Should I Pay for Coaching?

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Why should I pay for coaching when everything is free on YouTube?
First, if mediocre results is what you’re looking for, the free stuff is good.

If GREATNESS/EPIC SUCCESS is what you want…here’s why free YouTube Videos are a mistake:

1. It’s too slow.
2. You have to sift through too much crap.
3. There’s no cohesiveness, strategic plan.

Bottom line, If you want to be mega successful you don’t have time to surf the Internet or sift through countless hours of videos searching for the nugget of gold.

YouTube is a great place to identify the right coach/mentor to listen to.
And you should run away anyone who pedals B.S. or promises that you can reach success by short-cuts.


If greatness is your commitment, if epic success is what you want, that’s when you hire a professional coach.

It’s a weird thing for a real estate coach to be talking about, should I pay for coaching? To ask it a different way, why should I pay for coaching? Why should I pay to have a coach when everything is on YouTube for free? I’ve had that question asked a couple of times, and I’ve even heard or seen people on it talking about it “Why would you pay for coaching?” Anything that you want, all the information, every answer, every situation, everything that you could possibly need, you can find it on YouTube for free.

The question that I am going to answer on today’s video is, why should I pay for coaching, when you can get all that stuff for free? First let me just say this, that if mediocre results are what you’re looking for, the free stuff is plenty fine. It’s all you need, you don’t need to pay for a coach. When should I pay for coaching? If greatness is your commitment, if epic success is what you want, that’s when you hire a professional coach that’s actually going to cost you an investment and many times, a sizable investment.

Why? Why not just sift through it all? It’s all there. I can get it for free on YouTube. Why would I hire a coach? Even if I want epic success, why would I hire a coach? Here’s four reasons that if you want epic success, if you want greatness, if your true commitment is to be the best at what you do, here are four reasons that the best and those committed to greatness hire a coach and would never think about going and trying to find all the answers on YouTube.


Number one, it takes too much time. It’s too slow. It’s too slow because you’re going to have to watch hours and countless hours and video after video after video. You know and I know that a lot of the videos out there, the information in them, the content in it is not good. There’s too much fluff, there’s too much crap, there’s too much BS, and so number one, it’s too slow. If greatness is your goal, you want to spend your time in implementation, not in trying to find the answer by looking for a needle in a haystack.

Number two is, which is connected to it’s too slow, is there’s too much crap. Right? You know it. If you’re watching this video right now and if you’ve been following my videos or watching me on my YouTube videos here on YouTube, you know that you probably have watched a lot of other videos from other people that are self-styled real estate experts or coaches or whatever.Some of them are great, and some of them suck, right? You have to sift through all that. You got to sift through the haystack to find the needle.

Then third, it’s too just disjointed. If you’re looking to build a massively successful real estate business, if you’re wanting massive success, the problem is I go to YouTube and I can just find, “Okay, so how do I handle this objection?” You can search, and you can find some objection handlers for that particular objection or “How do I do an open house?” You can find a lot of cool stuff on open houses, but it’s all you’re hearing so many different drummers, so many different tunes.

None of it helps you build a massively successful business where the strategies are all congruent. It’s almost like you remember, and I remember them from when I was a kid, every holiday, every Christmas, mom would bring out this big box, not a big box, but a box this big. It would be a puzzle, and she would set out the card table, and she would dump this, all the puzzle pieces. There’d be like 1,000 or 1,500 puzzle pieces, and it would take us hours and hours and hours to put the puzzle together. We’d finally do it, and when you had the puzzle together, then you had the whole picture.

Well, it’s kind of that way if you’re going on YouTube to try to find all the answers for free to learn how to be a great real estate agent. You’re just going to have to try to find all these puzzle pieces, and I’m going to take this objection handler here and this prospect and this script here and this lead follow-up script here and this strategy here and this open house event strategy and this listing presentation strategy and this marketing strategy. I’m going to try to put them all together, and I’m going to have all these pieces that they don’t really fit together. You waste too much time.

You do one thing, and it’s incongruent with the other thing, and you get lost. There’s a better way.

Then the fourth reason why you should pay for coaching when everything’s free on YouTube is when you get it for free, and this is just a principle of life, it’s too easy to do nothing. It is the skin in the game principle. When you invest in something, you value it more. One of the most crazy things that we did was we took one of our coaching programs and we increased the price by two-and-a-half times. That’s it. We just increased the price by two-and-a-half times.

