A Tale of Two Agents – The Real Reason 90% of Agents Fail


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TRUTH: 80% of new agents are going to be out of the business within 24 months.

How do you become the agent who succeeds rather than the agent who struggles to survive?

Change the story that you hold in your mind about success, your self-worth, and your ability to achieve. There are Four Transformers in Life that can help you transform the way you think so that you can transform the way you behave and the results that you get.

The 4 Transformers:

  1. Declarations.  Declare your goal with intention, intensity, and enthusiasm (use the first person, present tense, and modifiers) . “I easily and abundantly close 5 or more deals a month.”
  2. Visualization. Imagine yourself having already achieved what you want.
  3. Association. Be around people who already have the kind of success & lifestyle that you want.
  4. Action. The moment you take action, everything starts to change.

Full Transcript

A tale of two agents, one on top of their game crushing it, and the other who is about to get crushed. In this video, I’m going to talk about the real reason why 90% of real estate agents fail and what the 10% do that’s different. And even beyond that, how do you become part of the 1%, the ones who actually make enough money to have the lifestyle of their dreams? 

So my name is Kevin Ward, the Founder of YESMasters Real Estate Success Training, helping you get more yeses and more successes in your business and in your life.


Tale #1: Agent Makes 6 Figures a Month

And yesterday, my wife was talking to one of our long-time coaching members who originally came to America, did not even speak English when she was young, and who was constantly told by her parents, “You’re not good enough. You are never going to amount to anything.”

She had two older sisters and while they sent her two older sisters to college, they refused to send her because they said, “You’re not smart enough. You’re not going to be good enough. There’s no reason for you to go to college. You’re never going to succeed.” And so she was forced to wash dishes in her parent’s restaurant. Well, she got into real estate. Today, she is living the lifestyle of her dreams. Now five years ago, she got into my coaching. She came in. She was already an experienced agent, but she’s like, I want more. 

And today, she is with her husband and her family. They have their dream home here in Southern California. They just rented an oceanfront home to just come and live at the ocean for a month. And they just moved into it last week. They hired movers to take and move their gym and their office furniture and all other personal stuff. They’re like, we’re going to need this for the month. And they literally hired movers to move it from their home to the beach home where they’re staying for a month.

They have two kids. She has a nanny for each kid. Now, the cool thing is she only works 30 hours a week. So she spends most of her time with her kids. But when she’s working, she doesn’t send her kids out. She has a nanny taking care of each of them. They’re teaching them. They’re hanging out with them. 

And so she and her husband have this great lifestyle. She has a great marriage. She’s got everything dialed in. They’re traveling. They’re right now building a multimillion dollar real estate portfolio. She’s there making six figures every single month with their real estate business. And that’s what’s happening with one agent that started out wondering if they were good enough to ever amount to anything.


Tale #2: Agent Constantly Struggles in His Business

Now at the same time, while my wife was having this conversation with that coaching member, I got a Facebook message from another coaching member who is on the front end of their journey, who’s not been in real estate for a long time and just joined my coaching last year. And here is the message, 

“I’m having a challenge of thinking big. I’m having a challenge of thinking big, what is it going to take to hang around big minded people like yourself? Is there a way? What do you recommend? What do I have to do to achieve 50 transactions by next year? Help.” 

Now here’s an agent who’s struggling like, I don’t know if I can even make it and I’m having a challenge dreaming big. I’m having a challenge thinking big. Because one of the things that I train is if you’re going to do real estate, if you’re going to succeed in life, go for greatness. Why? Because every single one of us, I believe have greatness inside of us. And you can reach your dreams, whatever they are. And if you can reach your dreams, whatever they are, why not have big dreams? Because you’re capable of having that. But so many of us were raised like I was raised to have no dreams or small dreams, to always think about settling, to always play small.

And so I got this message and I’m like, oh wow. And I’m thinking about the one agent who’s been in my coaching for five years and who’s making millions of dollars every year and having the lifestyle of their dreams, and this one who’s going like, I’m having a problem even thinking about big stuff. So what is it that makes the difference between the agents who go on to succeed and have the lifestyle of their dreams, not just massive income, but have the marriage, have the health, have the family, have the time control, have the income to be able to do the things they want to do to enjoy an oceanfront home when they want, to be able to make the decisions to do the things that they want to do? 


