Getting Started in Real Estate in 2020


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Even in an economic chaos, there’s massive opportunity for you to make a ton of money in real estate…if you know what to do and do it.

Here are 3 steps to succeed as a new agent:

  1. Join a strong brokerage. Pick one with a strong leadership and lots of top agents.
  2. Get great fast. Invest in advanced training and coaching. Competence gives you confidence and eliminates competition. Commit to learning as fast as you can. You get better faster by training harder than everyone else. If you’re new, Agent Power Launch ( is the best place to start. You can explore our coaching options here:
  3. Work your butt off. Success is up to you. The money is in finding qualified sellers by talking to lots of people and asking for business.

Do these 3 things and you’ll see that there is no competition.

Full Transcript

In this video, we’re going to talk about how to get started in real estate and how to succeed in real estate in 2020 in the middle of all the chaos.

Hi there. It’s Kevin Ward, the founder of YesMasters Real Estate Success Training, helping you get more yeses and more successes in your business and in your life. And I get these kinds of questions virtually every week. And I’m just going to shoot this video to answer some of the key questions I’m getting about getting started in real estate.

And so here’s four of the questions that I’ve gotten recently. I’m just going to kind of run them off and basically answer them in two parts here. 

So “should I get into real estate now? I’ve been thinking about getting into real estate for a long time. Is it too late? And is now a bad time to get started in real estate?”

 So short answer, no, now is not a bad time to get into real estate. In fact, now is a great time to get in real estate. Now is a great time to succeed in real estate. I believe right now is the best time ever to be a real estate agent if you know what to do. That’s the short answer. Now is a bad time to dabble in real estate. Now is a bad time to be lazy as a real estate agent. Now is a bad time to be scared as a real estate agent. So in this video, I’m going to talk about how to succeed in real estate.

So here’s the second question that I’m going to then address all of this. This was on a YouTube comment just recently on another video. “Hey Kevin, how can someone get started in real estate part time in today’s climate and be successful?” Short answer: You can’t. You’ll want to be successful. You can’t be successful in real estate short-time especially not in today’s climate. Now, if you want to succeed as a real estate agent and start part- time, okay. So I’m going to put a link down below a video of how to succeed in real estate as a part-time agent. But the short answer is stop being part-time as soon as you can and go full-time. Now I’m going to answer the question with two parts. There are two factors to my answer here of why you can’t be successful as a part-time realtor.


The Pandemic of Incompetent Agents

Number one, the first factor is I want you to succeed, meaning I want you to make money. Okay. That’s the first factor. The second factor is I don’t want you to suck. I don’t want you to screw buyers and sellers because you don’t know what you are doing. And we are in an industry, the real estate industry, where the bar is so freaking low, that there is incompetence in the industry that is rampant. If you want to talk about the ultimate pandemic, the ultimate pandemic is the number of incompetent realtors in America. That’s a pandemic.

Now, I’m not in any way minimizing the coronavirus or any of that kind of stuff, but I’m telling you, we have had a pandemic for… I’ve been in real estate for over 20 years. And the ultimate pandemic that we’ve had in the real estate industry this entire time is this industry is infected with incompetent real estate agents. Give me a thumbs up on this video if you agree. And if you disagree, give it a thumbs down. Totally cool either way. Put your comment down below. I want to hear what you think about our industry. But there is a reason that real estate agents have such a bad reputation in the real estate industry.

Now, I’m laying this out because if you’re not in real estate yet, I want you to come in with your eyes open. And I want you to have clarity about what you are getting into, why real estate is this incredible, amazing opportunity where you can make a ton of money. I train coaching. I train real estate agents. A lot of my coaching members as rookies make great six figure incomes. They’ll make more money than college graduates from any university in America. If you do the right stuff, it’s a great industry to be in. It’s a great time to get into it, but not if you’re coming in the way most real estate agents come in. And that is with an absolute incompetence.

