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What you do now (regardless of the future of the market) will determine your success going into 2021…

If you want to have a great start in 2021, here are the FACTS you have to remember:

  1. In terms of your business, 2021 has already started because every lead you get now will pay you in 2021. The actions that you take now will determine your momentum going into the new year.
  2. December is the BEST time to get business because you have the most motivated leads and the least competition. Sellers (and buyers) are ready to buy/sell because they need to move now, and you get less competition because most agents aren’t working during the holidays.
  3. This is the perfect time to reconnect with your Personal Circle (your sphere of influence). You don’t have to ask them for business. Just reach out to them and wish them, “Happy Holidays”.

The future of the market is not as important as your future. Make 2021 great by taking action NOW.

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Everybody is trying to predict the future of the real estate market in 2021, and they are asking the wrong question and you’re trying to figure out the wrong thing.

Hi there it’s Kevin Ward. The founder of YesMasters Real Estate Success Training, helping you get more yeses and more successes in your business and in your life.

And as we come into 2021 in, this video, I’m going to talk about how to jump start your business for 2021 and how to make a ton of money, take more listings fast, now, before we even get to 2021. Because here is the real secret my friend. The best way to predict your future is to create it, right? You’ve heard that before. The best way to predict your future is to create it, and the best time to create your future is right now in the present moment. The only opportunity you ever have to achieve your dreams, to achieve your goals is in the exact present moment.

And I hear so many people, I see so many YouTube videos out there, people projecting what’s going to happen in the real estate market in 2021. And I’m probably going to do one. The housing market prediction for 2021, but let’s be honest. It’s a crapshoot. We have been in one of the longest housing market expansions appreciation runs in the history of America.

So at some point it comes down, and due to the pandemic, we thought, I thought it would come down sooner because of the lack of inventory, low interest rates, stimulus that started early on and just this sense of people that are still doing well. Because of low inventory, the housing market’s still doing well and homes are still selling.

You’ve got a lot of pent up problems that are coming because of people not paying rent, and all of that. But who knows what for sure is going to happen, or really who knows when it’s going to happen?

What’s going to happen?

I think I’m pretty sure what’s going to happen. In some way it’s going to collapse, but we don’t know when it’s going to happen. But this video is about what you can do right now, regardless of the future of the market. The future of the market is not as important as your future, because if you’re prepared for your future and you’re doing the right things, your future in the market is going to be great. While some agents are floundering and getting out of the business, you’re going to be able to prosper and move forward if you do the right thing.

So here’s what I want to talk about. How do you make 2021 in real estate a great start for you going into 2021? And here is the answer. Start right now. As I’m recording this it’s in December of 2020. 2021 has already started when it comes to real estate. Meaning that every new lead you generate right now, every new listing you take, every new buyer you find right now in December is probably not going to pay you until 2021.
So right now, 2021 has already started in terms of your paycheck. In terms of your business, 2021 has already started in December of 2020, and in some ways it started actually in November. Because the work you were doing for the last two or three months of the year, is really most of it’s going to pay you next year.

And so having this understanding is that if you want to have a great year in 2021, it’s too late to start. You got to be starting right now. So what could you do between now and the end of the year, that’s what’s going to determine the momentum that you will have coming into the new year.


December is the BEST time to get business

Now here’s one of the fantasies, one of the lies, the false beliefs a lot of agents have, and that is November, December people really aren’t moving. There’re not many people buying and selling and all that kind of stuff. And that my friend is not true. I was on a coaching call today, with our mastery coaching call. We have a brand new coaching member from Las Vegas that this week just took his first listing. This week in December, 2020, took his first listing in the middle of the pandemic, in the middle of the shutdown, in the middle of all of that. And he took his first listing with a for sale by owner.

That FSBO was mean, they didn’t want to talk to him. He was strong. He kept staying with the script, stayed with them. Finally got the appointment. They went out, he got the listing. They priced it right, money in the bank, okay? That is going to happen, okay? And I can tell you story after story, after story of my coaching members who were still out there working, they’re still taking listings and still making it happen.

So you got to understand that, number one, you want to have a great 2021? Start now, so you go into 2021 with momentum. But second is just in that… And Rafael’s story is just a testimony to the second fact, and that is that…


December is the time to get the most motivated leads with the least competition.

If you want to talk about a time to generate a lot of business, December is the best month where you have the most motivated leads. Why? Because if you got people that are ready to sell in December, it ain’t because they got nothing else going on. It ain’t because the weather is perfect. It’s because they need to move. Whether they’re buyers or sellers. So any lead generation that you do in November, December, bam, bam, bam. It’s awesome. That’s good stuff, because you’re going to find the best motivated buyers and sellers, and you get the least competition because there are fewer realtors working.

