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What is the 100-Day ListMaster Challenge?

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A lot of real estate ask what the 100-Day ListMaster Challenge is and what’s it all about.  The Challenge is about rapidly and dramatically changing your business and your life.  It is not an education program.  It is a transformational journey to mastery.  The transformation happens by focusing on two elements:

#1) Implementation.  It’s about action, not just information.

#2) Acceleration.  We focus on doing more in less time to accelerate the growth curve and your results.

We focus on mastery in 5 key areas:

  1. Mindset.
  2. Strategies.
  3. Skills.
  4. Systems.
  5. Support.

The Challenge is not for average agents or part-time agents.  It is for full-time agents committed to being the best and who are willing to invest in themselves and their success to get there faster.


Hey, there. It’s Kevin Ward, the founder of YESMasters Real Estate Success Training and the creator of The 100-Day ListMaster Challenge. We’re getting ready to launch our first 100-Day ListMaster Challenge for 2018. I’m so excited and I wanted just to shoot a quick video to tell you what it’s all about.

Now, if you’ve been watching my YouTube videos, you’ve been following me for a while, here on YouTube you’ve probably seen or heard me talk about The 100-Day ListMaster Challenge and it’s coming. In the comments, in the description of the video below is a link to go check it all out, find out about it and learn how to apply and all of that. That part is simple. What’s not simple is the level of commitment required to participate in The 100-Day ListMaster Challenge. This video is just to lay out for you what are some core elements of mastery that we focus on in The 100-Day ListMaster Challenge and why will it help you transform your business and accelerate and elevate your income and your success faster than anything else out there. In fact, I believe that this is the best, most powerful, most intensive real estate training and success conditioning program for real estate agents.

The reason is because we focus on several things. One is because we focus from the very beginning, we focus on implementation. In other words, it’s not about learning new stuff. It’s about implementing things that will put points on the scoreboard in your business and your bank account fast. That’s number one.

Number two, it is about acceleration and that means what if we could take the growth of your business and accelerate it? What if we could take the next two years of your business, the next two years of your personal growth, your business growth, the growth track of making more money and so forth and take two years and compress it into a hundred days and literally have you double or triple your income in just the next 100 days?

Now, there is no guarantee of exactly how much your business is going to go up because I can’t guarantee what any one agent is going to do, but we have had dozens and dozens and dozens of real estate agents that have gone through The 100-Day ListMaster Challenge that have literally doubled or tripled their income or even more in the hundred days, agents that have added 30, 40, 50, even in some cases over a hundred and even over $150,000 to their income in just a hundred days because what we do is because of the intensity of the 100 day timeframe and the intensity of the commitment required, the coaching, the actual daily activities you’re doing and implementing what you’re learning is it also accelerates your growth, it accelerates your victories and it just puts you so far ahead of the way most agents approach the game of real estate.

In The 100-Day ListMaster Challenge, we really focus on mastering five areas or five elements in your business, and the core elements of your business that we focus on mastering are the five core elements that not only will help you make more money, but that will sustain your success for the longterm. It’s not just what happens in a hundred days, it’s actually what happens for the rest of your real estate career, and in The 100-Day ListMaster Challenge is you are building a foundation of both processes and habits and performance that will sustain your success so that you don’t ever have to worry about where your next transaction is going to come from.

There’s five areas of mastery that we train on in The 100-Day ListMaster Challenge. I just want to go over with you what those five things are. The first one and probably the most powerful, probably the one where agents have the greatest breakthroughs in increasing their income is it is a mindset and that is helping you create a mindset of success, of what you can actually do and having the confidence and the courage and the competence to talk to prospects, to talk to leads, to talk to sellers, motivated sellers who literally get to a point where they don’t have the ability to tell you no. They don’t want to tell you no. They want to hire you. They’re literally lining up to sell their house with you. That’s the kind of implementation we’re talking about and it starts with this because no matter how good anything we teach you is, if you don’t believe in your ability to execute it, you’re not going to execute.

We start with mindset. The second thing that we work on, and again this is not necessarily in a particular order but it’s just the five things that we’re going to work on mastering, the second thing is your strategies, and that is to give you and help you implement strategies that again will put points on the scoreboard like nothing else, proven strategies that will literally, number one, make it almost impossible for a seller to tell you no, if they’re motivated. Number two that will allow you to get the listing and get the listing sold for top dollar fast every single time.