It went from $2,000 to $5,000 for a coaching program. That was the main change we made was we made it two-and-a-half times more expensive. Here’s what happened. The agents that did it started getting better results. We started seeing bigger increases in their income. Why? The higher level of investment, higher level of commitment. That’s another reason. Here’s the deal: if you want massive success, success comes from implementation and decisive action. If you want to grow your business fast, if you want massive success, you want to invest all of your time and all of your energy and all of your resources possible in implementation, not in searching for an answer. Right?

John Maxwell wrote a book years ago on time management, and he said, “The number one waste of time in the average American’s life, the number one time waster is searching for something you can’t find.” He was talking about you lose your keys, or you can’t find your cellphone, or you misplace something. He says, “We spend more time, ’cause we’re disorganized, trying to find something,” but it’s the same way in coaching. If you want to get massive success, I want to get to the ability to implement a deliberate strategy and system as fast as possible. Whenever I hire a coach that can help put me in the place where I get the entire framework and the system and it’s all synthesized, it’s all put together, it’s all cohesive, boom, I can take it, learn it, implement. Right?

You don’t have time. If you want to be massively successful, I promise you that the most successful people in the world in any area, whether it’s business or sports or performing arts or anything, the most successful people in the world did not become successful by surfing the internet and sifting through countless hours of videos searching for the nugget of gold. It just doesn’t work that way. Now, look, I’m totally cool. I have hundreds and hundreds, I’ve actually got over 1,000 videos on YouTube free. You can search for them and all of it. I give you the good stuff. I don’t hold out.

I don’t give you everything just because there’s too much of it that requires a framework and a foundation to be able to execute at the highest level, but you can find it all here. If you want fast success, hire a coach. Now, here’s what is great for YouTube and this framework, and that is it’s a great place to identify the right fit, the right coach, the right mentor to listen to. You can do that by surfing on YouTube. Like, “Oh, you’re a coach here, and you’re trying to tell us how our coach is. That doesn’t make sense.” Well, here’s the deal: I hire the best coaches. I’m not just telling you what I think you should do to hire me.

I’m telling you what I do in my own business and my own life, and that is that we hire the best coaches in our business, for me personally, for our team. We hire business consultants, and we pay big bucks to do that. Why? I could find it all on YouTube. I don’t have time. Right? Here’s what I have used YouTube for, and that is it’s been a great place to identify the best coach or mentor for us to hire. When you’re watching me on YouTube, it lets you listen, so you can watch people. You can say, “Do I like them? Do I resonate with them? Do they have the fruit on the tree? Do they have a track record of success?

Do they care? How good is there content? What kind of results have they delivered, and what kind of results have they helped other people deliver?” All of that you can find on YouTube, but then once you do that, boom, now you make the commitment. If you want great success, hire a coach. Now let me tell you one last thing that I’m thinking of, and that is here’s what you should always run away from. If you’re looking like, I’m watching YouTube, and you’re looking like, “Should I hire? Is this guy good? Is he not good? Is this gal good? Is she not good?” There are two things that I look at that would make me immediately run away from anybody.

That they want to train you to be great at something, here’s two things you want to run away from. Number one, if they ever teach you anything that’s just BS, if it’s just crap, and they try to get you to use BS strategies or anything like that. Why would I ever put myself in a position wanting to become great at being dishonest or deceptive or bait and switch or whatever? Number one, if you see any training that somebody is giving you that is BS, run for the hills as fast as you can.

The other thing that you want to be terrified of is somebody who tries to tell you they have a shortcut. I promise you, there is more of that out there, “I’ve got the tips, I’ve got the shortcuts. This is the shortcut to success.” My friend, when you study greatness, when you study people who are the best that give the best results, there are no shortcuts, not when you want to become the best. Now if you’re just looking for mediocrity, if you’re looking for a little success, then you can look for the shortcuts and the tips. I don’t want the tip of success. I want the whole thing, and there is no shortcut to acquiring and mastering the whole thing. Why should you hire a coach? Why should you pay for coaching? Because you want to be the best. That, my friends, is how you get there.

If you like the video, if it kind of makes sense to you, I would like to see your thoughts. Give it a thumbs up. If you don’t like it and you’re offended and you’re like, “Yeah, you’re just self-promoting,” give me a thumbs down. I’m totally cool with that ’cause people will understand. If you got comments, questions, feedback, post it down below. If you like it, subscribe to the channel. I’m going to put a link here below where you can find out more about my coaching. If it’s a fit and you like me, and you feel like I resonate with you, and you really think I can help you, then you can click on that link in the description and find out more about ways we can work together.

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