How to Start Role Playing Scripts

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Do you want to start role-playing but don’t know how? The 2 important things you will need are good scripts and great role-play partners.

Here’s the procedure on how to start roleplaying scripts:

  1.  Start with prospecting scripts. (If you don’t already have a copy of The Book of YES,  click here to order your FREE copy of the best scripts. Don’t use B.S. scripts nor roleplay with a B.S agent.
  2. Lead Follow Up script
  3. Seller Sheet. This is your prequalifying script when you set an appointment
  4. Listing Presentation. Do this for 10-15 minutes
  5. Objection Handlers. As you prospect, you’ll discover the objections you need to master the most.

Where do you find great role-play partners? Go to the YESMasters Facebook group.

Focus on one script for one hour a day- 30 minutes of role-play, 30 minutes of practice. This will help you get good fast, but you have to start immediately. It takes effort and commitment.

Remember: don’t try to get perfect before you use the scripts. Because when you make mistakes, you learn. And once you learn how to have conversations to lead people to say yes to you, you become unstoppable!

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Don’t try to get perfect before you actually start using the scripts in real life.

Let’s talk about role-play. One of the questions I get a lot, especially I get it from coaching members, but I also get it on the YouTube channel here. Is a comment will be, “How do I start role-play?” “How long should I practice? And how do I practice?” “How do I get good role-play partners?” And all that kind of stuff. So, I’m going to do a couple of videos here. One, this first video is how to get started on role-playing where it’s really effective and it’ll help you get good fast.

So, what scripts do I start out with it all that? I’m going to go over that in this video. And then I’m going to do a second video that we’ll be releasing in a week or two on how to really role-play like a professional where you’re benefiting from the role-playing. In other words, how do you actually do a role-play session? So, I’m going to talk about how to get started in role-play. And then, the next video we’re going to talk about how to role-play like a professional to get the most out of it.

So, in this video, I’m going to talk about how to start role-playing scripts and how to find the best role-play partners. And that’ll be also continued in the second video. So, let’s talk first about role-play. So, the very first principle and most important principle of effective role-play is that you don’t try to get perfect before you actually start using the scripts in real life.

Which means, don’t try to perfect the For Sale By Owner script or the Expired script or all the objection handlers before you actually start calling people. Because you’re never going to get great at it until you actually get into the game. Get into a game situation, get out there, get tackled. Throw a few interceptions, get into the game and get hit. You want to get hit because when you get hit, that’s when you learn.

Now, I have a context for like, “Oh, that’s what it’s like.” Okay. I don’t remember who it was, it may have been Mike Tyson that said “Everybody, when they’re in a boxing ring, everybody’s got a game plan until you get punched in the face. And then the game plan falls apart.” Well, once you’ve been punched in the face and you know what it’s like. Then I can role-play and it’s more realistic because now I know, I know what it actually is like in the game. All right.

So, start prospecting today. Which means, if you’ve never prospected before, this is your first day of real estate, you get the scripts, you role-play … which script am I going to use? My first prospect, new script. I get it. I rehearse it for about 20 or 30 minutes and then I start calling, start calling. And you’re going to get better fast when you do that.

Okay. So, here are the five … This is kind of the procedure of how to start role-playing scripts. All right. Number one is start with your Prospecting scripts first. That means who am I going be prospecting for business? Who I’m going to be calling. You don’t start with the listing presentation. You start with the actual calls that you’re going to make to generate leads. Okay.

So, the first thing I want you to do is get a copy of the Book of Yes, so that you have the best scripts. So, get the best scripts, go to You can go to Amazon and get it, but it costs a lot more. So, you can go to and get your copy of The Book of Yes. All right. It is the best real estate scripts anywhere on the planet. Right here is a copy of it, The Book of Yes.

So go to and get your copy of The Book of Yes. When you get it, inside here is a link that is going to let you get some downloads. And one of the downloads in it is you’re going to actually be able to download the scripts of The Book of Yes Scripts. Okay. So, you have them on full sheets and so forth. Now, the scripts are all here. But here you can print them out and you can use them as individual sheets and it’s just easier because the whole script on one page and all that kind of stuff.

So, you start with the best scripts. Okay. And then, the first script you’re going to role-play is your Prospecting scripts. And I want to role-play that first day. That’s the one I’m going to role-play and then start calling. Okay. Now, get The Book of Yes and use good scripts. Don’t use BS scripts. Don’t use BS scripts, scripts that are full of crap. Okay. That are bait and switch or giving bogus statistics or anything that makes false promises to people.