Just think about it this way. If you want to cut hair and you go to get your license as a hairstylist, it takes 18 months to become a licensed hairstylist right now, 18 months. Now, 18 months to be able to cut somebody’s hair. And the funny thing about it is if you mess up their hair, it grows back. But if you want to become a real estate agent, it doesn’t take 18 months. It takes two or three months to become a real estate agent and to deal with multimillion dollar pieces of real estate, two to three months. The industry is full of incompetence.


Is it a good time to get started in real estate?

So the question is, is it a good time to get started in real estate? How do I get started in real estate? But I want to change the context of the question and say it’s a great time to get into real estate. It’s a great time to get started in real estate. It’s a great time to be in it, but only if you want to succeed. 

So what I’m going to give you is three simple steps for how to succeed in real estate in 2020. In fact, I’m just going to completely change this. I’m going to take off “get started,” and I’m going to change that to “how to succeed in real estate in 2020 and beyond.” Three simple steps. Here we go.



Number one, this is not the most important, but I’m going to get it out of the way because the other two aren’t the most important. Number one is..


1. Join a strong brokerage.

Here’s what a strong brokerage looks like. It has strong leadership. It has a strong broker, manager, or somebody that they know compliance. They know real estate contracts. They know the laws. They keep their agents up to date and they got your back. When you get into question and you run into a situation in negotiation or with listings with clients, they know exactly what to do. They’re available for you and they will help you. Okay. Do not look for the cheapest brokerage.

Now, one thing I’m not going to talk about in strong brokerage. Well, what about splits? I get this question asked. What about splits? I don’t care about splits. What I care about is making money. And when you get deals done, you make money. When you don’t get deals done, when you don’t get clients, when you don’t get listings, when you don’t get sales, you make zero money. It doesn’t matter what your split is. So quit trying to think about how much it’s going to cost me to have a broker. No. How much will a good broker help you make? A lot.

So here’s the second thing to look for in a strong broker is number one, strong leadership. Number two is I want lots and lots and lots of top agents in that brokerage. If there are not a lot of top agents in that brokerage, there is a reason. Do not join a new brokerage. Do not join your uncle’s brokerage because he’s family and he’ll give you a great deal or he’ll let you keep all your commission. You will fail. You will lose. Okay. I’m a little passionate about this. I’m probably being a little hard on this today. And here’s the reason. 

We are in crazy chaotic, rough times right now. And if you don’t do the right stuff, you’re going to fail. You’re going to flunk out of real estate and you’re going to have to start over at square one, going back and trying to find another job. And it is going to be tough on you and your family. And I don’t want that.

I want you to come into real estate and succeed, but you can’t do it doing stupid stuff. And stupid is hiring a broker because it’s like a good deal, or they’re new, or they’ve got this cool plan, all this kind of stuff. My question is, how many agents do they have in that brokers making over half a million dollars a year or selling over 50 homes a year? If they don’t have a lot of them, you’re in the wrong brokerage. Because here’s what you will see in strong brokerage is you’ll have a lot of top agents. They’ve been there a long time and they make a lot of money. And yes, the broker probably has a lot of money because the broker knows how to help make agents successful. That’s why top agents are in that brokerage. Okay. So I want to be crystal clear. If you want to succeed, number one, pick a strong brokerage and stop thinking about the split. Now, when you get in there, negotiate hard to get your best split. I’m all for that. Okay. But start with a strong brokerage.


2. Get good fast.

In fact, we just changed that right now. Let’s go back to get great fast. You want to succeed? You’ve got to get good. You’re not going to succeed when you suck. But you got to be willing to suck as a beginner because you’re going to, but you want to come in and say, “How do I learn fast? I want to get good fast.” How do you do that? Invest in yourself. Invest in your training. Invest in coaching. Look. If you want to become the best and ensure your success, which there’s no other way to get in real estate right now. Invest in advanced training and coaching to get good fast.

The fastest way to get good fast is coaching. Get advanced training. I’ve got all kinds of programs. We’ll put links down below. If you’re a brand new agent, the best place to start is, Agent Power Launch, You can also get in my coaching immediately and directly. Okay. We’ll put links down in the description below. 

