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If you want to win big, you have to think different and play different.

Show up like a PRO. How?

Keep your commitments. 

Show up early for appointments. Because when you’re late, it tells people that you don’t keep your word. And when you don’t keep your commitments, people don’t trust you.

Nobody cares about your reasons for being late. All they care about is that you broke your commitment to show up at a certain time. 

It doesn’t matter if you have the best strategies in the world. Until you learn how to show up like a champion, nobody’s going to follow you.

If you want to win championships and change your life, play like a pro.

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You want to win absolute total victory in your business and in your life? Forget conventional wisdom. If you want conventional results, you just follow conventional wisdom. If you want to win big, you got to think different, you got to play different.

Pros and amateurs do not show up the same way, they do not train the same way, they do not think the same way, and they do not win the same way. So you got to make a decision today. Are you here? Are you in this place to win the championship, or just get a few more deals? Are you going to show up as a pro?

Ray Landry, are you going to show up as a pro or as an amateur?

Leah Swanson, good to see you.

What’s up, Megan from Toronto?

If you guys are here to show up as pros, give me a thumbs up in the camera, thumbs up all the way in the camera. Give me a thumbs up here in the room if you guys are here to play as pros, not amateurs.

Yes, what’s your name?


Jennifer. Do we have a catch box, Mike?

Yes, sir.

Let’s get it to Jennifer.


Good morning, Jennifer.

Good morning.

Glad you are here. Jennifer, if you’ll stand up? Welcome. I’ve got to do two things here at one time.

Am I going to be scolded?

Jennifer, tell everybody your name, where you’re from.

I’m Jennifer Jeffcoat. I’m from Orlando, Florida.

From Orlando, Florida. What time did your flight land?


What time did your flight land? Just a simple question.


This morning?


After midnight or 12:22, yesterday afternoon?


Yesterday afternoon?


Okay, cool. What time did the training start this morning?

8:00 AM.

8:00 AM. What time did you walk in the door?


8:06. Okay. Now, tell me your name again. You don’t have a name tag on.

I’m Jennifer Jeffcoat.

Jennifer, I love you.

I know.

I care about you. Are you okay if I coach you like I would coach a pro?


Okay, cool. So guys, this is how we’re going to coach, this is how we’re going to train. Jennifer’s got a commitment to be here at 8:00, when we started. Now, somebody asked me, who walked in and said, “Do we start at…” He walked in at 8:56, 7:56. Everybody’s already sitting, we’re already going, he’s going like, “I thought we start at 8:00?”

I’m like, “Guys, pros don’t show up three minutes before the fucking game starts.”

That was a slap in my face. That was good.

All right. Because you look like a player, okay? God gave you… How tall are you, bro?


God gave you an incredible vessel. He gave you a… You got a Lamborghini, bro. That’s what God gave you. You got a Lamborghini presence, which means, for you, there’s huge responsibility. Every room you fucking walk into, people go like, “Oh, shit. Somebody just walked in the room.” That’s a huge fucking responsibility.

You got that same presence, Jennifer. Look at you. You have this presence about you.

I own a $2 million house down here. I own millions of dollars of real estate across the country. If I had a listing appointment and we were planning to meet at 8:00, you walked in 8:06, we would not meet.

Why? Because when you give your word, when you tell somebody, “I’ll see you at 8:00.” You just gave them what?


A commitment. You gave them your word. YesMasters live by a code. For those of you that know YesMasters code, what is code number two?

Go ahead and say it, bro. Come on.

Keep your commitments.

Keep your commitments. Say it louder.

Keep your commitment.

Everybody, the code number two of YesMasters is keep your commitments. Type it in the chat right now. Keep your commitments. Everybody say it out loud on three. 1, 2, 3.

Keep your commitments.

Keep your commitments. So when you show up late on a commitment, you just told them, somebody that’s never met you before, you’re like, “My word is worth shit.”

Do you feel this? Do you feel it?

I feel it. I have my reasons, but I feel it.

