How to Adapt for Buyers and Sellers During the Coronavirus Outbreak

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Even in a rapidly changing market, you still have buyers and sellers who need your help.

How do you adapt with change and reassure buyers and sellers that you are making everything work well for them?

  1. Be the coyote, not the dinosaur. Dinosaurs are bigger & stronger, but they didn’t survive change. On the other hand, coyotes continue to thrive & adapt in different environments. It is your ability to adapt that will determine whether you thrive, survive, or don’t.
  2. Be the captain. Just like the captain of a boat, be in control even in rough waters. Reassure buyers and sellers that they can trust you & that you got them covered to keep them safe.

Because I want to do everything I can to help you adapt in these turbulent times, I’m offering you a free download SAFETY PROTOCOLS FOR BUYERS AND SELLERS. These are guidelines to reassure buyers and sellers that you’ve got their safety in mind during the buying or selling process.

Now is the time to adapt and move forward, not retreat. Get ready to thrive, even in these times. You can do it!

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You’re the professional, you are the real estate agent and buyers and sellers look to you and they need to be able to trust you that you know what’s up.

Today we’re going to continue talking about the thing that everybody’s talking about, and that is the coronavirus outbreak. But mostly what I want to talk about in this video today is how to adapt for buyers and sellers and how to let them know and reassure them that you are adapting to make everything smoother and to make everything work well and protect them and their safety and their wellbeing of them and their families during these times. Because you still have buyers that are buying and sellers that are selling. And we’re seeing it everywhere in all markets. Buyers are still buying and sellers are still selling. The key is that you’ve got to be on top of the changes that are happening and adapting to this.

Charles Darwin helped us understand the concept. The principle of the survival of the fittest, right? It was the survival of the fittest. Now, my approach is I’m not talking about survival. I’m talking about thriving, not just surviving in today’s market because there’s going to be agents that are going to survive. There’s going to be agents that don’t survive, and then there’s going to be a few agents that thrive, that win, that succeed, that actually continue to grow and move their business forward during these times and it’s not about who’s the smartest, who’s the fastest, who’s the biggest, who’s the strongest. That’s the whole concept of the survival of the fittest. What the principle of the survival of the fittest really lays out is it’s not the biggest, it’s not the strongest. It’s not the fastest. It is the one who can adapt the best to the changes that are happening in the world around you, and that, my friend, is the key to your success as the market continues to unfold, as the market continues to do whatever it’s going to do, as real estate, the economy, all of that is going to be affected for at least a good period of time. It is your ability to adapt that is going to determine whether you thrive, survive, or don’t.

And here where I live in Los Angeles, out in the beach cities, in part of the beach cities, there is a … We’ve had a problem for years with coyotes and I grew up out on a farm in West Texas where we saw coyotes virtually every day. We’d hear them at night and they’re howling and all that kind of stuff. Well, coyotes do great out in the mountains. They do great out in the country, but you start bringing in civilization and you’re like, “What’s going to happen to a wild coyote?”

Well, coyotes, they do just fine in civilization. Why? Because coyotes are amazing at their ability to adapt to a new environment and that’s what coyotes have done. And that’s the reason there’s a problem with coyotes here in the area where I live is because they are so good at adapting that they don’t need the woods to be able to survive. They can adapt just fine, and my recommendation for you is be the coyote, not the dinosaur. Dinosaurs were bigger, they were more powerful, they were stronger, they were more ferocious, they were more scary, but they didn’t survive the changes that happened in this world and coyotes have continued to survive and thrive in a changing society where civilization has encroached on their territory.

So number one, first thing I want to challenge you today is be the coyote. Is adaptation. Your ability to adapt and adjust. I’m going to give you some resources in this video to help you do that. In fact, I’m going to offer you a free download for what we are calling the safety protocols for buyers and sellers. This is something that I am using. I’ve made this available only to my coaching members and normally it would just be available to my coaching members. But in these times I’m like, “I want to do everything I can to help you adapt and succeed while we’re going through these turbulent times.”

