Real Estate Scripts Aren’t Enough

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If you know what to say in a conversation with a motivated buyer or seller, the chances of getting a “Yes” and inspiring the hire improve dramatically. But if you don’t know HOW to say it the Real Estate Scripts won’t work.

What does it take to get Yes and win in real estate?

Skills. No matter how great your Real Estate Scripts are, without skills, you won’t succeed.

So, how do you get skills? PRACTICE….practicing real estate scripts by roleplaying and training with skilled people over and over again.

Get The Book Of Yes scripts here, join the YesMasters Facebook community, and post that you’re looking for skilled role play partners (Type #roleplay in the post).

Confidence. You gain confidence by getting skills and experience. When you show your leads and clients that you believe in yourself, it tells them that you’re good and gives them confidence in you.

Consistency. Take action. No matter how confident or skilled you are, if you don’t take action and talk to people, you won’t get any business. Be consistent with prospecting, lead generation, lead follow up, and building relationships.

The Book of Yes is a roadmap, not a shortcut. You have to put in the work. Increase your skills, confidence, and consistency of action, then you’ll get a lot of business and win.

Remember to get your copy of “The Book of YES” at and join our YESmasters Facebook Community to find great role play partners.

Full Transcript

The illusion is, the perfect Real Estate Script will solve all my prospecting woes.  I will tell you that the perfect script will help, but there’s still more.

I want to thank all of you who have gotten copies of this because you’ve kept it as a number one bestseller- a bestseller on Amazon now for over two and a half years. We’ve actually sold now I think, I don’t know how many books, but we’re moving up close to 50,000 copies of The Book of YES that are in real estate agents’ hands today.

I’m going to tell you this if you know what to say in a conversation with a motivated buyer or seller, your chances of getting a YES and inspiring the hire improve dramatically.

But I also got to say, that just knowing what to say is not enough, if you don’t know how to say it, and if you don’t say it enough. Here’s the illusion that a lot of real estate agents have, and I want to just make sure that you don’t have it.

You can go to, and you can get a free copy of The Book of YES.  You just cover the shipping, and we’ll send you a free copy of the book. It takes a little bit of time for it to get there. It takes, I think, a week to 10 days, so don’t panic, don’t freak out. Don’t think,

“It’s a scam. I didn’t get my book the next day.”  But you can pay three times as much as the shipping if you get it on Amazon, and you can get it in a day or two.

Here’s what I want you to understand about getting The Book of YES: It’s not a magic potion that I got the book, pop the lid off, drink it in and I was like, “I’m all of a sudden a magic real estate agent that gets 20 listings a day.”

It doesn’t work that way. The illusion is that the perfect Real Estate Scripts will solve all of my prospecting woes.   I will tell you that the perfect script will help- but there’s still more. You know there’s still more.

Whether you like it or don’t like it, having great scripts helps you. But it takes a lot more to have massive success in real estate and your conversations. So just what does it take to get yes without the BS, and to inspire the hire more frequently?

I want to just share with you, there’s really simply three main things that it takes to win the game of real estate with the right scripts. Number one is skills. You got to have skills. It’s almost like having a basketball. I don’t care how great the basketball is. I don’t care how great your basketball shoes are.

If you don’t have skills, you’re going to suck at the game of basketball, right? It helps to have a great basketball and great shoes. It helps to be on a good team. But if you don’t have skills, you’re not going to succeed in basketball. It’s the same with real estate. You got to have the skills in the game of real estate to succeed. So, the skills are knowing how to say this.  How do you get skills?

Practice training, rehearsal, role play.  And I’m not just talking about any practice. It’s got to be quality practice. It’s got to be intentional practice. If you’re role-playing, you need to be role-playing with great people.

Now, I’ll tell you, if you are committed, if you’re serious about this, I’m going to give you just some real quick steps that will help you dramatically improve your skills as a real estate agent, and your skills of what to say and how to say it.

Number one, get a copy of The Book of YES.

Number two, get in our Facebook group the YESMasters Real Estate Success community.  You’ll have to answer some questions, so don’t skip that, or we will not let you in, because we only allow real estate agents into the group where people who are getting their licenses are. We don’t allow vendors.

We don’t allow other people that are going to come in and spam you with all kinds of sales pitches and stuff like that. That doesn’t happen in our group. That group is purely for real estate agents, to help real estate agents.

Get in the YESMasters Real Estate Success community, and then post, “I’m looking for role play partners on East coast, West coast central time,” whatever it is, and then put hashtag role play (#roleplay), and you can find role play partners.

Now you can also go into the search bar once you’re in the group and just type in #roleplay, and you will see a whole bunch of posts that’ll pop up of other agents that have joined that are also looking for role play partners.

Now it’s better if you get somebody that’s actually skilled, that is actually one of our coaching members, or been to our events that have actually been successful.

That’s the best, but the key is getting started. I did a couple of videos recently on how to role play, how to find good roleplay partners, how to role play correctly to actually get good, and develop the skills. It’s so important that you just do it over, and over, repetition day after day.

