The Biggest Money-Making Video Strategy For Realtors


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The biggest money-making video strategy for realtors is called the Personal Video. 

Here are the 3 types of Personal Videos:

  1. Personal Introduction Video- a video that you would text message to somebody that you’ve just met or that you’ve just talked to on the phone (i.e. a new prospect, lead, or someone you just set an appointment with). The exact script is at the 3:02 mark in the video.
  2. Personal Appreciation Video- a video that you text someone you already know, after having a conversation with them. (Exact script at the 6:03 video timestamp)
  3. Personal Collaboration Video- a video you send to somebody that you are in a transaction with (i.e. If you’re the buyer’s agent, you send this to the listing agent on the other side of the transaction). (Exact script at the 7:35 video timestamp)

The key with these videos is… they make the recipient feel important, appreciated, and these videos help you stay top-of-mind with them.

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Full Transcript

My friend, if you’re a real estate agent and you want to make a lot of money, you need to learn to use video.

Hey, there, it’s your coach, Kevin Ward, the founder of US Masters Real Estate Success Training, helping you get more yeses and more successes in your business and in your life. And today I want to talk about video. I want to talk about real estate agents and the necessity that you must be using video.

But I got good news for you. For you to be able to use video effectively in a way that will make you a ton of money is super simple, it’s super fast, and is super powerful. And the good news is you don’t need something like this. You don’t need this camera. This camera’s thousands of dollars. The lens is over $1,000. You got a professional tripod. This is what a lot of real estate agents think, “I need this.” No, no, no, no. Here’s all you need. All you need is this. You need your smartphone.

Do you realize, if you have an iPhone 13 or you have something at that level, this camera is better than a camera that costs thousands and thousands of dollars 10 years ago? This camera’s better. That’s all you need. And in this video, I’m going to share with you one video money making strategy that is better than anything else. And you only need this. You don’t need this.

What is it? It is called Personal Video. That’s it. Personal videos. Personal videos are a video that you send from your phone to somebody else’s phone. It’s a video I send from my phone to your phone. How do I send it? By text message. Do I need a video app? Do I need an app of some sort? Nope. You don’t need an app. All you need is a phone that has a camera and text message. That’s it. And this is a video.

We’ve been doing this for… I’ve been doing this with my coaching members now for the last three years. And we have seen agents make hundreds of thousands of dollars that came directly from the power of video. Now, I’m going to share with you three personal video strategies in this video. If you like it, make sure you give it a thumbs up. Make sure you comment or ask any questions or make any comments you have of how to make this work for you.

So here are the three types of personal videos

1. Personal Introduction Video

Type number one is what we call a personal introduction video. And a personal introduction video is a video that you would text to somebody that you’ve just met or that you’ve just talked to on the phone. So this would be to a new prospect, to a new lead, to somebody that you just set an appointment with that you didn’t have a previous relationship with. So they’re really still getting to know you. They don’t know you that well. It may have been… If you were calling an Expired, you may have called them on the phone, they’ve never even seen you. They don’t know anything about you and you had the conversation with them.

Now, whether the conversation went great or it went terrible, at the end of that conversation and they’re like, “Why are you guys all calling me? I’m sick and tired of hearing from all you realtors. Call me back in a month.” As soon as I get off that call, what I am going to do is I am going to send them a personal intro video. And it’s going to be something very simple. I’m just going to send it from my phone. I’m going to turn on my camera, my video camera. I’m going to face it to me and I’m going to say, “Hey, Bill, it’s Kevin Ward, US Masters Real Realty. We just spoke on the phone and I know right now you’re frustrated because your house didn’t sell and you’re getting all these agents blowing up your phone. So I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know I understand. I get where you’re coming from. If you’d like some information about what are the next steps it would help you get more money for your house and get it sold, guaranteed, I’d be happy to talk to you about it. And anything I can do to help, let me know. I just want to shoot a quick video and introduce myself and I wish you a great day.” Boom. Done. Less than 30-second video.

If I meet somebody in an open house event, I send them a video, “Hey, thanks for coming to the open house event today. It’s great to meet you. If you’d like to arrange a private viewing or come see the house, please feel free to reach out to me. I’m also sending you a link here by text to the website that will give you all the information on the house, and the photos, and virtual tour, and all that as well. Again, it was great to meet you at the open house. Please come see me.”

Now, I can do that with prospects. I can do that with a lead that they said, “Well, we’re not ready to set an appointment. We’re not ready to list right now, but call us back in a couple of weeks.” Okay, cool. So I’m going to call them back and do lead follow up. But as soon as I get off the phone or as soon as I get done with my lead generation, my prospecting session, I’m going to send videos to all the people that I had conversations with during that prospecting session.