Right? Good. So, hold up the cam. You got to talk up here so they can hear it, because you’re talking to the Zoom people on that.


Say it again, what you said.

I have my reasons, but I understand. Yes. I feel it.

Okay. So she has her reasons.

All right. Thank you, Jennifer. You can give the mic back to Mike. And Mike-

Thank you.

Hold the mic. Here’s the truth. Nobody gives a fuck about your reasons.

I know. I-

No, just listen. Because this is the truth. This is for her. This is for everybody else. Nobody gives a fuck. All I know is you gave me your word you’re going to be here, you weren’t here. Now, and I’m not getting on you right now. This is a coaching moment. You guys understand what we’re doing is training?



Okay. Guys, here’s what I will promise you. This will be worth tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. For those of you that are common realtors, there’s real time, and then there’s realtor time.

And I remember the first time I said that when I moved out here as a new team leader at Keller Williams, the broker, she got all pissed off because she was a big active member of the Association of Realtors. And she goes like, “I just think realtors stand for a higher standard.” I’m like, “Then why don’t they fucking stand for it?”

I get the code of ethics, it’s just bullshit. Not the code, but the requirement to follow the fucking code. Nobody gives a shit about your reasons. They only give a shit about your word. Does everybody understand what I am saying?

You see, we do not get paid for our intentions. We get paid for our results. That’s all we get paid for. Jennifer, thank you. You can have a seat. I’m not getting on her. I’m not mad at her.

But if you get this, you’ll never be fucking late to an appointment ever again. I’ll tell you guys, when this happened to me for the first time… Roy Thomas.

Roy and Lou Thomas. Now, Roy was a multi-millionaire. Roy, I got him by prospecting a for sale by owner, his daughter Diane. And Diane was an unmotivated for sale by owner. And it was a lot. Like, who the fuck wants to list a lot? And especially with an unmotivated for sale by owner. 

She was like, “We’re not motivated.” And I’m like, “Okay, cool. Well, who do you know?” And she goes like, “Well, my mom and dad actually have their ranch for sale out by Weatherford, Texas. They got the ranch for sale, but the ranch broker that’s had it for a year hadn’t done shit and they’re not happy, so why don’t you call them?”

So I call them, they go like, “Well, come on out.” So I come out. It is a 6,000 square foot mansion out here on a… I don’t know, several hundred acre ranch with a 17 acre private lake and all kinds of cool shit.

I walk in the house, it was the biggest living room I’d ever seen in my life at the time. I mean, I’d never seen a living room this big. And I just felt like I walked into a castle. Remember, this is a guy… I grew up in a mobile home. Now I grew up out in the country on 43 acres. We had no private lakes. We didn’t have shit, okay?

His living room was probably as big as my mobile home that I grew up in. So I walk into this, I’m like, “Whoa.”

So that was my first million dollar listing, first million dollar sale. And that one relationship with Roy and Lou Thomas became my first hundred thousand dollar client. Now, this was the guy that had an average sales price of a hundred, $150,000 in my business. So a hundred thousand dollar client, meaning between their commissions from them and the referrals and business I got from them was over a hundred thousand dollars over a five year period.

That is a lot of money. That was a huge piece of my business. But after that first set of transactions we did, we sold that house, owner bought another house and helped a brother buy a house. He invited me out to the Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas. The Colonial Country Club’s elite. There’s a lot of rich old money in Fort Worth, Texas lives.

So he invites me to lunch. I’m late, so I have to text him as I’m driving because I’m like, “Oh shit, I’m going to be late.” And I text him a message, and immediately, the phone rings. He calls me. He’s like, “What? What’s going on?” I’m like, “I’m going to…” And I’m apologizing. I got my reasons. He’s like, “Well, I’m probably not going to be here.” I’m like, “Why?” He says, “Because I got my reasons too. I got commitments. I came to meet you for lunch. You said you’re going to be here. You’re not here. I don’t work with people that don’t keep their word.”

And I’m like, “Okay, this guy’s just made me over $50,000 in the first six months of knowing him, maybe probably closer to $70,000. And this is a guy…” Remember, my average commission was $4,500 a transaction at this time.

