Achieving Your Goals: 3 Keys to Unlocking Success


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What does it take to achieve your goals?

  1. Create an intimate relationship with your future self. Who do you want to be? Think about who you would have to be to be able to get what you want. Get to know that version of yourself that believes that you can accomplish your goals, no matter what.
  2. Get your head right. Think abundance, and stop operating from a scarcity mindset. Realize that you are not in a life-or-death situation. You can have the confidence, certainty, and power to pull yourself out of whatever you’re currently struggling with. Keep your head right by doing your daily declarations, and reviewing your goals every day. 
  3. Visualize it and declare it a present reality. Visualize what you want until you believe it and start seeing it. Declare it over and over again until it feels natural, and the thought of achieving it no longer seems impossible.

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Full Transcript

Speaker 1:

The one who achieves their dreams is the one who has the most intimate relationship with their future self. The one who achieves their dreams is the one who has the most intimate relationship with their future self.

See, there’s a piece of you right now for most of you, there’s a piece of you that you look at, you create this master plan, and you’ve got all these real estate holdings, and you’ve got these first-class vacations that cost $50,000 to $100,000 that you don’t even realize how much it’ll cost.

And your brain cannot really accept the fact that you can have that. Now, that’s not all of you, but some of you. You draw this stuff out and you’re like, “I want this. I want this. I don’t know how… I don’t see it.” Right?

So you’ve got to visualize it until you believe it, until you start seeing it, you start seeing it. But there is a piece of you right now that looks at the future self and says, “That’s impossible.”

this is why we talk about the impossible map, the impossible targets when we did our summit expedition at the beginning of the year. We’ve got our impossible, we’ve got a radical, and we’ve got a reasonable. The reasonable ones, those are the ones you look at it and go like, “Okay, I can see that. I can do that.”

Radical would be like, “Maybe. That would be awesome. I don’t know how to do it, but it would be awesome.” Impossible is like, “Okay, if I was somebody else, I could do this. If I had this, if I was this…” But we can’t really wrap our head around it.

The one who’s the highest achiever is the one who can get to know that person, that can do what your current version of you cannot accomplish. That make sense? The current version of me cannot envision having that.

So when I was renting a bedroom, sleeping on an air mattress in an unfurnished old apartment complex, old apartment, I couldn’t really see myself as the guy who had a 50-foot yacht, the person who could own a multi-million-dollar house and own millions of dollars of real estate.

I couldn’t visualize that. I couldn’t visualize it. I couldn’t believe it. So how did I get to where I could believe it? By just visualizing it and declaring it over and over and over again, and then getting around people who had the resources that were able to do that, and getting around people that had that.

And then over time, you just start going like, “Okay, this feels more natural. This feels more normal.” This is why I subscribe to the Robb Report. You guys know what the Robb Report is, right? The Robb Report is the toy catalog for people that don’t have to ask, “How much is it?”

Last night I had a bunch of work I had to get done. So I got a bunch of work done. And then I’m like, “I need to stop talking. I just let my voice rest. And I got work to do. So I’m going to go to a cigar lounge and have a cigar.” I was going to invite you, bro. I couldn’t talk.

I was like, “I’d love to do it,” but I’m like, “I can’t talk. I just got to not talk. And if we were hanging out, we’d be talking non-stop.” So I’m like, “My vocal cords are still… I’m feeling like they’re out of shape.” And I was just like, “I got to not talk.”

So I went to the cigar shop and I’m like, “Okay, I want a Davidoff.” He’s like, “We don’t have Davidoff, bro.” And I’m like, “Well, then what do you got that’s close?” He says, “Well, do you like Cubans.” I’m like, “You have Cuban?” So I had a nice Cuban cigar last night that was insane.

He pulls out this drawer. His dad actually goes back and forth from Cuba. I don’t know if they have to smuggle… I don’t know what’s legal or not. I don’t know. I don’t ask questions. I’m like, “Yep, those are real Cubans.”

Because I also got a guy in El Segundo, they import them from Italy, which is legal. You can import Cubans imported to Italy. And then from Italy, they can import them here. So that’s done. But it’s kind of like they only have it for VIP members.

So if anybody ever wants a Cuban, just let me know, and I’ll hook you up with Marco. But I’m like, “That’s what I want.” I’m like, “Which one’s the best one?” He goes, “That one right there.” Okay, perfect.

I didn’t ask how much it cost because… I wanted you. I wanted to go like, “So how much is it?” It was not cheap. Let’s just say it was not cheap. It was more than most of you would spend on a nice meal. But it was not the most expensive cigar I’ve ever bought. But I’m just like, “I don’t care. It’s what I want.”

