How to Melt Resistance When Someone Doesn’t Like Your Company.

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If this is an objection that has ever stumped you, this video blog post will give you the ninja approach to melt the seller’s resistance and overcome it virtually every time.

What do you do when you meet a prospect or talk to an expired listing, and they tell you, “I will never use your company…” And then they go on to explain a negative experience (probably grossly exaggerated) they had with an agent from the same real estate brand as you (probably not even your same office, right!?), or they may just proceed to rant about how lousy your company is…as if you and everyone in your company are all complicit in trying to jerk them around.

So what do you do? Obviously…just tell them you’re switching companies!!! (No…no…no…no! I’m just kidding! Lighten up!) Seriously…what can you do?

So here’s the 2 most common responses that usually DON’T work:

Number one, is to try to distance yourself from your company and/or the offending agent by say, “Well it’s not the company, it’s the individual agent…” And then you start trying to explain how, of course, you’re different. And they’re response, “Yeah right.”

Or number two, is to basically defend the company and try to logically explain that one bad apple in the barrel doesn’t mean the whole barrel is bad. “Just because you had one bad experience, doesn’t mean the company or all the agents are bad.” Which is totally logical, right? And it’s true!

So why does that almost NEVER work? Because you’re psychologically undermining the prospects position about your company. For them to admit that you’re reasoning is totally logical and rational, means admitting that their position is irrational…i.e. basically stupid! (And now they’re really irritated…because in their mind you are now subtly trying to convince them that they are WRONG!) Oh…yeah…that’s a great way to get off on the right foot with a prospect…convince them that they are being emotional, irrational, and illogical.

They’re going to likely hang up…totally convinced that they’re still right and that your phone call is additional proof that your company and everyone in it are a bunch of self-serving, slimy salespeople. Why? Because everything you said, forced them to defend their position which creates pure resistance. This is the single biggest reason that agents have a hard time getting past resistance from otherwise terrific listing prospects, such as expired listings and For Sale by Owners.

The good news is that this is actually a very simple objection to overcome, IF you understand the right thing to say (script) and HOW to say it (right strategy).

Here is the solution! And make sure you also watch the video, because In the video, I actually demonstrate how to dramatically increases your chances to list expireds, FSBO’s, or anyone else who doesn’t like your company for whatever reason.

First, let them know you believe them and that they are probably right! The way you to do that is to get mad with with them… In NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programmin) this is called Mirroring and Matching. Share their disgust at their negative experience with your company or the offending agent in your company.

The second thing is to NOT try to defend your company and/or the agent they had the bad experience with. That may come later, but not right now. You want to align with their experience and accept it as reality…because right or wrong…true or not true…it is their experience.

“Ugh! You gotta be kidding me. And you know what…that’s not the first time I’ve heard that.”

Now…The key to making this work is that you are mirroring and matching THEIR emotion, which takes some skill and some practice. If they’re just slightly annoyed and/or frustrated, then reflect that emotion. If their disgusted and furious, then mirror and match that emotion. If you try to console them or calm them down, you will likely only make them madder. So go with their emotion, let them know you relate to them, and their resistance almost magically melts.

Don’t worry if you flub it a few times…because you’re learning how to break through people’s worst emotional resistance and to connect with them in spite of it.

Now…I’m basing this all on a very important pre-supposition…and that is that you’re actually interested in serving and adding value to the prospects you are contacting. If you’re motivation is self-serving (i.e. you just want a listing), your lack of authenticity will leak through everything you say. If you’re for real and you have some skill, this approach is magic at connecting with people.

And then once you connect with them, now you can set the listing appointment and help them sell their house. And yes…it will totally surprise them, because their intention was to NOT like you…and now they find themselves feeling like you’re on their side.

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