The 4 Best Tools for Lead Generation

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What is the best lead generation tool out there? Is it social media and the internet? Calling people? The best scripts (get your free copy of The Book of Yes here)? Using video? A good website?

None of those on their own makes you money. It’s how you leverage these media that generate leads.

Here are the 4 BEST tools for lead generation:

  • YOU. Have an attractive character or pleasing personality. It’s all about your presence, how you show up, and the way you communicate.
  • Audacious promise. Have a compelling message that differentiates you from other agents. Offer an irresistible guaranteed sale (e.g. I’ll sell your house in 60 days, or I’ll buy it) or a unique value proposition and back it up.
  • A-team. This is your Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Team. These are people you have a strong relationship with and believe so much in what you do, and are willing to help give you business. Maintain top-of-mind awareness with them, and they’ll keep giving you referrals.
  • An awesome track record. Success breeds success. If you’re new, build your track record by working on developing your attractive character, and deliver on your audacious promise.

We train on this in-depth at our live events. If you want to add thousands of dollars to your income, train with me at Agent Mastery Live 2020. Get your tickets here. You’ll become a master of these lead generation tools and learn how to make them work for you.

Do you have other ideas on the best lead generation tools? Let me know in the comments below.

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Four best tools in the world, in the industry, for lead generation today.

Okay. All right, perfect. Thanks a lot. Hi there. It’s Kevin Ward, the founder of YESMasters Real Estate Success Training And the creator of Agent Mastery Live, helping you get more YES’s and more successes in your business and in your life.

And I got a comment, a question that came, I think on a YouTube video. And the question was, “What is the best tool for lead generation?” And so today, my friend, I am going to share with you the best tool for lead generation. In fact, I’m going to do better than that. I’m going to share with you the four best tools in the world, in the industry for lead generation today. And I’m going to tell you, they’re not what you think. So right now, if you want to just put it in the comments, what do you think, without watching the rest of the video, what do you think is the most important tool, or the best tool for lead generation?

Now the first thing that came to my mind was your mouth. If you can talk to people and you can inspire people to want to meet with you and to talk to you. That is the most powerful tool. And it’s a great tool. Your mouth is a good tool. Okay. “Oh no, it’s the phone, baby. The best tool for lead generation is you’ll pick up the phone and talk to people.” Well, you can argue that, or not argue that, but that’s not the most important tool, or best tool for lead generation. Or maybe it’s the best tool for lead generation is a script. Maybe get a script and know… Try to use it. That’s the best tool for lead generation. And best scripts right here at The Book Of Yes, you can get them on, but that’s not the best tool for lead generation in and of itself.

Or maybe some people go like, “You know what, it’s the internet. The internet is the best tool for lead generation.” Now somebody else goes, “No, it’s video baby. The best tool today for lead generation is you need to be using video.” I love it. I think video is awesome. Not the most important tool and not the best tool for lead generation. And somebody else says, “No, it’s social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok.” I don’t know, but they’re like, “No, it’s social media.” I love social media. It’s awesome. A lot of stuff you can do with social media, it’s still not the best tool for lead generation. Okay, I know what it is. You need a website. Man, you got a good website, and I teach agents how to do what we call the Online Seller Vortex. It actually pulls them into a relationship with you, but it’s not a website.

You see, here’s the reason. None of those can make you money in and of themselves there. It’s how you leverage those media. It’s how you leverage those conduits to make you money to actually generate leads. So the four best tools in your lead generation tool box, my friend, are these.

Number one is you, and not just you, but what I call your attractive character. Your attractive character. What Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich called, “a pleasing personality.” Are you someone that people buy into? Are you someone that talks to people and they go, “I like that person. I feel like that person can help me.” So it starts with having an attractive character. It has to do with your presence, how you show up, how well you communicate. It has to do with how much confidence you have. It’s what kind of first impressions you give to people by the way you dress, by the way you look, by the way you carry yourself, by the way you talk. All of that creates the attractive character. Are you real? Are you excited about helping them? How you show up as an attractive character is far and away the number one best lead generation tool in your toolbox.

It’s also the best lead conversion tool in your toolbox, and that is you and how you show up and do you show up in a way that pulls people towards you, or pushes people away? Do you attract people, or do you repel people? And there are skills and there are strategies that you can use to develop that. Just by the way you dress, by the way you take care of yourself. If you don’t look great, and when I’m saying, look great, I’m not talking about how pretty you are, but I’m talking about do you look professional? Do you take care of your body? Do you take care of yourself so that when people show up and they go like, “That person takes care of themselves.” They automatically and instinctively believe that you can take care of their house, because you’re a person who takes care of stuff. And that matters, right? So number one is you, an attractive character.

Number two, the second most best tool for your lead generation toolbox is an audacious promise. An audacious promise. Look, it’s noisy out there, right? With over 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 depending on who you ask, 1.4 million real estate agents, I don’t know exact numbers in North America, there are so many agents in every market that it’s like you are a doormat in a warehouse full of doormats. Unless you do something, you’ve got to have a message and a process that is compelling, that make people go like, “That’s different.”

You see, it’s not just a matter of being better like, “Well I’m better and my marketing plans better and my company’s better.” And it’s just a fancier mouse trap. If you want to capture people, if you want leads coming to you, you must have an audacious promise that makes you irresistible, that makes you irresistible. Now there’s different ways you can do it. You can do it with being the cheapest. Okay? “I’ll do it for cheaper than anybody else.” You can be the flat fee broker, you can be a cut rate discount thing and there’s entire businesses built on that, okay? Being the cheapest out there. And you can go to the dollar store, the Dollar Tree, the 99 Cent Store, Walmart, whatever, nothing wrong with that, but you’ve got to decide, do you want to work cheap?