So you can … I’m going to tell you more about this in a minute, but you can go to a, and you can download a free copy of the safety protocols for buyers and sellers. I’m going to tell you more about this in a minute, but I’m just going to let you know that’s coming. So first, be the coyote. Adapt, adjust. You’ve got to adjust. You’ve got to adjust fast.

Second is be the captain, be the captain. Several years ago when I bought my first big sailboat, it was a 33 foot Hunter Silva, which is just … 33 feet’s a big boat. And once you put an offer on it, then you go out and you take it on what they called a sea trial, where you go out with your broker and maybe the owner or whatever. And then you go and you go sailing on the boat. It was a sailboat.

So, they take you out to sail it so you can see how it works, make sure everything works on it, see if you like it. And all of that. And this was when I still lived in Texas and this was on Lake Texoma. Rusty Hightower was my broker at Grand Patty Point Marina in Texoma, a Lake Texoma. So any of those of you that are in North Texas may know about Grand Patty Point Marina if it’s still there, I don’t know. But anyway, so we’re getting ready to go out and it’s, it’s Texas and in Texas in the spring we have thunderstorms. And it was one of those days, it was cloudy, it was windy and storms were all around us. And we’re out getting out on the boat. We unfurled the sales. And I had never been on a sailboat this big.

So we’re out on this boat and then all of a sudden they unfurl the main sail and I’m like, “Whoa, that is a big sale.” And then they unfurl the second sail. It’s just called the genoa, which is even bigger, and I’m like, “Oh my goodness.” And man, the boat just takes off and we’re heeling on a sailboat, the boat leans over, right? So it’s heeling over like this and all of a sudden around as we’re going down, getting close to a cove, a gust of wind comes down a Valley and it just comes and turns and it just hits the boat on the side and all of a sudden we’re sailing along this and all of a sudden that motor is going like, “Whoa.” It starts heeling over. And I’m like, “Oh no.”

I’m like, “I know we’re going in the water. This is all over. This boat’s going to capsize. We’re all going to die. It’s going to be the end of the story.” And I can just remember something going on. I’m holding on for dear life. I’m grabbing on and heeling over and I look over at Rusty Hightower, who’s driving the boat. He’s at the helm, he’s got the wheel. And I look at him and he just looks at me and he just shakes his head and he goes like, just like that. And I’m like, “All right, it’s cool.” And I knew it was cool the moment I looked at Rusty, who was the captain of the boat and realized he had it all under control. Not only did he have it all under control, he knew everything was fine and everything about the look on his face and what he said to me and the way he’s … It’s like, “It’s all okay.”

And he told me, he said, “Don’t worry, the boat has a riding moment, which means when it gets to a certain point, it’s going to automatically turn up into the wind. It’s going to come back up, everything’s going to be cool. You don’t have to worry.” And because of that, I was able to go ahead and buy the boat. And I believe that as much as I loved the boat, if he had not been there, if he had not been reassuring, if when that moment happened, if he’d gone like, “Whoa.” Like, “That was close man, we almost went in.” I don’t know, I may have walked away and gone like, “You know what? I don’t think that big boat like that is for me because that’s too dangerous, man, I’m afraid I’m going to die.”

But the captain knew better. The captain knew everything was good and the captain was in charge and my friends, you are the professional, you are the real estate agent and buyers and sellers look to you and they need to be able to trust you that you know what’s up. Now, one of the problems in the real estate industry is there’s so many amateur agents out there who don’t know what’s up and they do not know how to captain the ship. And so they’re just doing whatever this buyer says or the seller says, and they don’t really have any expertise.

And if ever there is a time where you better know and be proficient how to be the captain of the ship, it is now because buyers are scared, sellers are scared and they’re like … I mean, we need to sell, we need to downsize, we’re got to move. But I just don’t want people coming to my house. Like right now, I don’t want strangers coming to my house and I don’t want to take a chance of getting exposed to the virus. And you know what happens? And then you’ve got buyers that go like, “Man, we’ve already closed on our house. We are homeless, we’ve got to buy a house.” But I’m afraid to walk in all these other houses and I don’t want to go to open houses, and all that. Or sellers that say, I don’t want to hold open houses.