But competence gives you confidence. It also eliminates competition because there’s so much incompetence that when you are competent, when you know what you’re doing, and you’re not going to know what you’re doing day one, but you want to commit to learning as fast as you can. And if you’re right now thinking about getting into real estate, you’re in the process, you’re getting your license, go ahead and jump into something like Agent Power Launch. So you can already get training on how to be great at real estate on the skills, the systems, the strategies.

So it’s like opening a restaurant. You already want to know how to cook. You already want to have the menu. You already want to have the produce. When you open a restaurant, you’re going to be like, “Okay, I got my license to open the restaurant, open the restaurant.” And so I’m like, “Okay, where’s the customers? Oh, I need to start advertising.” So put out some ads. And then all of a sudden, some customers start walking in and go like, “I want to order a hamburger.” And you go like, “Oh, a hamburger. Oh crap. We don’t have any buns. We don’t have any meat.”

Before you open the business, you want to know what to do, right? You want to have everything in place. So while you’re getting your license, why not go ahead and start learning what to do and getting everything in place. So get great fast. Okay. How do you get great fast? You outtrain everyone else. You outtrain everyone else. If you want to be an athlete, that’s the way you do it. You want to be the best. You outtrain everyone. That’s how you get better faster. And right now you don’t have time to waste. If you need to succeed and you need to make money in real estate and you need to do it fast, you got to outtrain everyone else and get there fast.


3. Work your butt off.

This is not the time for laziness. This is not the time for you to come in with entitlement and think “I’m going to find some magic carpet ride to the land of success.” It ain’t going to happen. You got to come in and be willing to work your butt off. Here’s the thing you got to understand. There is no salary. When you become a real estate agent, there’s no salary. There’s no schedule. There’s no clients. There’s no guarantees. You own your own business. And if you are going to succeed, it is up to you. So you got to work your butt off.

Now, what should you be doing working your butt off? Finding business. All the money is in finding the deals, finding the best, finding buyers and sellers. Sellers are the best, but finding qualified, motivated people who are ready to sell their house and/or buy a house. Sellers are way, way, way better for a whole lot of reasons, which I talk about in other videos. But the key is you work your butt off talking to people, asking for business, talking to people, asking for business, talking to people, asking for business. And realize that once you do this, if you’ll do those three things, get a strong brokerage, get great fast and work your butt off, you will find out there is no competition because here you’ve got leadership and you got support. Here, you simply outtrain and outwork everyone else and no one can touch you.

Now I’m going to go back. When I started real estate back over 20 years ago, here’s where I got lucky. I don’t have any track record. I don’t know anybody. I want someone to give me the credibility and I’m like, “I’m going to look for the number one brokerage in the market.” I just thought having to be able to say I’m with the number one company that would make me good. It doesn’t make you good, but it gave me credibility. 

But more importantly, what I was surprised by was that the reason they’re number one is because they had strong leadership and they had a ton of top agents that I got to learn from and watch and hang out with and mentor with and go on their listing appointments with them and shadow them. And that was massive to my success.

The other thing I did was I got, back then when I started, it was audio cassettes. So I got audio cassettes of coaches and trainers. And I listened in my car. I was listening nonstop to training, training, trying to sit in my office. And if I wasn’t prospecting, I was listening to audio. Training, training. I was practicing the scripts, practice and practice and practice and training like crazy. And then every single day I was out prospecting. I was out role-playing. I was outworking everybody else in my company. And that was what took me to achieve a level of success relatively quickly compared to so many agents that came in while I was a new agent and flunked out.

Right now it’s tough times in the economy. But it is a great time to get into real estate because one, nobody can lay you off. Nobody can fire you. Your job is secure if you do the right stuff. It’s right here. 

If you like this video, give it a thumbs up. I want to hear what you think, what your impression is, what your experience is. Put your comments down below. If you like the channel, make sure you subscribe to it. If it’s your first time here, share this with other people that you know that are thinking about getting into real estate or other real estate agents who need some help getting going. 

Thanks for watching. Play to win and always expect yes.

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