And this my friend is a fact. I always joke. I’ve been in real estate for over 20 years. And one of things I’ve always observed is what happens after Halloween about November the 1st, is the number of real estate agents actually showing up at the office, actually prospecting, actually showing up for team sales meetings and all that, even though we don’t really have those right now, but you get the point. Is the number of those who are actually showing up and doing anything just goes down, down, down, down and December, almost nobody’s working. They’ll service the deals and the clients that they have, but they’re really not out there pounding the pavement so to speak, to find new business. And I’m telling you for sale by owners, expireds. Right now there’s less competition for them. And the ones that are out there, they’re motivated.

I’m going to give you another example. Well, I’ll just tell you this. My best months as a real estate agent, when I was selling in my biggest years, my best months were almost always January and February. It wasn’t because I was working harder in January and February, and it wasn’t because I worked harder in November and December. It was just the simple fact that I didn’t stop working in November and December. I just was consistent. I continued to show up every day. I continue to role-play. I continue to do my lead generation, my prospecting and my lead follow up every day that I was working. I took the holidays off. When I wanted to take off, I took off. But when I was working, I was actually expecting people to say yes. I was expecting people to do business, and there was so little competition that I would take tons of listings. And in January and February, I had great months and started the new year off with an astonishing bang.

And people would go like, “Well, how’d you do it?” “Well, I just didn’t stop when you stopped.” Now, I’ll give you another example. And this is so, so powerful.

Steve Jenkins, one of my inner circle coaching members in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is killing it this year. His GCI is up over $140,000 this year over last year already. And he did not do hardly any work in the first half of the year. He was going through personal stuff and then the pandemic hit, and all that kind of stuff. And he’s done over two thirds of his production in the last five months of the year for the fourth year.

And here’s what I thought was cool, is I was talking to him on an inner circle call today. He was on our hot seat. He’s got four sales pending for December. Four deals that are closing this month. And he’s already got four deals in escrow that are closing in January. So he got four deals in December, four deals in January. These are in escrow pending that are going to close. Why? Because for the last three months, he’s continued to be working, working, working, working. November, he worked his tail off. And what’s happening in December? He shows up. January, he’s showing up. He’s got tons of business, he’s got active clients right now that he’s working with right now because he hasn’t stopped.

So just again, that’s the kind of thing I’m talking about, is if you’ll do the work now, you get paid 60, 90 days from now. So what you do right now is how you start 2021.

And another thing that happened for him I thought this story was great. He was talking about where his deals came from this year. And he said last December in a snowstorm, he had a new listing. He had scheduled an open house event. And so he always commits to his sellers. He’s going to knock doors and he’s going to invite two, couple of hundred people in the neighborhood. Go out and invite them to the open house event. Find out who may know somebody looking to move into the neighborhood. So he’d go out and do that. And that’s one of the scripts we teach in The Book of Yes.
And it was a terrible snowstorm, and he went for two days during the worst possible weather, and door knocked for two days. And in those two days, I’m like, you know what, three hours a day, went out and door knocked. And here’s what’s crazy. He said the reception he got from people was awesome because people were so impressed that he was out door knocking and they were going, “What are you doing? It’s terrible weather.” He said, “I know, but we got a house that I’m selling for the sellers, and I promised them I would be out knocking doors.”

And he said people were so impressed and they are, that this year of his deals, $140,000 increase in commission over last year, four of his transactions this year, four of his closings this year came from the people that he met in those two days of door knocking in a snowstorm. They came from last December. The work he did last December, paid him this year. So I’m telling you my friend, this is the best time to be out there and making things happen. And what you do right now is you’re sowing seed for 2021.


Reconnect with your Personal Circle

And then finally the third thing that’s really, really powerful about this time of year and why you should crush in December and work. If you’re working and there’s 15 days left in the year, then decide. I’m working 10 days this year. I got 10 days left or I’m working nine days or eight days or whatever the number is, just make those days super productive. And the last thing is, is the best time of the year to reconnect with all of the people that you know, with your personal circle. All your people, past clients, your sphere of influence. All the people that you have ever met and know.

If you haven’t been talking to them this year consistently like you should have been asking them for business, this is the perfect time to reach out to them and just say, “Hey, I was just thinking about you. I wanted to wish you and your family a happy holiday.”

You can call them and just touch base with them. You don’t have to prospect them right now. You don’t have to say anything about business. Just say, “Hey, I wanted to thank you for your business.” If they’re past clients or, “Just wanting to call and wish your family happy holidays and all of that.” And they’re going to love it. You can do it by phone call. You can do it by video. You can do it by text message or all of the above. You can right-hand, do Christmas cards.

All that kind of stuff is the best time to connect and just wish people a happy holidays. And they’re going to remember that and business my friend will come a far from that. So you want to crush it in 2021 real estate, boom. Right now, starting December, make it happen. Play to win. Always expect yes, even in December.

If you liked the video, make sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel, it is your first time here. If you have questions, comments, thoughts, or I’d like to hear about your thing, your stories, your victories. What’s happened for you in the holiday season when you’ve gone out and made it happen and got great business. Love to hear your wins as well, and I’ll talk to you on the next video.


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