My Surprising Conversation with Darren Hardy on Real Estate Success

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Many people do not know that before Darren Hardy became the publisher of SUCCESS Magazine, he was a real estate agent, and was one of the top producers in his market. This video is about Kevin Ward’s recent conversation with Darren about his real estate background.

His secret to success was that he offered a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! It helped him to become one of the biggest producers in his market.

What’s the secret to making a guarantee like that work?

Champion your Guarantee.
If you don’t make a big deal about it in your marketing, it won’t get you business. It’s a massive way to differentiate yourself from other agents.

Have a killer selling process. If you don’t know how to deliver results, the guarantee will only cause you grief and lost commissions.

Communicate with your seller all the time. The sellers needs to know your working for them and that you are doing what you said you would do. When they trust you and are confident that you are representing them well, they are satisfied.

Honor the guarantee. Darren credits his satisfaction guarantee for giving hime hundreds and hundreds of listings that he would not have gotten without it. Amazingly, he said, he had one seller ever ask for the commission back. It was a situation where there were some major Lender-required repairs that the seller ended up having to pay, and the seller used that as justification to ask for the commission back. Darren said, you have to be true to your word and give the commission back.

Leverage any failure. However, Darren did not see it as a defeat. He told the seller, “I’ll give you the commission back. In return I want you to write a testimonial letter acknowledging that I gave it back.” He got the testimonial and a photo of him handing the commission check to the seller, and that became one of his best marketing testimonials for more business, because it proved his integrity.

Watch the video as Kevin shares more what Darren said about each secret.

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