Okay, so you can be the cheapest. Now there’s no value in being the third cheapest, right? Why would you be a 50% discounter. If I’m looking for discount, I’m looking for cheap, why would I go to you and I can go find somebody else to do it for 500 bucks? You’re still wanting to charge a one and a half percent, or whatever it is, right? But you can be the cheapest. No value in being second cheapest, be the cheapest, or you can offer an astonishing guarantee. “I will have your home sold in 28 days for top dollar, guaranteed.” That would be a guaranteed sale. “I’ll sell your house in 60 days, or I’ll buy it.” That would be a guarantee. An audacious promise, hopefully that guarantees results. And in my advanced coaching, I train agents on all these types of different guaranteed sales, or a Wow! value proposition.

So I work with a company that I partnered with called the 72 Hour Home Selling System. Okay? You can learn about it. At 72 webinar. And it basically says, “We will sell your home in 72 hours for thousands more than with a traditional real estate agent.” That my friend is an audacious promise. It is a wow value proposition that makes somebody go, “What? You’re going to sell my house in one 3-day weekend, in 72 hours, for more than another agent can and that takes six months? You can do it in one weekend. You got to be kidding me. That sounds too good to be true.” That audacious promise though is what gets their attention. Now you got to have something to back it up, or you’re full of crap. You’re just selling BS. But when you can back it up, an audacious promise grabs people’s attention and you’ve got an audacious promise now attached to your attractive character and you’ve got to have the best tools for your lead generation toolbox.

Now, the best tool number three for lead generation is an awesome, amazing A team. And what is an A team? An A team is what we also call a word of mouth marketing team. Some people call it a sphere of influence. It’s basically your word of mouth marketing team. It’s who do you know that is looking for business for you. So you can say, “Well I have a sphere of influence. I have a database”. Well, it’s not a database and it’s not a sphere of influence. That’s people that you have an influence with.

I’m talking about the ones that you have such a strong relationship with that believe so much in you and what you do that they’re the one always looking and their eyes and ears are open and looking for somebody else that you can help. And going like, “Ah, I just ran into somebody at work there. They are getting ready to move. They’re getting transferred.” Or, “Their kid just graduated and they’re selling their house and I told them that I was going to give their number to you to call them. They’re expecting you to call.” That my friend is a word of mouth marketing team that is an A team. That is somebody that they’re out there and they’re just aware of when they hear a real estate conversation, when their neighbors moving, they don’t go, “I’m sure they’ve got a realtor.” They go, “You need to talk to my realtor.” And they’re bringing you business.

The most powerful marketing on the planet is what? Word of mouth. And when you’ve got people that you have a relationship with, they know what you do, they believe that you do it well, they believe are the best, they trust you and they know that you want their help to connect you with people that they know that are needing a great agent to help them sell and buy and invest in real estate. When that happens, my friends, deals will come to you over and over again, as long as you maintain that relationship.

What we call TOMA, top of mind awareness and help them do that. An A team, my friend, you’ve got to build it. But once you built it, there is nothing more powerful than having somebody else bring in business to you. And they also could bridge that gap of trust. Because they know you, like you, and trust you. So they give you credibility to the person that they’re referring to you. So you don’t have to overcome skepticism. It’s insanely powerful. So the third best tool for lead generation and your toolbox today is an A team.

If you don’t have one, you got to build an A team. You got to build one. I’m telling you. Every time you do a deal, you want that client. When you get a new client, you want to let them know upfront, “My goal is not just to sell your house. My goal is to do such a fabulous job for you that for the rest of your life, one, I’m your agent for life. And two that everybody else that you know that you ever hear about looking at buying or selling, you want to refer them to me because you know I’ll take care of them as well and I’ll make you look good by referring them to me. Is that okay if knowing going in that I want to do that good of a job for you?” What are they going to say? “Of course.” So I’m winning and building that A team every single day.

Then number four, fourth tool in your lead generation tool box is an awesome track record. Just having a track record. It’s just having that track record of market presence, market control. It’s the old saying, “Success breeds success.” Now you can’t start with that day one. I know the question, some of you are watching this and you’re like, “Well what if I’m brand new?” Then you don’t have a track record. So you’ve got to count on number one an attractive character and number two, an audacious promise. Okay? I don’t know anybody where you can’t count on number three having an A team. You got to build it. Okay? If you look at yourself and you’re like, “I don’t know, I don’t feel like I really connect with people well.” Then you got to do some work on you and creating an attractive character, a pleasing personality.

If you don’t have an audacious promise, you’ve got to learn one. You got to get trained on one, you’ve got to find one. Okay? This is stuff that we train on in-depth and taking people from wherever they are to adding hundreds of thousands of dollars to their income year, after year, after year. And our events like Agent Mastery Live. You can go to to find out more about that and come join us and come train with me for three days and it will change your life and it will help you master, help you master and fill your toolbox with the best, most powerful lead generation tools on the planet and how to make them work for you.

I’m just curious if you’ve got other ideas of things you think are the best tools for lead generation today, I’d love for your comments. Post them down below. If you’ve got questions, post them, give the video a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done this yet. Most important. Play to win and always expect YES.

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