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What is the best lead generation and marketing strategy in 2020 and beyond?
It is Your Word Of Mouth Marketing Team (WOMMT).

There will never be a better marketing strategy now and in years to come than having people you know referring you business. These are past clients and people in your Personal Circle (PC) who trust and remember you.

How do you tap into it? You ask for their help.

You train them to be your WOMMT by asking them to keep their eyes open for anybody who might need your help buying or selling a house.

Ask for video testimonials from past clients. Send them links to different platforms where they can also leave you a 5-star review.

There is nothing more powerful than third-party credibility from a testimonial because this is what the public believes and trusts.

This is almost like a passive lead generation strategy. As long as you maintain top-of-mind awareness with people, they will continue bringing you business…even while you sleep!

If you want to master the best marketing and lead generation strategies now and in the future, check out our brand new program called YesMasters Secrets. Learn more about it here

Full Transcript

This drives me absolutely crazy.

Hi there, it’s Kevin Ward, the founder of YesMasters Real Estate Success Training, helping you get more YES and more successes in your business and in your life, and I hate, I hate, I hate BS. It drives me crazy because I know it drives everybody else crazy. And I know that the public hates it. Your clients hate it. Your prospects hate it. When they smell BS, they want to run away. And yet we are in an industry that still continues to peddle it. And so in this video, I’m going to be talking about the best marketing strategy versus the BS marketing strategy. And it’s real simple. You just drop the E and drop the T, you got best becomes the BS and you don’t need it.

How you should NOT do marketing

But here’s what happened, and this is what instigated me doing this video on the best marketing strategy. In this video, I’m going to lay out for you, what is the best marketing strategy in 2020 and beyond. And I’m going to lay it out for you. It’s powerful. It is insane, but I want to talk to you what is not the best marketing strategy that a lot of agents are going to be attracted to if you’re getting this email and if I am getting it, I know others are getting it.

So here is the email. The subject line says, “Kevin Ward, Best of Hermosa Beach Awards.” Well, it just so happens that I still have an active real estate license in Hermosa Beach, California. I live in Redondo Beach, but that’s where my office has been.

And this is what the email says. “It is our pleasure to inform you that Kevin Ward has been selected as the winner of the 2020 Best of Hermosa Beach Awards in the category of real estate agents.” YES, I am the best of the best! Now wait a second. Aside from personal transactions, I have not sold a house in years. I coach, that’s all I do. I keep my license active, but I don’t actively sell houses. So I’m like, how in the world could I get this award as the best real estate agent in Hermosa Beach? Now that’s pretty cool. Right? And so it turns out the Hermosa Beach Award Program was created to honor and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of businesses and organizations in and around Hermosa Beach.

Our mission is to raise the profile of exemplary companies and entrepreneurs, thank you very much, thank you very much, and so forth. It is not a requirement, but it is your option to have us to send you one of the 2020 awards that have been designed to display in your place of business.

Now, it goes on to talk about, but we can’t tell you how you qualified. We do not disclose how we selected the best, but it’s just, it’s one of those secrets. So you click on it and you go to the website and it’s like, congratulations. You can get a press release about how you’re the best of the best, and you can claim your award. And voila! Wouldn’t you know it that they are now wanting to sell me a plaque that says, “Kevin Ward, real estate agents, Best of 2020 Hermosa Beach.”

And I can get a plaque for $149, or I can get the crystal award, which is really fancy looking and it’s gorgeous. And I can pick my own color and everything for $199, or I can get both for only $229 and save $120. And I can tell the world that I just won the Best of Hermosa Beach Award.
Can we say BS? My friend, this is disgusting. This is not cute. This is crap. Now let’s just say you got that email too. And I guarantee you, some of you watching this probably got this email. The company that does this is out of, I think they’re out of Houston, Texas. About us, I think they’re out of Houston, Texas, and they do all kinds of awards. It’s really a clever marketing thing is they just sell crap. They sell BS to agents who want to look good without doing the work of becoming the best.

That is crap. And it smells like crap. Now, here is the problem with it is if you buy into this, let’s say you got one of those emails and you bought into it. Guess what? Now you can put yourself out there and say, “Look at me, I just got recognized as the best.” The problem is you know you have something to hide now. You know that you did not earn it. You bought it. You bought a plaque. You bought a title from a company that doesn’t do crap. I mean, I guarantee you, they didn’t check anything about how good I am. They didn’t talk to a single past client of mine. Why? Because I don’t have a past client in years. They didn’t check my production because I haven’t had any production.

It just, it irritates the snot out of me. Now that’s the worst.

