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Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions in the universe with the power to transform lives and expand blessing. Here are two action steps that will bring the power of gratitude into your life and business:

#1) Write in your journal at least 5 things you are grateful for every day.

#2) Express your gratitude to people you appreciate, rather then only feeling gratitude. The power of gratitude is when it’s shared, not simply felt.


I just want to wish all of you, especially in the United States, a very happy Thanksgiving. For those of you in Canada or anywhere else, whenever your Thanksgiving was, I hope you had a happy one or have a happy one coming up.

I wanted to talk about, just briefly, I wanted to talk about gratitude because that’s what this week is all about. It’s about being grateful. It’s about giving thanks. How important is that and how valuable is it in our lives? It is very, very, very important. In fact, I’m going to give you just two little just, takeaways, that I want you to have from this video.

Number one is that gratitude should be a part of your lifestyle every single day. Every single day, it should be something you do everyday. One of the things that I have done for now years, actually since October the 10th of 2011 is, I have a journal that I write in every single day and every single day, I write at least five gratitudes every single day.

In other words, every morning, I write five things I’m grateful for that day. It may be some things are the same every day but typically, I tend to float around. I look around, what am I grateful for today? Whenever you do that, you just start your day from a place of gratitude, which helps you focus on things that you have in your life that are right, things that you have in your life that are good, abundance that you have in your life.

When you focus on abundance, when you focus on what you already have, you’re literally saying to the universe, “Thank you. I want more. I can handle more.” It’s not a greed thing. It’s not a selfishness thing. It’s simply an openness to God, to the universe or to the world around you of saying, “I appreciate the fact that the universe or God, is working in my favor.” Having just an attitude of gratitude is life changing and they’ve done studies that show the people that do this, that have a habit of expressing gratitude for stuff on a daily basis tend to be more successful, they tend to achieve more and so forth.

That’s number one. Number one; attitude of gratitude and the best way to do that is, start your day by writing down things that you are grateful for every day. Number two; and this is such an important distinction and that is, it is not enough just to be thankful when it involves people. That is, instead of being thankful, is giving thanks. In other words, somebody did something for me, I’m so grateful but it doesn’t really mean anything to them until I express that gratitude to them and that’s why I love the holiday called Thanksgiving.

It’s not thanks-feeling. It’s not feeling thankful or being grateful, it’s giving thanks. It is an active action, it is proactive. I am actually taking the overt action of expressing my gratitude to someone, for something. I want to challenge you on this that you spend some time this week actually giving thanks. Giving thanks to God, giving thanks to the universe, giving thanks to your family, giving thanks to your friends, to your clients, to your customers. Not just feeling it but letting them know what an amazing gift it is that when you give thanks, your appreciation is truly a gift that blesses other people.

Hopefully, for your entire year, gratitude is a way of life but, especially this week, I want you to focus, not only on feeling the gratitude and being grateful but actually taking the time to tell some people, the tell some folks that are important to you, how much they appreciate them, who they are and what they mean to you. Do it. It will change your life. I just want to tell you that I am grateful for you. I’m grateful for you watching this video. I’m grateful for you if you’re one of my subscribers on my YouTube channel or on my blog or one of my coaching members or somebody who gets my emails.

Wherever, whoever, whatever, our relationship is, it means something to me, it’s special to me and I really, really want you to know how much I appreciate you and appreciate our relationship. If I can do anything for you, let me know and until then, “Happy Thanksgiving.”

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