How to Overcome Chronic Procrastination

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You may not like it…but here are the actual 3 steps that will conquer procrastination in your life IMMEDIATELY:

1. Stop trying to find the secret to overcome procrastination. (That is just another form of procrastination.) .

2. Start doing what you’re avoiding right now.

3. Celebrate every little pro-active action that you take that you used to put off.


Here’s a guy who says, “This is my toughest thing, getting over procrastination.” Right? Maybe you can relate. “How do I get over this procrastination?” He said, “And I’ve read all the books. I’ve read all the articles and I’m still there.”

Today’s talk is for all of you procrastinators out there. If you struggle with chronic procrastination, this video’s going to change everything for you very, very simply. How do you beat, how do you conquer, how do you overcome, how do you crush chronic procrastination? Because I got a comment, or a question from one of my students on my 66 Days of Transformation program, which is about how to create habits of success, rather than habits of failure. Here’s the question he says, “This is the hardest for me to knock out.” He’s talking about procrastination. “I read so much books and articles about procrastination in my life and I must admit, I’m still there.”

There’s three steps. Three steps to overcome chronic procrastination. I call it chronic because that just means you struggle with it over, and over, and over again, not just one time. Number one, stop trying to find the secret to overcoming procrastination. You see, here’s what happens. If you’re watching this video. This is the last video, the last thing you should ever read, or watch, or try to figure out how to overcome procrastination, because if you struggle with procrastination, watching this video, reading another book, reading another article on how to overcome procrastination is just another tactic of procrastinating.

Because see, the thing that you know you should be doing, the thing that you’re procrastinating about is not getting done while you’re studying how to overcome procrastination. Number one, if you want to beat procrastination, stop procrastinating by studying procrastination. I know that’s tough, but that’s the truth.

Number two, start doing what you’re supposed to do right now, today. Stop trying to figure out how to beat procrastination and just start doing the thing you’re supposed to do. Just follow what Nike says, “Just do it.” I know this is a little intense, but it’s the truth, right? You know what I’m telling you is the truth. You’re never going to conquer procrastination by figuring it out. You’re never going to conquer procrastination by studying it or by learning more about it. You’re going to only conquer procrastination by action, by doing it. The reason we procrastinate is because we’re afraid of something.

We want to avoid something because we think something’s going to be uncomfortable, or something’s going to be unpleasant, or it’s going to be painful. That’s why we procrastinate. The only way you’re going to ever get past that fear, past that discomfort is through massive action. Action conquers fear. Actions conquers procrastination and there is nothing else ever that’s going to do it. There is no secret. There is no little bullet nugget of knowledge that you’re missing. There is no recipe or strategy other than do it right now. Stop trying to figure out procrastination and start taking action to accomplish what you should be doing. Then number three is celebrate the action, celebrate the fact that you did it, that you took proactive action and you did something about it. Let me just break it down into a couple of little examples.

If you’re a chronic procrastinator, you probably procrastinate on all kinds of stuff. Even as something as simple as picking up dirty clothes, or leaving dirty dishes in the sink, right? I know you. Right? You leave stuff laying around and you go like, “I’ll do it later.” And that’s the habit. It’s a habit of procrastination. How do you crush the habit is you stop doing that stuff. Every time that you pick up an item that normally you would just leave laying there, every time you go ahead and wash dirty dishes and put them away. When there’s just two or three of them instead of when there’s a whole sink piled full of them, right? Every time you do that it is what I call your diligence activator, is your activating a habit of diligence in your life and every time you do it, celebrate it. Even if it’s a little thing, okay?

If it’s a little thing, let’s say that you see a piece of trash that fell on the floor and your habit is you just walk past it and you leave it laying there and a week later it’s still laying there. Don’t do that anymore. You see it, pick it up. It needs to be picked up. It needs to be gone. Do it right away. If you have a habit of leaving stuff out on your desk, don’t do that anymore. You see this and go like, “Oh, that should be put up.” You take it and you put it up where it goes right now. Every time you do that, that’s a victory because you took a proactive action. When you have that victory, you got to celebrate it. You got to acknowledge yourself and say, “Yes, diligence activator.”

One of the things I train in my 66 Days of Transformation online program is that you actually gamify the creation of great habits, so one of the things you can do is actually keep score and every time that you … do something that you used to procrastinate on give yourself a point and just keep score. How many points did I score that day for taking action and conquering procrastination? If that video helps you, if this helps you, would you give this a thumbs up? Just make sure you give it a thumbs up. Post any comments or questions, challenges. If this still doesn’t make sense, I don’t know if I can help you, but post it down below, questions or comments. Make sure you subscribe to the channel if you’ve not done that before. Share this with a friend that you know needs to conquer procrastination and I’ll see you on the next video.

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