How to Differentiate Yourself as a REALTOR

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Ever feel like people see you as “just another Realtor?” What can you do to really separate yourself from the crowd?  Let’s talk about how to powerfully differentiate yourself as a real estate agent the right way. How to create a UVP (Unique Value Proposition) or USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that matters.  And, of course, the goal is not to be just different for the sake of being different…but to genuinely communicate how you can add greater value.
Here are some questions to ask as you determine the best way to position yourself in the market:

  1. Who is the best/top agent in my market?
  2. What do I bring to the table…what can I do (or learn to do) that will out-position and out-perform them?

Not fluff…but real value.

The good news is…that you don’t have to be better than the best out there to be able to get lot of listings and do lots of business. You just want to have a commitment to delivering the best service and results.

There are 2 things every seller wants:
Results – know how to deliver great results, such as being able to get every listing sold quickly for top dollar.
Respect – this is have a business with a HEART. Heart-centered entrepreneurs makes you a force to be reckoned with. People are sick and tired of agents with fancy branding and marketing campaigns that are just in it for the money.
So ask yourself: “How can I communicate my commitment to delivering results?”

  1. By demonstrating expertise and confidence.
  2. By offering a Guarantee
  3. By having awesome testimonials/reviews.

Also ask yourself: “How can I go for the heart?” Position yourself as someone committed to making the experience smooth and committed to their best interest. Going for their heart. This is also where you earn the right to be their agent for life.
Think in terms of being the best of the best.

Connecting with people’s hearts by being a real estate agent with heart.
AND delivering great results.

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