What’s the difference?

Because the reality is that 80% of new agents, and you’ve heard this, 80% of new agents within 24 months are going to be out of the business.

And so I look at it, I’m like, what’s the difference? What’s the tale of two agents? How do you become the agent who’s making it rather than the agent who’s just trying to figure out and just trying to survive? And after coaching thousands of agents over the last decade and having hundreds and hundreds of agents who’ve absolutely transformed their income and their life, I’m like, I know the difference. 

The difference is not what people think. It’s not your strategy. It’s not even your work ethic. It’s not your skills. It’s all the stuff, all the things that yes, they matter, but it’s not the difference. Here’s the difference. Here’s the thing that is the difference between those who make it and really make it and those who struggle, never succeed, and are always just trying to figure it out. Here’s the difference. 

It is the story that you hold in your mind about yourself and about success, about your worthiness, about your ability, about your ability to achieve.

What do you believe about big accomplishments? Do you believe it’s possible for you or do you not believe it’s possible for you? Do you believe you were born for greatness or do you believe you were born and you just, I was one that was just born to be a peasant? I just, I don’t know. Why doesn’t it work for me? What is in here? It’s right here. It’s the story you hold. 

There is a book by Napoleon Hill that is the classic book on personal success. It was kind of like the original self-help book, and it was called Think and Grow Rich. Now just think about the title for a minute, Think and Grow Rich. What’s the point? The book was not titled Work and Grow Rich. It wasn’t titled Go to School and Grow Rich. It wasn’t, Be Born in a Successful Family and Grow Rich. It was Think, that the ultimate secret to succeeding is the story that you hold in your mind.

And what I have discovered, and this is like, this is the formula is how do you help somebody who is challenged with this idea of believing that I can actually achieve big dreams, that I can have big stuff, that I can be around, that I can hang out with successful people. How do I make that transformation in my mind from being a small thinker full of self-doubt and limiting beliefs to being somebody who can actually go out and achieve not just survival, but achieve massive success and have the lifestyle of your dreams? 

And here’s the answer. It is what I call…


The Four Transformers of Life

Now I’m going to give you a link in the description here of this video, a link to a download that is going to lay out for you what I call the four transformers of life. What are the four things that can help you transform the way you think so that you can transform the way you behave and transform the results that you get in there called the four transformers.

I’m going to just kind of lay them out quickly here, but you can go to 4transformers.com and get a free download. Just a free download and just tell me where to send it. Get a free download of the four transformers, where I’m going to lay out how to use the four transformers to change the way you think and to change the results that you get. So here they are. 


The Four Transformers of Life 


It is declarations or the daily declarations that you make every single day. Now, I was originally taught these recalled affirmations. It’s like, what do you say to yourself about yourself? What do you say to yourself every day about yourself? I don’t know if I’m good enough. I don’t know why I’m not like this. I’m not outgoing. Everybody always throws up these objections. I always get stumped by this. I never can’t get over my procrastination. I never get over my fear. All of those are declarations. They are the stories that you’re holding about your own success. You got to change those. You have to change the declarations.

So let me just, I’m going to give you one example of how to create a declaration that begins the process of changing your life. In fact, let me give you the four transformers. 

Number one is declaration. Number two is visualization. Number three is association, the people you hang out with. And number four is action. These are the four transformers of life. 

Okay. I’m going to give you kind of an example and kind of an idea of how to take each of these four transformers to start transforming the way you think, the way you believe so that you start transforming the way you show up, the way you act, and the results that you get. Okay. So let’s just start with the question from my coaching member here, “I’m struggling with how to think big. How do I get to hang out with people that can help me think big, that are already big thinkers, that are already big achievers? How do I do that?” And he says, “I really want to achieve 50 transactions in 2022. How do I do that? Help.”

