The Biggest Real Estate Lead Generation Secret for 2020 & Beyond

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The biggest real estate lead generation secret ever is… SELLERS

And now, more than ever, this is really powerful because they give you leverage for more business opportunities.

Here are the 3 types of leverage you get from sellers:

  1. Marketing leverage. Every time you get a listing, you get a free billboard for buyers and future sellers in the neighborhood. Make sure you price it right and get it sold. So when other buyers see the sold sign, they’ll know that you’re the agent that gets results.
  2. Agent leverage. When you have a listing, you attract buyers and buyers’ agents. These agents then work to bring buyers in for your seller.
  3. Deal leverage.
    • Sellers will become buyers after they sell.
    • Sellers attract buyers. Some of these buyers come directly to you, so you have the chance of double ending that sale.
      Homeowners know other homeowners. Sellers can give you referrals after a successful sale.
    • Focus your lead generation on sellers because when you get a listing, you have multiple ways to make money from that.

What are you doing to get sellers?


This is the biggest real estate lead generation secret for 2020 and beyond in the world, ever.

Hi there. It’s Kevin Ward, the founder of YesMasters Real Estate Success Training, helping you get more YES and more successes in your business and in your life.

This is true at all times, but it’s especially true as we come through and out of this crisis and whatever comes next. Sellers is the biggest lead generation secret for 2020 and beyond. Sellers, not buyers. Getting sellers. Sellers over buyer, hundred to one. Now, I’m not saying buyers are bad, I’m not saying you shouldn’t work with buyers. But in this video, I’m going to explain why sellers are the focus for all of your lead generation and why now is the time that sellers is where your complete focus should be.

See, here’s the difference between working with buyers and working with sellers. Sellers give you leverage. Which means when you have a seller, you have multiple ways to make money from that listing. Buyers don’t give you leverage. Buyers give you the opportunity to get a deal, but they don’t give you leverage. And I’m going to explain the difference here.

So, a buyer, when I got a buyer, I got… okay. I got a buyer, I got somebody to go out and show them properties, help them find a house, make offers, negotiate. I’m fighting with other buyers over the house. And until we win on an offer, or something like that, I don’t get a deal.

Sellers give you so many different ways to make money. I’m going to talk about three types of leverage that you get from working with sellers. And this is just where people… new agents, so many new agents get caught up working with buyers. Even if they’re told, “Listings are the name of the game.” Or “Listings are king.” Or whatever, they still do not understand why sellers are so much better than working with buyers. And I’m not dissing, I’m not disrespecting buyers. I’m not saying buyers are bad, and not saying you shouldn’t work with them. But all your lead generation, all your focus, all your effort, all your resources and your time on lead generation should be to get sellers. Here’s why.



Number one, sellers give you marketing leverage. Sellers give you marketing leverage. Which means when I get a seller, I have something to market. When you have a buyer, you got nothing to market. But with a seller, I have a house to market. So I have a marketing leverage. Because here’s what I get. Every time I get a listing, I get a free neighborhood billboard, right? I mean virtually free. You may pay for the installation of the sign. But essentially I’m getting a free neighborhood billboard for buyers, and for future sellers in the neighborhood, okay? And it’s free. This is what happens. So I get a free neighborhood billboard to tell all the sellers in the area, “This guy is doing business.”

Now here’s the mistake is if you take an overpriced listing and it doesn’t sell now you just did the wrong kind of marketing in the neighborhood. So the marketing leverage just got completely eliminated, because when you put a sign up every day, all the homeowners are driving by the sign in this yard, and they’re watching.

And when that three, four, six months later, that sign comes down, they know it didn’t sell. Then you just went and you marketed to the entire neighborhood that said, “Hey. If you want to sell your house, don’t call me. Because I don’t know how to sell a house.” So you want to make sure that you know how to sell a listing. So, when you get the listing, you sell it and a sold sign goes up. A few days, or weeks, or months later, the sold sign goes. Up and the sooner it goes up, the better for you. It’s better marketing. But it gives you the leverage of marketing for free to the entire neighborhood that says, “You want to sell your house? Come talk to me because I do business and I know how to get a result.”

And you get buyers. You’re now marketing, “I have a house. You want a house? Call me.” And if it’s a house they like, they’re going to come to you. And they may come to you directly, or they may come to you with their agent. Doesn’t matter either way, they’re working for you. So number one, you get marketing leverage when you have a listing. When you have a seller, you have a listing. Boom. You got marketing leverage. In other words, that listing is a deal in the bag when you sell it. But it can also bring more deals.