Now, I know that sounds like a big promise, but that’s why it’s called The 100-Day ListMaster Challenge. After doing this nearly 20 times and working with over, I don’t know, hundreds of agents that have gone through this, we’ve dialed it in, and there’s such power that comes out of this. Again, not strategies you’re learning, it is strategies you are implementing, that you’re doing and that you’re actually seeing the success on the table as we go through The 100-Day ListMaster Challenge.

The next thing we work on and that we help in mastery is skills, helping you get better, helping you get better at communicating, get better at influencing, get better at leading motivated clients, motivated prospects to a decision, to get better at finding them, get better at converting them, get better at delivering results for them in the skills that you have and the skills that you master because strategies is what you do. The skills is how well you do it. It’s how well you execute it. You take the right strategy and you combine it with a bulletproof unstoppable mindset and top shelf, professional level, Olympic level skills, you’re virtually unstoppable.

Then the next thing that we work on are helping you implement simple, proven, duplicatable systems that you can implement into your business that allow you to leverage all of the stuff you’re actually doing because all of this is actually things that you’re doing or putting together but the systems allow you to automate it. It allows you to streamline it using processes that leverage time and leverage your resources so that you can accomplish more with less. Systems. Unbelievably powerful.

What is so striking is how many real estate agents don’t have clear systems in their business of things they should be doing over and over again consistently, but they don’t have the systems in place, so they find themselves all over the place. One day they’re doing this and they’re living in reaction. You probably had that happen where you find yourself running around like the proverbial chicken with your head cut off and trying to figure out what to do next. If you had systems in place, it would take out all the guesswork and it would save so much time and make you so much more productive and profitable. It would be absolutely mind-blowing.

Then the third thing that you develop mastery in is support. Now, not only are you mastering how you use support … When we talk about support, there are really three pillars of support that undergirds your business and that is, first, your personal relationships: family, your spouse, your kids, maybe it’s your parents. Whoever it is, it’s your personal relationships, maybe friends, that aren’t really part of your business support, but they support your business. They’re behind you. They support your success.

The second pillar is your team. We work on how to help you build a team. Depending on what level you are in the business, whether you need a paid staff, big team, mega team or what we call your free core team that we teach you how to put together people that can help you leverage your time and money that don’t cost you money going in. I know it’s crazy but it works. It’s unbelievably powerful.

Then the third pillar that undergirds your success is having the coaching, the mentoring and in this case, the accountability that supports your accelerated implementation toward success.

I want you to just imagine what would happen in your life, what would it mean for you if over the next 100 days … Look, the next 100 days is going to pass. If over the next 100 days you could implement the strategies, the skills, the systems and the support that you’ve never had before at a higher level than you’ve ever had before, if you could implement at a higher level at a more profitable level with a mindset higher than you’ve ever had before, that could accelerate the growth of your confidence, the growth of your skills, the growth of your strategies and of your success, what would that mean for you in a hundred days? What would it do for your life if you could double your income in the next 100 days, if you could triple your income in the next 100 days? If you’re just getting started, you’re a brand new agent, what would it mean for you if you could get three or four or six or 10 transactions under your belt in the next 100 days?

That, my friend, is why I created The 100-Day ListMaster Challenge was because I saw so many agents who are so committed to success, they want to succeed, they’re determined and they’re floundering or they’re getting stumped and they’re like, “Ugh. If I could just break through.” The 100-Day ListMaster Challenge is the break through vehicle. If you know, if you want to break through something and if you think of … I remember doing last year I did a board break for the first time in my life where we actually were trained on how to break a board with our bare hands and they trained us how to do it. Here’s the secret. It’s really simple. You hit it fast. Don’t hit it slow. The faster you hit it, you have more velocity, more energy and that energy, that power, that acceleration allows you to do something you cannot do slowly.

The 100-Day ListMaster Challenge is all about acceleration and compression of time so that everything happens faster. You do more, you accomplish more, you become more and you win more.

Now, if that is a journey that you are interested in taking with us, I can’t … I get so excited because it’s starting right away. Our first one in 2018 is coming up right away so click on the link in the video description below, click on it. Go there. Apply for The 100-Day ListMaster Challenge. You’re going to have to fill out an application. Submit it to us to make sure you’re qualified. I will tell you this is not for everybody and not everybody qualifies but check it out, click on it, apply. If you qualify and if it’s your time and you’re ready for this, I will look forward to seeing you on The 100-Day ListMaster Challenge. It is going to be the ride of your life.

If you like the video, give it a thumbs up. Comment, ask any questions. Post them down below. But most importantly, click the link, go and apply and let’s take your business and your life where it deserves to be.

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