People don’t like BS and you don’t need BS. You can get yes without the BS. So, then start with the prospecting scripts, all right. And when you’re role-playing with somebody, don’t role-play with somebody that uses BS scripts. In a minute I’ll tell you how to find great role-play partners. All right.

Number two. The second script that you’re going to practice is The Lead Followup script. So, your first one is your Prospecting, your lead generation scripts, For sale by Owners, Expired’s, calling people that you know and maybe probates. Whoever you’re calling, you can get those in The Book of Yes. And you get started with the Prospecting scripts. Then the next one you’re going to practice is your Lead Followup scripts.

What do I say after I’ve had a conversation with someone and now I need to follow up? You don’t need that really till day two because they one you’re just generating. Okay. Day three is the seller sheet and the seller sheet, again, it’s in The Book of Yes, is your you’re Pre-qualifying script. Once you set an appointment with a prospect, now I want to pre-qualify the appointment.

I want to get some more information from them so that I know what their motivation is, I know what’s up. All right. That is your seller sheet. Okay. So, when you get your copy of The Book of Yes, come back and watch this video again, and you’re going to follow Prospecting scripts first, then your Lead Followup script, and then your seller sheet or your Pre-qualifying script. That’s the third script.

Then the fourth script you’re going to role-play is the listing presentation itself. Now, this obviously, is a longer script, but you can role-play it easily. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to go through the entire script. So, in a 30 minute role-play session, you can practice it and then your role-play partner can practice it. And you can go straight through the script. All right.

And then the fifth scripts that you’re going to role-play are the Objection Handlers. Don’t do those first. Do those last. Now, here’s the way that I would structure it. If you’re role-playing five days a week, Monday through Friday, which you should. You should roll play every single day, then you’ll be able to focus on one script a day, every week.

So, Mondays I can do the prospecting script. Tuesdays, Lead Followup. Wednesdays, Seller Sheet. Thursdays, Listing Presentation. Friday’s, whatever objection you’re running into the most, I can put practice the Objection Handler on that. Now, this is not happening in, you know, in 30 days you’re not a master. Okay. This is an ongoing commitment to growth. And better than 30 minutes a day, is an hour a day. 30 minutes of role-play and then 30 minutes of practice.

My top coaching members almost every single one of them for the first six months to a year, practice a minimum of an hour a day, their scripts. And I have some that practice two hours and more a day with their scripts. Why? Because if you can learn how to have conversations that lead people to say yes to you, you are unstoppable, my friend. So, that’s how you get started on role-playing.

Now to find great role-play partners. If you want to find great role-play partners who are also using the no BS scripts that you get in The Book of Yes, go to our Facebook group, Yes Masters Real Estate Success Community. That’s our Facebook group and ask to join. You’re going to have a couple of questions you’ve got to answer to get into the group like, “Are you a real estate agent?” And so forth. You have to answer the questions. If you don’t answer the questions, they’re not going to let you in. Okay.

This is a Facebook group for real estate agents only who are using The Book of Yes and committed to getting yes without the BS. And so, you have to answer the questions and then our admins will approve you into the group Monday through Friday. If you join on a weekend, our team is going to be checking them on Monday and will get you in right away so that you can find great role-play partners. You can go in there and you type in # … “I’m looking for role-play partners. #roleplay.” Put what time zone you’re in and so forth.

You can also scroll down through the feed or you can do a search in the search bar that says #Roleplay. R-O-L-E-P-L-A-Y. #Roleplay. And then you’ll be able to see all the other agents that have posted looking for role-play partners. You can contact them and you can hook up with them to do role-play. Finding role-play partners just takes effort and then be committed to doing it. All right. So, that is how you get started with role-play.

If you have questions about the scripts, you have questions about role-play, make sure you post them down in the comments below. If you liked this video and it’s been helpful for you, make sure you give it a thumbs up. Go join our Facebook group, Yes Masters Real Estate Success Community. Get you some role-play partners and get in there and make it happen. And stay tuned for the next video that we’ll be posting the link in below as soon as soon as it’s published on how to actually get the most out of your daily role-play and how should the actual role-play session go. We’ll talk about that on the next video.

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