The Best Listing Presentation: Canned or Something Else?

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When I was a newer agent I remember being told that to be a top agent I needed to learn to use a “canned” listing presentation. I’ve always considered myself to be fairly coachable so I said, “OK…I’ll do a canned listing presentation.”

A canned listing presentation is basically a scripted presentation that you use verbatim every time. And that is a great idea. The worse alternative is to “wing it,” because it’s inconsistent, lets the seller often control the conversation in unproductive way, and doesn’t powerfully lead to a decision to hire you at the end.

So why do agents resist using a “canned” presentation? First, because they don’t learn it, practice it and prepare well enough to make a scripted presentation come across powerfully. And second, because just the thought of using something “canned” on people doesn’t sound or feel powerful or appealing.

And this is my message in this video. Words matter. I’ve been teaching this to agents all over North America that THE WORDS WE USE HAVE AN ENERGY IN THEM. In other words when you say a word, or think of a word, that word carries with it a feel…an emotional charge (or no charge).

So when I ask agents, how does the word “canned” make you feel. I get words like “flavorless,” “cheap,” “stale,” “generic,” and “BORING.” And that is not exactly conducive to having a powerful meeting with an important client (and they are all important).

And here is the big AHA! Do you realize that just changing the word, changes the energy. And when you change the energy, you change everything! Effective communicators and influencers understand the difference a word can make. It’s why dentists “extract” your tooth rather than “pull” it.

That’s why you want to ditch the canned stuff and start creating a powerful, inspiring CHOREOGRAPHED presentation. Great choreography, skillfully performed is inspiring and powerful. And it wins gold medals! And when you bring that level of skill and preparation into well-choreographed listing presentation (and yes, that means a scripted one), you can inspire the hire almost every time.


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