How to Sell Every Listing

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The process of selling every listing is simple, but not necessarily easy.

The four steps to sell every listing are:

  1. Price it right.
  2. Make it easy to show.
  3. Make it show great.
  4. Put it on the MLS with great pictures.

So what is the obvious challenge?  How do you get the seller to price it right?  That is the greatest challenge for listing agents.  The solution is leadership skill.  It is your ability to lead a seller to make the right decision to help them get the best result.  That is THE SKILL that makes it possible to sell every listing.  You know how to sell every listing, but most agents don’t know how to lead sellers to price it right.  Master that skill and you win the listing game.

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If the price is right, a house is gonna sell.

Hi there. It’s Kevin Ward, the founder of Yes Masters Real Estate Success Training, helping you get more yeses and more successes in your business and in your life. In this video, I’m gonna share with you something that I have really, up to this point, only taught to my coaching members and to people that actually attend my live events. But I get this question because I talk about this.

When I have these conversations with people, they freak out. That is, “How do you sell every single listing that you take?” Now, from the time that I started real estate, I believed that listings was how you dominate the market. Listings was how you own your business and it’s how you control your life. It’s what allows you to both make a lot of money and have a life in real estate than it is about focusing on listings. But one of the things that I have never heard, or one of the things that I have never been taught, and that is that you should sell every single listing that you take.

In fact, the industry standard and what I’ve heard all my life you’re gonna take 70%, 75%, 65%, maybe 80% of your listings. That’s pretty much the standard across the board. When they talk about planning your numbers, business planning, that you should count on selling only 65%, 70%, 75% of your listings and the rest aren’t gonna sell for whatever reason.

I met a real estate agent in Houston, Texas, years ago that completely changed that belief for me because I was talking to her at an event and I was asking her how her year was going. We were talking about our businesses. She told me that she was not really happy with the amount of business she had. I said, “How many sales have you had this year?” She said, “I’ve had 22.” I said, “How many listings have you taken?” She said, “22.” Tell me about that. She just basically said, “I’ve taken 22 listings, I’ve sold all of them.”

I said, “Wow, really? How do you do that?” She said, “I just make sure that they do the right stuff so it will sell. If they don’t price it right, I won’t take the listing. Not only did my clients all love me, but I now love real estate because I only take listings that I know that I can sell.” Her average days on the market, if I remember, were seven days on all of those listings. I just thought of it. “What if I decided that I was just gonna sell every listing I took?” I made that decision. I made that commitment and after that, I literally started selling every single listing that I took.

I wanted to show it to you in this video how to do that. I was being interviewed recently by a top-producing mega-successful real estate guru that is really a great guy and really awesome. When I started telling him that I have most of my inner circle members, my highest-level coaching members, sell every listing they take, it’s like they couldn’t quite wrap their head around the fact that you can actually do that. I asked the question, “Think about it. Is it really that hard to sell a house?” Is it really that hard to sell a house?

It’s not really that hard. If the seller would do what you recommend, if the seller would do what you say, could you sell every listing you take? The answer is yeah. Why not do that? You’re great at what you do. If you’re an expert, if you’re the best at what you do, why not do it? I’m gonna tell you how to sell every single listing, knowing that some of you are watching this right now, you’re already making a case for why this is not possible. Drop the case. Right now, I just want you to think and I want you to open your mind to the possibility of, “What if I could sell every single listing I take?”

Literally the power of being able to position yourself in the market, position yourself with prospect and with leads and with sellers, that you sell every listing that you take. Here’s the simple steps, step by step, how do you sell every single listing that you take? Now, you probably know most of the answers to these.

Number one is you price it right. Look, you and I both know if the price is right, it will sell. It just does it. If the price is right, a house is gonna sell. Number two is you wanna make it show great. You wanna make sure the house shows great. Now, what does that mean? It’s gotta look good. Now, an ugly house will sell, but it’s gonna sell for less. Not only do you wanna sell every listing, you wanna sell every listing for top dollar, right? Now, under certain circumstances, distressed sells, fixers, I get it, totally different conversation. But if a seller wants to sell their house fast and for the most money, this is how you do it.

