How to Dramatically Improve Your Prospecting Results Fast



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How do you dramatically increase your prospecting results fast? 

First, have the BEST scripts (and master them). Click here to get your FREE download of my best core prospecting and lead generation scripts.

Make prospecting a game. Here’s how

  1. Pick fun Role Play partners.
  2. Role play the game.
  3. Play with prospects.  

Think to yourself: “I’m enjoying myself and you can’t mess that up. If you’re mad or antagonistic, that’s your problem, not mine.  I’m here to help you…and if you don’t want to dance with me…my goal is to win you over…and if I can’t, it’s your loss, not mine.”

Great performers get more excited by the challenge of a tough opponent.  They have more fun, not less. Approach it as a game…not a chore.  You’ll end up tired but thrilled that you won.

Skill, the BEST scripts, and your attitude will determine your results when prospecting.

Full Transcript

About the time that you real estate agents out there have convinced me that prospecting doesn’t work anymore, that nobody answers the phone anymore, that prospecting is bygone and it doesn’t work, all of a sudden I have coaching member after coaching member after coaching member taking listing after listing after listing, to winning For Sale by Owners, winning Expireds, winning Old Expireds, from talking to people on the phone and even, yes, knocking on doors. 

In this video, I’m going to talk to you about how to dramatically improve your prospecting results fast and understand that, yes, even in 2020 and going into 2021, prospecting still works. 

Now, is it tougher? Have things changed? Yes, it is. But that’s where how you approach it is going to have a dramatic impact on the results that you get. And so let’s talk about how to dramatically improve your prospecting and increase your results.

All right. So here we go. Two points. 


Have the Best Scripts (and Master them)

No brainer, this is the first step, is you’ve got to have the best scripts. The Book Of Yes, right here, is the best scripts in the industry. My bestselling, the Ultimate Real Estate Agent Conversation Guide. Get the best scripts and you have to master them. 

Now, you can get my best core prospecting scripts absolutely for free. Just go to We’ll put the link in the description below and you can just click on that link and go and download my best core prospecting scripts with the Agent Power Pack. It’s the best lead generation scripts, lead follow-up script, the seller pre-qualifying script, the listing presentation, all of that. Plus, my CMA cheat sheet, how to do a CMA, all kinds of good stuff, and there’s more than that.

But anyway, that’s just to equip you that if you want to increase your prospecting results, you want the best scripts and you want to master them, which comes about in practice and training. 


Have Fun When You’re Prospecting

And then number two. So that’s a no-brainer, but this one, my friends, is an absolute breakthrough, and I have learned this and had it re-emphasized and reinforced for me over and over again. Have fun when you’re prospecting. 

This changes everything. And remember, when I was prospecting three hours a day, the one thing that made it great for me was I made it a game. I just made prospecting a game and I actually come up with little fun things to do whenever I got rejected and all that, how to get over rejection fast. And in fact, I’ve got a video. It’s an old YouTube video on how to get the best of prospecting fast. I’ll put the link to that also in the description here.


Make Prospecting a Game

But you’ve got to make it a game. And treat prospecting as an adventure challenge not as a problem, not as a struggle, not as this insane pain that I have to endure to make money and try to get a deal. When you do that, you’re going to be miserable and when you’re miserable, you’re not going to be powerful, you’re going to be effective. So have fun. 

How do you start with the fun? Well, let me just give you three ways that you can have more fun. 


Pick Fun Roleplay Partners

Number one is pick fun role play partners. If you’re going to master the scripts, and you’ve got to do that, if you want to win, you’ve got to master it. It’s in the preparation so that you know what to say and you know how to say it and how to handle the objections. You know how to respond and interact and engage a seller with great communication, or with a lead or a prospect. So you want to pick fun role play partners.

And what I mean by that is, pick role play partners that when they role play, they’re having a good time and they play with the script. They play with just the whole process and they’re excited and they’re happy, and frankly, the best role play partners are the ones that make it easiest to get an appointment. They’re motivated. When they’re playing, they play as a motivated seller, not as a jerk. 

Okay. Now, there are times you need to practice and role play tough sellers and tough objections. But even then, you do it as a game. So number one is, you want fun role play partners who are happy and excited to be role playing. 


Roleplay the Game

Number two is you want to role play the game. And you role play it as a game, not as, “Oh, I’m just struggling.” When you do that, that’s what you’re going to get. You’re expecting struggle, you’re expecting resistance, you’re expecting an argument, you’re going to get it.

So role play the game. Play it as a game and role play, and then actually, the third thing to make it fun, is just actually…


Play With Your Prospects

When you’re in the game, actually doing your real prospecting, doing your lead generation, you’ve got to be having fun. And this was, for me, the magic.

 I enjoyed myself when I prospected, and I enjoyed it because I was doing what I liked doing. I liked helping people. I liked talking to people and seeing who I can help. So I’m enjoying myself, and this was the attitude that you have going into when you’re calling, especially if you’re calling the tough ones like FSBO’s & Expireds that may be resistant, they may be upset, is I look at it is, you may be upset, but I’m enjoying myself, and I’m enjoying myself because I’m here to help you. And you can’t mess that up.

I’m going to have fun no matter what. If you’re mad or antagonistic, that’s your problem. It’s not my problem. And I’m here to help you. And if you don’t want to dance with me, then I take that as a personal challenge to go like, “Yes, I’m going to win them. And my job, my goal, is to win you over. And if I can’t win you over, oh well, it’s your loss, not mine. You see, here’s the thing that I have discovered and I’ve noticed about great performers in any arena, and that is great performers get more excited by the challenge of a tough opponent. They don’t get freaked out. They don’t get upset. They don’t get stressed out. They’re like, “All right, game on, man,” that the best players want to play against the toughest opponents. That’s when they come out, that’s when they thrive, that’s when they get excited, because it’s challenging, it’s exciting for them, and they have more fun not less when the competition is tougher.

And so when you’re going up against other agents, when you’re going up against a tough seller that’s upset and they’re mad or whatever, look at it and go, “Game on, baby.” And I’ve noticed this because my best coaching members that are the top coaching members that are the top ones who are great at prospecting Expireds and FSBO’s and people like that, they approach it as a game, not as a chore. 

And so when they’re done and they’ve prospected and they just poured their heart out for two or three or four hours, and they’re tired, but it’s a good tired, it’s not a beat up tired, and it’s like the exhaustion that you feel at the end of a thrilling game where you put it all out and you’re sweating and you’re laying there and you’re bloody and you’re beat up, but you won the game and you feel awesome.

That, my friends, is how you improve your prospecting results fast. Skill, best scripts, best training, master them, and attitude, simply have fun. 

I want to hear what you are experiencing today with your prospecting? Are you doing it? Are you not doing it? Let me know in the comments below if you’re having struggles. What are you struggling with? I want to hear your wins. I want to hear the confirmation of what I’m saying here is actually happening for you as well. If I can help post, your comments and questions down below. Give the video a thumbs up. Subscribe if you’re new to the channel. Play to win and always expect YES.

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