate a lot of business, is you’ve got to have a bullet proof mindset. Now this right here will set you apart. I’m telling you, this will just put you light years ahead of most real estate agents in the market. And that is a bullet proof mindset that focuses on success. Not trying to make everyone happy. I’m going to say that again. Create a bullet proof mindset that is set on success not trying to make everyone happy. I think it’s one of the most common things because I see it in real estate agent Facebook group conversations and YouTube comments. And that is real estate agents are dying of fear. They’re trying to figure out how do I do this without getting my feelings hurt? How do I do this without annoying people or making people unhappy.

Look, they didn’t like it when you solicited them 20 years ago or 40 years ago. Well they may be rude. People were rude 30 years ago, 40 years ago. Now they may be, granted, more rude today than they were then but it was still back then the same thing. People hate sales pitches. They hated them 40 years ago. It’s what you’ve got to focus on is do I want effectiveness, do I want success, or am I just want to make everybody happy and I don’t want to upset anybody? If you want to master business in the future the way you’re going to win at lead generation which then leads to lead conversion which leads to sales and to success, you’ve got to have a bullet proof mindset that says, “You know what? I get it.” There’s going to be times people are going to be unhappy. There’s going to be times people aren’t going to like me. There’s going to be times when people tell me to buzz off. But I want to help people win. I want to help people that want to move. I want to help them move.

And you’ve got to focus, have a bullet proof mindset, that is set on what works, what is effective at getting people to say yes to me. Not what makes everybody happy and what makes everybody comfortable. Because at the end of the day, a lot of people when I look back and I built my business with two of the hardest groups on the planet in real estate, for sell-by-owners and expireds. And they didn’t want me calling them then. They don’t like me calling them today. Same today as it was back when I started 20 years ago. They didn’t like it then, they don’t like it today. Okay, but they needed to move. And so what I had to do was get through that resistance. And once I got through the resistance, they were grateful that I was able to help get them the result that they wanted. And they’ll be that way for you.

So what I’m just going to wind this up with, the future of lead generation is right here. Ask more and you’ll win more. I don’t care if it’s people you already know or people you don’t know. You’ve got to ask more. And ask over and over and over. You send them a postcard and then you call them and then you door knock them and then you text them and then you email them and do that over and over and over again. Look, there’s going to be people that are going to be like, “Would you leave me alone?” No, I’m not going to leave you alone. You need to move. I can help you. And what’s going to happen is some of them are going to go like, “Okay. All right. This guy is persistent enough. This gal is persistent enough. I’m going to give her a shot.”

And you’re going to get business because while everybody else was trying not to … trying to avoid rejection and they were trying to not make anybody unhappy, they left. And you were the last person standing and you’re going to be the one who gets the listing. You’re going to be the one that wins and you’re going to be the one that gets the massive, massive success. Now, I realize that this a pretty heavy video. But if you want massive success, I’m laying some heavy truth on you today that will work. It will work today. It will work in 2020. It will work in 2025, because this is the secret to massive success in the future of lead generation.

Now I want to hear what you think about it. If you like it, make sure you give the video a thumbs up. But also post your questions and comments in the comments below. I’d like to hear conversation and find out what your thoughts are about the future of lead generation. Hope this has helped. If you haven’t subscribed to the channel, make sure you do that now and I’ll see you on the next video.

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