Number one, you make sure you price it right. Price it where it will actually sell. Number two, you make sure it shows great. When it shows great, people come in and they fall in love with the house. They’re used to seeing houses cause every buyer spends their days and weeks, especially the gals, they spend their time on Pinterest and watching HGTV and they’re looking at these perfect kitchens, these perfect bathrooms, these perfect bedrooms. They’re looking at these great curb appeal. It matters to them. You want it to show great.

Number three is you want it to show easy. Now, what does that mean? You want it to be easy to show. If a house is too hard to show, if it’s a pain in the neck to show, buyers will simply skip it. Or if when they walk in and it’s a pain in the neck to get into the house, like a security alarm goes off or something like that, there’s a dog barking in the house, if it’s hard to show, buyers will skip it. Even in a seller’s market, they’re just going like, “You know what? If they don’t wanna sell that house that bad, I don’t wanna mess with it. If they’re making me wait for three days to get in there or if it’s just two-hour showing window, the house can only be shown on odd numbers of the month, Tuesdays and Thursdays between 2:00 and 4:15 p.m..”

You make it easy to show ’cause you want all the buyers in there fast. Then the fourth thing is you want great pics, great pictures, on the MLS. That’s what’s gonna get syndicated, then, out there to all the other websites and all the other portals so that people, when they’re looking for houses and they put in their criteria and your listing pops up, what they see is a good enough impression that they wanna come see the house.

You don’t sell the house on the MLS. You don’t sell the house with the pictures. But you at least wanna make the pictures great enough that they wanna actually go see the real thing. That’s when they make the decision whether or not to buy a house, is when they go see the actual real thing. All I’ve gotta do is have great enough pictures on the MLS that people want to go and see it.

Now, if you do that right there and you’ve done that and you put your listing on the market with all four of those in place and the next day you got hit by a truck, would the house sell? The answer is absolutely it would sell. It doesn’t matter. All the other fancy stuff that we do, the fancy marketing stuff, does not do anything that this doesn’t already do to deliver the results. Now, you may be saying to yourself, “Well, Kevin, of course! Everybody knows that. But that’s a lot easier said than done.”

Aha! It’s definitely easier said than done and that is why in almost every market in the United States, 65% to 75% of the houses that are put on the market are put on the market where they will not sell, which means that when the house is put on the market, it is not gonna sell until something here has changed, typically until it has one or more price reductions. Even in the hottest markets, even in Los Angeles, last quarter of last year, over 65% of the houses that were put on the market were put on the market in a way that they would not sell, which meant that they required one or more price reduction just to get an offer accepted so that the property would actually sell.

When you do this, they sell. Now, again, easier said than done. How do you do that? Here’s how you do it. How do you get all this to happen is learn how to lead your seller to a better decision. The reason the listings don’t sell is because the seller, you know what to do to get a house to sell. What happens is you don’t know how to get the seller to agree with you. You don’t know how to get the seller to agree to price it right, to make it show great, to make it show easy, ’cause they wanna keep their 17 cats in the house while you’re showing it. They wanna only show it within a 15-minute time frame and only on certain times of the day and all that stuff.

All of that makes a house harder to sell. When you get it right, you get all this right, it’s gonna sell. The key, the real magic, is the skill to lead sellers to a decision to price it right, do what it takes to make it show great, do what it takes to make it easy to show, and then your job is to make sure you get great pictures of that and put it on the MLS. My friend, it’s really that simple.

Now, if you liked the video, give it a thumbs up. If you wanna argue with me, if you have a rebuttal, please post it down below. I wanna engage on this because this is something that I’m not teaching theory, I’m teaching something that I’ve done for years and that many, many, many of my coaching members and the people that I’m training are doing this and literally selling every single listing they’re taking. They’re making over a quarter of a million, over half a million, and in some cases over $750,000, are doing this with every single listing that they take, and it works.

Let me know what you think. Post your comments and questions below. Give the video a thumbs up if you like it. When you do this, you can always expect yes.

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