He’s like, “I probably won’t be here.” And long story short, he stayed and he set me down and he goes like… And so all of a sudden he became my mentor. And he’s like, “This is what happens. People listen to your words. And when you don’t keep your commitments, people don’t trust you.” He gave me the whole thing I gave you just now. And it’s like, “Shit. Okay. I will never, ever be late again.”

And guess what? I never have been. Okay, Jennifer needs something to say. Can we throw her a catch box? Just toss it to her. Stand up, Jennifer. We’re going to toss it to her. All right.

I will say this. I appreciate that. That’s something that I needed to hear.

Jennifer, come up here. I want you to come up on stage, because you don’t have a good lighting in your face. It’s right there’s camera, you’re talking to them. And it’s nice to meet you, by the way. I’m Kevin.


Glad you are here.

So I do appreciate that, Kevin. It’s something that I’ve needed to hear, and I’ll just leave it at that.

So tell us what’s coming out of you right now. Tell us what the emotions, like single word feelings, what’s coming up right now?

Well, part of me wants to say, “To be fair, I didn’t say this to you directly that I would be here at 8:00 AM.” But another part of me knows that there’s a pattern in my life of not being on time, and that’s something that I’ve been wanting to break for a long time.

Ready to break it?

I’m ready to break it.

I think you just did. So let’s give it up for her.

Okay, so because we got virtual people and all this, it’s all kind of weird. So we don’t do happy clappy shit here. YesMasters do booms.

Oh, booms.

Okay. So YesMasters do a 1, 2, 3, boom. Now, I’m not going to be able to do it with volume, because I’m going to have vocal cord surgery in less than two weeks. We’ll talk about that later. And you guys have your booms printed out, I love that. So we’re going to do, YesMasters, 1, 2, 3, boom. If you have your boom, you can put it in the camera like that. If you don’t, we’re going to do two hands in the air with a fiero moment, and it will be YesMasters, 1, 2, 3…


Boom. Let’s do it.


We’re going to practice it one time, and then we’re going to do this. And then we’re going to give Jennifer the biggest fucking boom she’s ever had in her life. So YesMasters 1, 2, 3-


Okay, what’s your name?


Hi, Galena. It’s so good to meet you. This is not how we do this. Did you sleep good last night?


Good. Okay, because she looked like she was about to fall… So here’s Galena, and she’s like, “YesMaster’s 1, 2, 3.” And she’s like…

She didn’t even get her elbows off the fucking table. So if you had just found out that you just got a $17 million listing with a double ending at cash closed deal for 6% commissions, would you go like, “I did it.” Boom.

Show us what you would do if you just found out you have a $300,000 commission that will be closing in 10 days.

Oh my God. Woo!

Yes. There we go.

There we go.

So this is how we do booms, okay? So now all together. Now I saw her, I’m going to be watching you guys out there too. We’ll do this all fucking day if you can’t get it right. And if it pisses you off and you’re like, “I didn’t come here for this.” Right. And that’s why you’re fucking losing in your life. You’re like, “Well, when do we get to strategy?”

Fuck strategy! Until you learn how to show up like a champion, nobody’s going to follow you. Okay? And if you don’t like this and you think, “Well, that’s not what I came for,” then we still have the full 100% money back policy. Email Get your ass off my meeting and go out there and keep playing the way you’ve been playing.

But you want to win championships, you want to change your life, you want to change your future, you want to change your family’s life for generations? You play.

Yes, I see you, Julie. I love it. I love it. I love the way you guys are showing up. Okay, so now, am I ready? This is just practice. So we’re still just practicing. Okay? YesMasters 1, 2, 3!


Good. One more time. 1, 2, 3.


Beautiful. So now, Jennifer. YesMasters. 1, 2, 3.


There, even she did it.

Thank you.

Don’t leave. I’m proud of you. Thank you so much. You may have more to say in a minute, but you can go have a seat. Thank you so much.

Thank you.

All right, so now-



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