Now, here’s what you do when you do that.

Number one, you make yourself a human being. When you just talk to somebody on the phone or they meet you at an open house event, there’s this distance, there’s no nothing personal about it. If you’ve talked to somebody on the phone or you met somebody on the phone or you met somebody standing in line at Starbucks, you met them, even if it was a great interaction, you exchanged business cards or whatever, it was a great interaction, but after that, and they leave, they’re going to forget about you. They’re not going to remember your name. They’re going to lose your business card. They’re not going to ever talk to you again. And even if the call goes great and you call them back in a week, they’re not going to remember you because they’ve talked to 30 other realtors.

How do you make yourself unforgettable? A personal intro video. And I just send them a quick video, text it to them, and then I can text a quick message to it if I want and just say, “Hey, great to meet you. If I can help, let me know.” It’s super personal. It’s not me selling. There’s not a personal promotion video. It’s an introduction video, and I’m saying, “Hey, it was great to meet you. I understand you’re thinking about this or doing this or whatever.” I know about them, but I’m always talking about them and what they want, not about me. So that is a personal intro video. That’s video number one and it works with this.

2. Personal Appreciation Video

Video number two is a personal appreciation video. And a personal appreciation video, the difference with it is, it is with somebody you already know. So let’s say somebody in your personal circle, you have a conversation with them, it goes great, and they mention that their son just made the little league all-star team or they just won their division or somebody just got a promotion. After I get off the phone, had a great conversation, I can then, later that day, I’m going to shoot a personal video and say, “Hey, Andy, Kevin here. It was just so great to talk to you on the phone today and catch up. Hey, would you tell your son congratulations from me for making it on the all-star team? That is so awesome and I just want to wish him great luck with his season this year. I know he is going to kill it.” Boom. Now that’s a personal appreciation video, a personal affirmation video. Or it may just be like, “Hey, it was so great to catch up with you, Dan, and talk to you. Just want you to know anything I can do to help you, I’m here for you. Please feel free to reach out to me and let me know.” I’m just reaffirming the conversation.

And what happens is that you’re creating more top of mind awareness with people that you know and you’re moving that relationship forward. You’re making them like you, more credibility, more trust is going to come because these videos are just the extra touch that says you’re important to me. When they get a video from you, what you’re saying to them is, you matter enough to me that even after the phone call, I’m still thinking about you and I’m going to send you a video. The same thing with personal intro videos, with somebody comes to an open house, all of that, super important. So these are personal introduction videos, two personal appreciation videos with somebody you already know.

3. Personal Collaboration Video

And then the third type of video is what we call a personal collaboration video. And a personal collaboration video is with somebody that you are in a deal with in a transaction with. Now, I learned this from one of my coaching members, Jose Contreras, that he started doing this with listing agents when we were in this no inventory market and they were competing. You were with your buyers. You were competing on every offer. How do I get my buyer’s offers accepted when I know they’re going to be getting 17 other offers? How do I do that?

So what Jose started doing was he started sending a personal collaboration video to the listing agent. And I was literally… We were on a road trip to go run a Spartan race. And I’m literally watching him do this in the car while we’re driving. He’s literally like, “I’m sending over an offer. Hey, it’s Jose. Just showed your property at this. We’re sending over an offer. Just want you to know my buyer is highly qualified, loved the property. And I just want you to know I’m going to do everything I can to work with you, cooperate to make this work. Hopefully your sellers will like my buyer’s offer. If there’s anything they want to count on or anything, let me know. And again, I look forward to working with you on this deal.” And he shoots the video and then he sends it to the other agent.

Now, literally, on this same trip, he’s showing me the text messages of agents who are going like, “My seller wants to accept your buyer’s offer. It is the third best offer, but they liked your video and they feel good about the buyers, so they’re accepting that offer, even though it’ll not make them as much money because I told them that working with you, I’m sure the deal will close.” That deal, my friend, got accepted because of a personal collaboration video that was saying, you can use this with lenders, you can use this with home inspectors, with appraisers, with anything. And it’s just personal. It’s just a personal video that makes you look professional, it makes you look savvy, and it makes you really, really human, and it makes them feel important.

I’ve seen all kinds of agents out there trying to do all kinds of fancy stuff, doing live streams, social media videos, TikTok videos. Hey, if you’re good at that and you can do all the moves and all that, I love it. It’s awesome. I’m not against that. And if you want highly produced stuff, you got to have all the production equipment, thousands of dollars in lighting and all that kind of stuff. You don’t need that. This video strategy, these personal video strategies will make you money because it will get people who would otherwise forget about you remember you, and people that have other otherwise said no to you to say yes to you. I’ve seen it happen over, and over, and over again. If you’ll try it and do it, I promise you, it will work for you too.


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