Your response has got to be, “You know what? I totally understand it. It’s no problem. We got you covered. In fact, here are the things that we have adapted and things we have put into place, the protocols, the safety protocols we have put into place to help sellers like you sell the house without exposing yourself to the virus.” Same with buyers and so that’s what this free download is, is protocols to help you do that and I can go through them but I just want to get, I just thought, you know what? I’m just going to give you the opportunity to download it.

You can have the whole thing, but it’s like just some simple things that some of these you’ve probably already heard of like have a virtual open house where you’re actually doing a live stream video at the house showing people through the house as opposed to a regular open house or even with any kind of show or buyers. Instead of buyers coming into the houses, you actually do a virtual tour, a virtual video tour, and a walkthrough of the house for them. You can personalize it for them. If you’re representing the buyers and you want to go in and do it, or if you have a listing and the sellers don’t want buyers to come in.

You can do the video tour and so forth. You can do the live virtual showings. All of that kind of stuff’s letting them know. Something as simple as we always are going to have the right hand sanitizers and safety stuff so that we clean, we wipe down the doorknobs when we go in, we wash it, here’s we out, we’ll have the soap, the hand sanitizer and everything and you can take and do stuff like we’ve done and we did this … We were doing this for our live event because once we knew the coronavirus outbreak was coming, we’re like, “We’ve got to be very careful at the event.” This was obviously before we ended up postponing the event as we realized how things were bad things were going to be, but we actually ordered hand sanitizer. If you could see that, and these are just little half ounce hand sanitizers, it has our brand on them that you can order from promotional companies online, and right now some of our coaching members have ordered these.

We had some … I know it was yesterday. They were still able to find some, some promotional item vendors are out of the hand sanitizer bottles and some aren’t. But you can find something like this. If you can do it, put your brand on it. It’s awesome. You give that to your clients and so forth. The key is you can have … You can do DocuSign letting them know, you know what? When we write offers, we negotiate offers, it all is going to be done digitally so you don’t have to be exposed to other people and so forth. There’s no handshaking and all that. It’s all done digitally. We do electronic signatures. Now, for you as a real estate agent, you’re probably totally used to DocuSign. But see, there’s a lot of clients, buyers and sellers out there and homeowners, they’re like … They don’t … They’re not familiar with that.

And so they still think they’re going to have to go into a title company, they’re going to have to use a pen that somebody else’s germs are on and they’re going to have to sign. They’re going to be sitting there. They don’t know. So your job is to reassure them that you’ve got everything covered, all the protocols are in place to make their life safe and to make the process simple so that if they want to buy or sell, right now, interest rates are absolutely low. Inventory is still low. So people that want to sell great opportunities, people to want to buy great opportunities. And I’m hearing the stories from it, from my coaching members every day, all over the country, everywhere in all states. And they’re going like, “Here’s what I just had happen today. I just got this new listing. I got this buyer, I got this double ended deal, this investor’s wanting to buy this property. This one’s doing a 1031 exchange.”

People are buying, people are selling, and one of the things you do not want to do as an agent is retreat back into a corner. Right now is a time to adapt and to move forward or you’re going to be in trouble. And I do not say that to scare you. I say that to say, “Get ready to adjust, to adapt, to thrive in this market.” You could do it. This is going to help you. So click on the link here or go to, and download the safety protocols for buyers and sellers. You can use this, you can adapt it, whatever and use it as your marketing. Make sure that when you download it, before you send it out, that you put your personalized branding on it, your name and contact information website and all that kind of stuff so you can personalize that anyway, and hope that is helpful for you.

If you have other protocols that you are using and things that you’ve adapted with, feel free to post those in the comments below. Ask any questions you’ve got. If this video has been helpful for you, make sure you give it a thumbs up. Subscribe to my channel if you have not yet done that. Play to win and even in these times, always expect YES.

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