The 7 Domains: Is Real Estate Success Just About the Money?



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Did you get into real estate just for the money? Or is there more beyond real estate?

To be really successful in real estate, you have to be winning in all areas of your life because they’re all connected. When you fail or succeed in one part of your life, it affects everything else.

To give you a framework, here’s an overview of the 7 Domains of Life:

  1. FINANCE. Are you making enough money to secure your family’s future?
  2. FOCUS. What are you focused on? What is your major purpose in life?
  3. FEELINGS. Your emotions (whether it’s fear, uncertainty, or confidence) drive your actions.
  4. FITNESS. Watch your health because your body is the only vehicle that will help you achieve your goals.
  5. FAMILY & FRIENDS. How are your relationships with the people that matter most to you?
  6. FUN. Laugh, play, and do something you love so you can recharge & function well in the other domains.
  7. FAITH. This is not necessarily religious, but what do you believe? It’s your moral compass. It’s your values of what you believe about right and wrong and about power and about the universe, about God, about people. 

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Is it really just about the money? Is that the only reason you got into real estate or is there more?

Hey, there it’s Kevin Ward, the founder of YESMasters Real Estate Success Training, helping you get more yeses and more successes in your business and in your life. And today I’m going to talk to you about something that I don’t normally talk about on my YouTube videos. 

And that is what is it? What’s out there beyond real estate. I want to talk to you about life. I want to talk to you about having a life where you are winning in all areas of your life.

Over the last several years, I’ve developed what I call the 7 Domains. And this is a framework of not just making money in real estate, because I’ve done that, and I know what it’s like to be able to make money in real estate, to become a top producer, and then to burn it all down. And what I really wanted was just to win. I wanted to be winning in all areas of my life. And I’m like, “What is it?”

We talked about having work life balance. And I realized there’s no way to have work life balance because it’s all life. Because everything that you do at work bleeds over and affects what goes on in the rest of your life. And everything that’s going on in the other part of your life, does it not bleed over and affect your business?

If you have a blowout fight with your spouse at home, or one of your kids gets in trouble, or all of a sudden you find out that you’ve got something wrong with your body that’s going to put you in the hospital or have to have a major surgery. That, your life, does that not affect your business and vice versa? And the obvious answer is yes.

I’ve worked out this framework that I’ve been training for years on called the 7 Domains of Life that I want to just share with you on this video. 


The 7 Domains of Life

All of these are integrated. It’s not just work life balance. It’s all about integration because it’s all life.


The first part we’ll talk about here, I’m going to make this a little bigger, here is the domain of finance. Finance is basically your money domain. Got to make money, money’s a part of your life. Most important part of life? No, but it sure does help when you have plenty of it.


The second part is here in the center, and it’s what we call your focus. And your focus is what are you primarily focused on in your life these days? It is your primary focus, like your career. Napoleon Hill called it your definite major purpose. Some people call it your big why. 

And so for most of you, what you’re doing full time is you’re selling real estate. That means it’s your main focus in life. A new mother, her primary focus is going to be raising her baby, whether that becomes her focus as an entire raising time for her kids, or if it’s just part of it. Any point where this is my major focus in life for a long period of time, that becomes your focus.


Another domain up here at the top is what we call your feelings. And your feelings domain is your emotions. Nobody wants to talk about your emotions, but my friend, one of the most powerful things in your life that affects everything that you do every single day is your emotions. Whether your emotions that you’re walking into the real estate office, you’re walking into business and if your emotion that is driving you is fear or uncertainty or doubt or guilt, or if it’s confidence and joy, that matters.


This domain over here is what we call your fitness. Your fitness domain is your body. It’s how you take care of yourself. It’s the way you move your body. The way you keep your body healthy, the way you fuel your body, because this body is the vehicle, and it’s the only vehicle you will ever have to be able to achieve your goals and fulfill the dreams that you have in your life.


This domain over here is what we call your family and friends domain. This is your relationships. It’s the people in your life that matter the most to you.

And again, the thing about these domains is what happens in one domain affects all the other domains. 


Over here is the domain of fun. I know in this drawing, I made it a little bigger than the other ones, just the way it worked out. But it’s just having fun. That every one of us, every single one of us, needs times in our life we just need to have fun. We need to laugh. We need to play. It recharges our batteries so that we can function in all the other seven domains.


