The Secret to Sales and Marketing Success

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People are sick and tired of traditional sales closes, of traditional sales gimmicks, marketing gimmicks. People are sick and tired of it. When they believe that you are genuinely interested in them. When they believe that you definitely care about them and when you learn how to do what you do better than anyone else, people will follow you. When they believe that you care about them and when they believe that you are great at what you do, they’ll follow you. This idea of, all the sales gimmicks, all the marketing things. This idea of you’ve got to be unique. You’ve got to be different. You’ve got to differentiate yourself. The way you differentiate yourself is by being really interested in them and by being great at what you do. Being great at delivering them. If you’ve got those two things, people are going to follow you.

That’s not something that’s like, “Well, this is the 21st century and technology.” Technology is a great tool, but technology does not change the way people make decisions. Technology does not change what people believe or what people trust. They trust someone that they believe is on their side and that they feel confident and knows what they’re doing. If you don’t know what you’re doing and you don’t care about it, you’re just in it for yourself, people can tell that. When they feel that, they’re not going to trust you. It doesn’t matter how fancy your stuff is or how good the marketing gimmick was that got their attention, is that you can grab people’s attention with BS. You can grab people’s attention with all kinds of stuff, like what happened to me last week. We got contacted by this television show to be interviewed by a celebrity and all that. Then to find out that’s a sales pitch.

Now they’re jaded. They look for that. They think that’s what’s coming. You’ve got to break through that resistance. You’ve got to break through that wall of skepticism. The way you do it is by really being interested in caring about people, which also comes from the reputation that you will build over time doing that. Because then you’ll have other people saying it about you. That you’re the real deal. And it comes from being great at what you do.

That’s one of the biggest frustrations to me in real estate training, is people are looking for, in any sales training. People are looking for the fast trick. What’s the secret strategy that will get people to hire me? The secret strategy is be better than everybody else. What was Michael Jordan’s secret? He was better. He kicked everybody else’s ass. That’s Tom Brady’s secret. Michael Phelps’ secret was that he trained for 500 days in a row, every single day, and did not miss a single day in the water. Why? Because he said, “For me, it started out as a dream. I wanted to be the greatest of all time.” Most people, they’re not interested in greatness. They’re interested in success, the fast path. What is the fast track to success? There is no fast track to real, enduring success. It’s greatness. It’s mastery. Everybody’s looking for shortcuts.

Technology is not going to ever shortcut you or people to master your success. Not going to happen. Doesn’t happen. You’ve got to be able to do the work. Put it in there.

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