Here’s where the power comes

The power my friend comes from being real. You want power, here’s where power comes. Power comes when you have nothing to hide. And this is one of the things just to become great at what you do as a real estate agent is power comes from knowing what you’re doing and you don’t have to hide it and act like you got it when you don’t got it. But when you got it, you can act like you got it because you earned it. Not because you bought some BS thing that you can put on your website or you can put in your office or whatever that. So where is the best?

What is the best marketing strategy to become the best?

Here it is. It is your Word of Mouth Marketing Team.

There is it. My friend, I’m telling you what is the best marketing strategy in 2020, in 2021, in 2030, 2040, however long you want to sell real estate. There will never be a better marketing strategy than having other people that know you, trust you, and like you referring you.

Other people out there who will champion you, that my friend is the best marketing… It’s not THE only marketing strategy on the planet. There’s a lot of great marketing strategies, but there’s to this day never has been and never will be a better one than your Word of Mouth Marketing Team, which means past clients and people in your Personal Circle that know you and they trust you and they remember you.
It’s called top of mind awareness, TOMA, top of mind awareness.

How do you train people to be your Word of Mouth Marketing Team?

Now, how do you utilize it? How do you tap into it? You ask for it. You ask for their help. You ask them to keep their eyes and ears open of who do you know that’s looking to buy or sell. “Whenever you run across somebody, would you let me know? Would you call me?”

So, you train people to be your Word of Mouth Marketing Team.

The power of testimonials

You also ask for video testimonials from your past clients. You ask for them to give you five star reviews and when you send out an email asking for… you first ask them individually in person, “Hey, would you mind doing this for me to help me because you’re happy with the service I gave you? I want to be able to help other people. I don’t want people to be stuck with bad agents. So, would you be willing to put the word out? Would you be willing to give me a testimonial or a review?”

And they’ll say, “Absolutely.” “Great. I’m going to send you an email with links that you can go into some of the different platforms like Google, Facebook, Zillow, and whatever and you can just click on the link and you can type up the review.”

Okay? You make it simple for them. And then you ask them to do a video testimonial for you. And again, you make it simple for them. We train our coaching members exactly how to do that, the scripts and all of that.

We train you how to do that, but you can figure it out if you’re willing to do the work, but do it, start asking for it now. Even if you’ve been in real estate for, you’ve only done three or four deals if you’re fairly new, ask these people for their feedback, ask them to give you a testimonial, ask them to shoot a video testimonial for you or at least to give you a written testimonial and to give you five star reviews on whatever platforms you are building it on. That my friend, there is nothing more powerful than a good name. There is nothing more powerful than a strong reputation because it will go with you everywhere and the public believes it. They trust word of mouth.

They trust tested third-party credibility that comes from a video testimonial. That people actually believe and they trust. And again, it’s not the only type of marketing, but it is the best and it lasts forever. And it is essentially free as long as you continue to keep people thinking about you and remembering you and talking about you.

Marketing that works while you sleep

It’s almost like a cashflow business. If you buy a piece of real estate, a real investment, a property that you can rent out and they pay you rent every month, it’s cashflow, right? And we talk about creating financial freedom, you need to have passive cashflow. Well, this is almost like a passive lead generation strategy.

If I’m cold calling, that is I only have a chance of getting business as long as I’m pumping the pump, as long as I’m calling, if I’m doing cold marketing where I’m just marketing to a cold audience and putting it on billboards or newspapers or online lead generation or websites or social media, if I’m doing just cold traffic, it’s just, as long as I keep paying money, then I’m lead-generating. As long as I’m picking up the phone, I’m lead-generating. But the moment I stop paying or the moment I stop dialing, there’s nothing, crickets, over. But a word of mouth marketing team, whether you’re sleeping or whether you’re traveling or no matter what you’re doing, they will continue to bring you business.

It’s almost like cashflow. If you want to master the best lead generation strategy, it is this, a Word of Mouth Marketing Team.

Now, if you’re brand new, it takes time. This is something that you got to invest in. But look, if you’re going to be in real estate for a while, why not invest in building the best and most effective marketing strategy on the planet.

Now, if you want to master this, you want to learn a whole lot more, I want to just let you know that we’ve got a brand new program that’s going to be coming out that is the best of the best training I’ve ever done in an online program called YesMasters Secrets.

So just be watching for it, make sure you’re subscribed to my channel here and that you’ve got the notifications on because that’s going to be the best way to make sure you get that. As long as you get this early, YesMasters Secrets will absolutely help you master the best marketing and lead generation strategies on the planet in 2020 and beyond.

Thanks for watching this video. If it’s been helpful for you, give it a thumbs up. Any comments or questions you have, post them down below, and I will see you on the next video, always expect YES.

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