And here at the bottom, last but certainly not least, is your dimension or the domain of faith. And that is what you believe. This is not necessarily religious, but what do you believe? It’s your moral compass. It’s your values of what you believe about right and wrong and about power and about the universe, about God, about people. It’s what you believe in living in alignment with your beliefs and with your faith.

The Work-Life Balance Myth

Now, as you look at this and you just think about this whole picture of the seven domains of your life. What bothers me is when people talk about this idea of work-life balance is we have this idea that it’s work over here and it’s life over here and they hang in this balance. I need work over here and life over here, and I need to keep them balanced. 

The problem is that when something’s not going to work good in work it affects your life. And almost everything that matters outside of money for most people is over here in the life category and there’s no way to really balance it.

What I’m talking about with the seven domains is what we call life integration, that all of it affects everything else.

Now, when things are not going well in your financial domain, it affects your feelings. It affects your fun. It affects your marriage. It affects your relationships. When you’re not living in a way that’s congruent with your faith and you do something that violates your own conscience, it affects your feelings and affects the way you show up. 

If your fitness is not great, if something happens to your health, it affects your ability to produce. If you have a fight with your spouse, show up at work, in your focus, and your finance, does it not affect the way you do it?


Living a 7-Dimensional Life

Here’s what I want you just to think about as you watch this. And as you ponder this whole concept of living what we call a seven dimensional life, of what would it look like for you to be winning in every single area of your life. To be living in a way that’s congruent with all seven domains that they all work together. And the cool thing is that what I can do in one domain, a lot of times actually is multifaceted because it fits in many domains.


I’ll just give you one example. I love playing golf. When I’m playing golf, I get several benefits from it. One, I get my fun. Two, I get my fitness, because it’s exercise for me. And because it makes me feel great. It’s a great way for me to relieve stress. I look at golf, I consider it to be my therapy. For me, one activity gives me fun, fitness, and feelings, and it feeds all that. And sometimes if I play with friends, then it’s actually one activity in four domains.


Now most of you that watch this are real estate agents. So if your focus is being a full-time real estate agent, what you are doing in your focus domain right here in your focus domain, what does it do? It feeds your finance domain. And if it’s a part of what you believe, you’re adding value to people and helping other people, it also can become a part of your faith domain. I feel great when I help people, so it does that and I have fun doing it.


Literally, when you are dialed in the things in life that you’re passionate about, the things that are what you might consider your calling or your big why, the one thing that you do sometimes, the more of your domains that it can affect at one time that it affects positively, the more powerful and the better it is. And when things are going well in one domain, then it affects all the other domains.


On the other hand, what happens to a lot of people is a lot of people live what I call a one dimensional life or a two dimensional life, which means they’ve got it going on in one or two domains, but that’s it. Somebody can be really crushing it in their business. 


They’re really crushing their focus and finance domains, like making money, making money, making money, but their family’s falling apart. Their kids don’t like them. They’re missing all their kids’ soccer games. Their spouse is mad at them all the time. The stress to the hilt, their fitness is beginning to deteriorate because they’re working so often, they’re eating fast food. It all matters. Everything affects everything else.


My question is what would winning in all areas of your life look like for you? And what if every day or every week you just took some time to sit down and look at all the different areas of your life and go like, “Okay, am I winning in my fitness domain? And what changes could I make right now that would help me win here so that I can win more in all the other seven domains? What about my fun domain? Am I actually taking the time to do something that recharges my batteries to just let me have fun? Am I taking care of my marriage? Am I taking care of my relationships with my family and my friends or is that falling apart and I’m so busy diverting into other things.”


Sometimes people get caught up in their fitness and they get really heavy in their fitness and they’re like, yeah. And other parts of their life just fall apart. Because what happens is if something isn’t working in one of the domains, we tend to want to just avoid it, ignore it, and bury ourselves in another area of our life. 


And all of that at the end just burns it to the ground. What matters is being able to integrate it all, to pay attention to your entire life, that I can create a life where I am winning in all areas of my life and so can you.


What do you see here that you have questions about? Post them in the comments. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this. If you like it, give the video a thumbs up. If you’re new here, subscribe to the channel. If you want great real estate training videos, they’re right here at YESMasters page. Play to win and always expect yes and win in all areas of your life.

If you want to learn how to not only take & sell more listings but also win in all 7 Domains of your life, then join me for my FREE live webclass called, How To Win In A Changing Market. Register for free HERE 

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