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Agents avoid prospecting because it’s a hit-or-miss activity that takes a lot of time, patience, and skill (also because it requires nerves of steel). There’s always that fear of a prospect on the phone yelling at you…especially when you’re prospecting FSBOS or Expireds.

Problem is, the trust level in our world is probably as low as it has ever been.  When you’re prospecting, most sellers (and buyers) are automatically listening to you with skepticism. 

People are sick and tired of B.S.  They will resist almost to death when they feel like they’re being manipulated.  

So, how does an agent convert those opportunities to appointments and listings and sales without B.S.? There IS a new and better approach in prospecting tough sellers that guarantees they’ll listen to you…

“The Book of Yes”

Prospecting effectively starts with using great scripts. But when I was starting in real estate, I felt that the scripts I was given were phony. I hated the BS of a lot of the traditional sales scripts. I was like, “Are you kidding me, you want me to say that?” 

This is why I wrote The Book of Yes scripts. I wanted to help real estate agents have natural conversations with prospects without sounding “salesy” or using B.S. 

These scripts allow you to find the client’s motivation, so you can address what they want. So instead of rejecting you, prospects will be inspired to hire you. 

And once you build a relationship with them, they will keep giving you referrals over and over.

In 2021, we will be releasing an updated version of The Book of Yes. We’ve added dozens of scripts, new objection handlers, and scripts that incorporate video. These are scripts that are getting agents results right now.


Scripts Are Not Enough

Most agents believe that the perfect Real Estate Script will solve all their prospecting woes.  

But there’s more to having a great script in your hands. 

Don’t underestimate the importance of ROLEPLAY. The only way to master scripts is through consistent practice. 

Because when it sounds like you’re reading from a script, your prospect will feel the phony”ness” of it. But when you know what to say next (and how to say it), you wouldn’t have to worry about what you’re going to say next, and you’ll come across as more conversational.

You will mess up in the beginning, but you will get better as you keep roleplaying and do prospecting.

Video is Everything

You probably don’t realize that you have a powerful gadget that could make you millions of dollars…your mobile phone! You can better connect with your prospects by using video text messaging. 

Because when you text them, your prospects see you as a human being. Now they can put a face to your name. And when you’re dressed professionally, excited, happy, and articulate…they can feel that, and they’ll begin to feel like they know you. 

Remember, people will delete and forget about emails, but they will rarely delete a text message, which means they can reference it later. So with a video text message, there’s a bigger chance that you’ll stay top-of-mind with them.


Your Investment

For a newer agent, it can get daunting to worry if you’re doing the right thing by investing your time in prospecting. But I believe there are four resources to invest: time, money, energy, and heart.

Lead generation, for example, is an investment. For some agents, prospecting FSBO’s might take more energy and heart than it does for others. What does it cost you? Where do you get the biggest ROI? You have to figure out the best use of your time, energy, and heart.


The “Connective Tissue”

How can you bridge the gap between you and prospective clients? Focus your energy on them, find their motivation, and make the process about them. When you master the script, you can listen and be attentive to their needs, otherwise, it may sound like an interrogation. 


Knowing What to Say (and What NOT to Say)

The Book of YES scripts has just the right thing to say in every situation. Calling an Expired listing? Reconnecting with your Personal Circle?  It’s all in the book.

And just as important as knowing what to say, is knowing what words to avoid using. These are “resistance triggers” that elicit a negative response from prospects.

Small changes such as avoiding the words “appointment”, “follow up”, “show you”, and “if I” statements can make a huge impact on your lead generation. 

If you want people to realize the value that you bring, avoid the “guilt approach”. You provide a valuable service, so stop apologizing for reaching out to your Personal Circle (or sphere of influence). Believe in the value you’re bringing to the table, and they will trust you.

Put yourself out there, be a MASTER of prospecting, and be the real estate agent (not the secret agent) that helps people get the best results. You can get “yes” without the B.S. and people will love you for it.


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