I recommend that you train, or you practice Real Estate Scripts for an hour a day. Then if you’re brand new, I honestly recommend you do it 2 hours a day. Now that seems like a lot, and I get it. In the real estate industry, not one out of a hundred real estate agents practices two hours a day, and yet in any other a field where your skill and your performance matters like in sports, music, theater, performing arts, no serious player would ever think about practicing less than two hours a day, okay?

My wife was a piano player in college and growing up, she practiced. When she was in college, she would practice four to six hours a day. Competitive athletes will practice two, four, six, eight hours a day to work on their skills and develop their game, right? Well, real estate is your game.

Your ability to talk to people, and inspire people to hire you, and lead people to a decision- that is the game. Skills are where it’s at. You take great scripts and great skills, you put them together, you got a magic formula. The skills will lead to the second thing that you must have to be successful in real estate, and that is confidence.  That is, how do you show up?

You’ve got to believe in yourself. One of the greatest ways to get confidence is to get skills and to develop the skills. With the skills, then you get experience. With that, you gain confidence. Confidence is your ability to show up, and the presence that you have tells your prospects, leads, and prospective clients, “I know what I’m doing”.

If you believe that you’re good, then they’re going to believe that you’re good, because they get their belief about you from your belief about you. If you’re nervous, and you’re shaking, hyperventilating, stuttering, and you’re uncertain, they can feel that.  If you don’t feel confident, they don’t feel confident in you.

If you want massive success, it’s not just a matter of having the right ball.  It’s like, “Coach, give me the ball because when I get the ball, my team’s going to win.” That’s the confidence that goes with the skill. So, this is a cocktail that I’m giving you here: it’s a one, two, three cocktail.  Number one is skills, number two is confidence, and number three is consistency.

Consistent action, I don’t care how good you are, and I don’t care how confident you are.  If you don’t talk to people or aren’t consistently prospecting, you’re not going to get business, okay? You’re not going to get it.

You can be great, and you can believe you’re great, but if you’re not consistently prospecting, and if you’re not consistent in your lead follow up, if you’re not consistently out there pumping the bump, you’re not going to get any business.

So, what are you going to be consistent at? It’s the training and preparation. When you’re actually in the game, you’re consistently lead generating, doing lead follow-up, and converting those leads. As you’re building the relationships, you’re going to find people that are ready to move right now, and you’re going to find people that aren’t ready to move right now.

Well, if you’re consistent, then I’m consistently prospecting, I’m consistent in my lead follow-up. Look, if you’re prospecting, and you’re always prospecting, and you generate new leads, and you do that, but you’re not consistent with your lead follow up, then you’re going to have a lot of leads that are going to fall through the cracks, and they’re going to hire another agent because you didn’t have the consistency to follow up with them, and stay with them until they were ready to hire you.

There’s also going to be people you’re going to meet, and conversations you’re going to have with people who aren’t ready to sell or buy right now. So it’s consistency that will allow you to build a relationship with them over time.

So that when they are ready, they’ve already chosen you to be their go-to agent, because you built the relationship over time and because you were consistently in front of them, consistently maintaining top of mind awareness.

They see you in the game. It is sowing seed. If you’re going to be successful in real estate scripts, you’ve got to sow enough seed that a harvest is guaranteed. Now here’s the deal. When it comes to getting the Real Estate Scripts, and you get, let’s say you just got The Book of YES, I wish there was a shortcut.

One of the things that if you’ve been watching a bunch of my videos, or been following me for a while, one thing that you know for sure is I’m going to tell you the truth.

Here’s the truth. Number one, you can get yes without the BS. I hate BS, and I don’t sell it, and I don’t think you should sell it.  But I also am going, to be honest with you and tell you there are no shortcuts. I wish this was a shortcut.

This is not a shortcut. This is a roadmap to help you learn what to say. Here is training on how to learn how to say it, but you still got to do the work. You still got to put in the miles, you still got to put in the hours, you still got to make the dolls. You got to kiss enough frogs that you’re guaranteed to find a prince every once in a while.

That’s really what it’s about. Now when I say that, don’t go like, “Oh I just got to kiss enough frogs.”

“It just means it’s just a numbers game.” No, it’s not just a numbers game. It is a numbers game. Here’s the numbers game, consistency. You’ve got to talk to enough people to get a deal, right?

But it’s more than a numbers game because it’s a three-part cocktail of how to get business. That is skills, confidence, and consistency, or the consistency you could just call it action. So if I just take action, but I’ve got no skills and no confidence, it’s still just a numbers game, but my numbers are going to be a lot worse because I’ve got no skills, and I got no confidence.

So when you realize that Real Estate Scripts are not enough.  And you increase your skills, and you increase your confidence, and you increase the amount of action you’re taking, and the consistency with which you’re taking, guess what? Boom, you’re going to win. You’re going to get business, you’re going to make a lot of money.


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