And so visualize yourself getting to a point where you do what you want to do, not what you can afford to do. So we got to get this intimate relationship with that. Two other pieces to this. Number one, some of you are operating and have been operating in scarcity.

The problem with scarcity is it’s like a drowning man. So when somebody is drowning, do they dream of a 50-foot yacht? No. They just want to stop drowning. So they’re like, “Just get me out of the fucking water. Let me not drown. A canoe is perfect. Just get me the fuck out of the water.” So that’s all they care about. They just care about not drowning.

So when somebody is under distress or in a survival situation, all they think about is not dying. So they’re just thinking about, “Get me out of the immediate pain I’m in and I’m good. I just want to not be dying.” And it’s very difficult from that place to dream. Does that make sense to everybody? Very difficult from that place to dream.

So you got to mentally understand you’re not dying. None of you are dying. None of you are drowning. I get it. You’re financially distressed, some of you. You’re in scarcity. But you got to keep your head in abundance, not in scarcity. Because from abundance, from a mindset of abundance, now I have power, I have confidence, I have certainty.

And I can visualize and believe and declare what I want. And that’s what’s going to be attracted into my life. If all I’m thinking about is survival, what’s going to be attracted into my life?



Speaker 1:

You’re going to survive. It’s going to be okay. Okay? None of you are literally at risk of dying of starvation or exposure. There’s not anybody here that is in that situation.

So this is where getting my head right, getting your head out of that shit… Tom Brady, this was several years ago when he was still in the New England Patriots. And there was a time when one of the offensive linemen was kind of pissed off because he felt like he was not getting the accolades or the recognition he deserved.

And Tom Brady came into the training facility and he heard him just bitching about that he didn’t get fair coverage in the reporting. And he walked right over, right up in his face, and he said, “Get your head right. We’re here to win rings.”

Who gives a fuck about accolades? We’re here to win championships. That’s why we’re here. This is why Tom Brady has become the greatest of all time, it’s because there was this relentless focus on one fucking thing.

And it didn’t matter how far behind they were in the game. You guys learned that from him, right? It didn’t matter. One thing, we’re going to win. Because winning is everything. Championship, championship, championship. This is where you’ve got to be. Get your head right.

We are here to build empires. You are here to have the lifestyle of your dreams. You are not here to pay your fucking bills. Does that make sense? Why are you in real estate if you just want to pay bills? It’s too fucking stressful to own your own business.

Go work for somebody else. Get a solid paycheck. It’s good. Then you can take weekends off. When you clock out, you actually clock out and you don’t have to worry about shit. Why do you worry? Why do you stress yourself out 20 hours a day about real estate and the business and deals and clients and all that kind of stuff if you’re thinking survival? Go get a regular job, get a paycheck, get the benefits. You’re good.

The only reason to be in real estate is to build a fucking empire. Does that make sense to everybody? Why else would you be here? It’s too hard. Okay. People are like, “I want to be a coach like you.” I get it. But you want to build shit like me. Are you willing to spend 10 months… Eight months, not 10. It’s going to grow over years. Eight months sleeping on an air mattress in an unfurnished bedroom while you build shit because you can’t pay bills? You ready for that?

You got to be willing to go there. You got to be willing to be super uncomfortable. Are you willing to do that? Are you willing to shoot videos when you don’t feel like shooting videos? Are you willing to have your heart broken?

If you’re not willing to have your heart broken, don’t go here. Building empires is heavy shit. When you presume to wear a crown, the weight of the responsibility of the crown is enormous. So if you want it, you got to go get it, but you got to keep your head right.

Or you cannot have the mindset of a peasant and build an empire. And a peasant is only worried about one thing; staying alive, paying the bills, being uncomfortable, staying out of trouble, staying out of distress. Just take care of me. Okay? Empire builders, totally different mindset. You got to get your head right. Okay?

Number one, intimate relationship with your future self. Who you want to be. Who would I have to be, to be able to own that house? Who would I have to be, to be able to drive that car, to be able to go on vacations like that? Who would I have to be? And create an intimate relationship with that future self.

Number two; get your head right, out of scarcity, into abundance, as your daily way of thinking. This is why stacking is so important, your daily declarations, your visualization of reviewing your goals every day. This is why this becomes so important. This is what I have to do every day to keep my head right. Stacking is what I have to do every day to keep my head right. Okay?

And then number three. Visualize it and declare it as a present reality. Okay? So my master plan… This is, in a sense, my master plan. Okay? I call it my pocket plan. One time I changed it and started calling it my map. I don’t remember. I started calling it my something map, pocket map or something. But anyway, I just call it my pocket plan.

So it has images that allow me to visualize. It has declarations that allow me to send messages to my subconscious brain about who I am and what I’m becoming. Okay?




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