Number two is I have agent leverage when I have a seller. Because you have a seller, i.e. a listing. You now have agent leverage. And what that means is, and this is the way I looked at it.

When I was first started real estate, it occurred to me that when I had a listing every day, and especially on the weekends… And when I started real estate, I didn’t like working weekends. So, most weekends I didn’t work at all when I was a new agent. Once I started getting listings. And here’s the way I looked at it. Every time I take a listing, I just hired a thousand other agents to work for me seven days a week. Why? Because I’ve got a house for sale, that needs to be sold. And so buyers come to me, awesome. But all those agents that have buyers, they bring their buyers to me. They sell my listing for me. If they can beat me to it, they sell my listing for me. So I have what attracts business, what attracts the other buyers, and brings them out of the woodwork. And all those agents are out there working for me, working for my sellers to help bring their buyer to that listing. And then my job is to negotiate for my seller to get them the best terms and price once I’ve done an effective job of bringing all those buyers in.

Okay. When you have a buyer, nobody’s working to help you. Nobody’s trying to sell your buyer, right? You got to take them to the listing and you got to do all the work. All right? Agent leverage my friend. That’s why listings are awesome. Number two.



Number three is deal leverage. Every time I get a seller, I have a listing, I get deal leverage, which means this deal, this transaction, this listing can create more deals for me in more ways than with a buyer. Because number one, when I have a seller, I have a listing, sellers become buyers. So now I got them as a seller. Now once they sell, they’re going to buy. Now you say, “Well, what if I got a buyer and they’re going to buy a house and then sell?” Okay. Well, the way I look at it is they are a seller first because 90% of the time they’re going to sell their house before they buy it.

Now they’re in a position where they can buy and then sell, awesome. That’s great. I still look at that as being a seller. Because now you’re getting paid twice. You’re getting paid to help them sell a house and help them buy the house. So you get deal leverage that sellers become buyers, number one. Number two, you get deal leverage because sellers attract buyers. And some of those buyers are coming directly to you and you have the chance of double ending that sale. So, you can both have the listing side and the buyer side, so you can double the transactions.

And number three is you get deal leverage because home owners, know other home owners. I just want to give you this perspective, and especially if you’re a new agent. And especially if you’re younger. Because I see a lot of new agents come in, especially a lot of younger ones.

Well, all their friends are like, “Okay. I’ve got my friends, all my sphere of influence. I’m going to get business from them.” And the problem is none of them own houses, they’re all renters. So what are we trying to do? We’re trying to get them to buy a house. And they are first time home buyers.

Now, first time home buyers are awesome. Nothing wrong with them. If you got them, you should work with them. But they don’t give you leverage and they tend to be harder. They tend to be slower. And now it’s harder for them to get qualified if their job is not secure. All the stuff that is happening in the middle of this crisis makes it more difficult to get a buyer to close. When I have a listing, buyers are going to come and the right buyer that can actually buy the house is going to show up if I positioned it right and priced it right in the market with that listing.

Okay. And other buyers who’ve never owned a house, first time home buyers, they tend to know other non-owners and so forth. So when I have a seller they tend to hang out with other… Homeowners tend to hang out with other homeowners.

So the point of all of this is that the biggest opportunity for you as a real estate agent is sellers. When you get sellers, you get lists, you get that… When you win the seller, you get the listing. You’ve got so many different ways that you can leverage that to get more business. You’ve got more security. You’ve got more flow. Because you know when you have a seller, I know it’s just a matter of time until I get a deal when I do the right stuff. So the biggest lead generation secret for 2020 and beyond, my friend, it’s not new, but it is more powerful now than ever before.

And that is sellers, sellers, sellers, sellers. Buyers, they’re harder to get them closed. But when you got a seller, the right buyer’s going to come along and you’re going to get the deal. So even if you’ve been spending more time with buyers than you want to, what I’m saying is focus your lead generation effort, your lead generation resources, whether it’s time through prospecting, or money through marketing, whatever it is you’re doing, focus on getting sellers. When you get sellers, you get the listings, you get all the buyers you want absolutely for free.

Now what are you doing to lead generate with sellers right now? Post your comments down below. If you have questions, post those down below. If the video has been helpful for you to give it a thumbs up. Subscribe to the channel if you’re new here.

Go get some sellers. It’s the best way to take control of your business right now.

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