Okay. So let’s just say that your goal is to do 50 deals in 2022 next year. So let’s say this year that you’re doing 10 deals, 20 deals, whatever it is. Okay. Two deals, whatever it is. You go like, next year, I want to do 50. Okay, cool. So how do I do that? 

Well, the first thing is I’ve got to set the intention, set the goal, and then I’ve got to start creating the story and belief that I’m capable of doing that. So here’s what I do. I create a declaration. 

So here would be a very simple declaration. “I easily and abundantly have five or more closings every month. I easily and abundantly have five or more closings every month. I easily and abundantly have five or more closings every month.” Now, what did I just do? I just created a declaration. And I don’t just say, I easily and abundantly have five or more closings every month. I easily and… No, it’s got to be a declaration, not an affirmation. It’s a declarative. I declare it with intention, with intensity, with force and verve, with enthusiasm. Okay.

And I’m literally, I can just like hands to the sky and go, I easily and abundantly close five or more deals every month. Now, here’s what I did. One is the energy, the emotion in it. Now all of this comes from Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich. Okay. This was stuff he was teaching nearly a hundred years ago. This stuff is not new. Okay. This is not voodoo. This is not woo-woo, foo-foo. This is proven science of how to rewire your neural pathways. If you change this, change everything. So it’s a declaration. 

And the more… He called it the power of auto-suggestion is what Napoleon Hill called it. And the more intensity I have in it, the faster the transformation happens with what I actually believe. So anytime I have a negative belief like, I don’t know if this is possible for me. Boom! I got to eliminate that thought, replace it with my declaration. I easily and abundantly close five or more deals every month. I easily and abundantly close five or more deals every month. Or maybe it’s a certain amount of money you want to make.

If you’re closing five deals a month, that’s like 40 or $50,000 a month. I easily and abundantly make $50,000 or more every single month. Intensity, say it. Repetitive is over and over again. Declarations is the first step. 

Now, notice here’s the key to the declaration. First person, present tense with modifiers. So it’s not like, “I close five deals every month.” It’s, “I easily and abundantly close five or more deals every single month.” So I’m just intensifying it. Okay. 


2. Visualization

Visualization is beyond saying the story with that emotion. Now I visualize and imagine myself having already achieved that. So let’s say you look a year from now or at the end of 2022 and go like, okay, I have now closed 50 transactions. I have made $500,000. Visualize yourself having made $500,000 in 2022. At the end of 2022, I’ve made that.

What’s different? Imagine your life. Imagine the car you’ll have. The house you’ll have. Whatever it is that is your passion, what you’ve invested that money, and how your life has changed. No financial stress, no debt, time, the ability to travel. And just visualize yourself and visualize yourself log into your bank account and seeing $150,000 in cash in the bank right now. Visualization. 


3. Association

Who can I get around that already has the lifestyle that I want? Not just the bank account, because I train on what I call the seven dimensional life. It’s not just money. That’s not success. Okay. Money is a resource that can help you have a life, but it doesn’t give you a life by itself. It could not if you’re burning your life to the ground. A lot of people make a lot of money and they’re miserable. They’re burned out. They’re stressed out.

I’m talking about your whole life. So this is the life I want. Who can I get around that has the lifestyle that I want? I want to have the income I want, the marriage I want, the health I want, the same values that I have. Who can I get and figure out who I know that I can get around like that? 

Now YESMasters Real Estate Success community, this is where we bring people into our coaching, not only for the training, but also for the association, for the community where you can hang out with coaching members who are some making high six figure and even seven figure incomes and they have a great life. They have great marriages. They’re healthy. They’re excited about life. They love their life. They have great values. They’re making a difference or adding back. Association is absolutely critical.


4. Action

No matter what you do, no matter what you think, no matter what you say, no matter who you hang out with, if you’re not until you actually take action, nothing is going to change. But the moment that you start taking action, everything starts changing. 

In fact, there is an old book called The Magic of Thinking Big, that if you want to achieve big, you gotta think big. And this book was written by David Schwartz way back like, I don’t know, decades ago, back in the mid 1900s. But this book is so powerful, The Magic of Thinking Big. And one of the keys he says in here is the secret to overcoming your fears and thinking big is action. He says, “Do the thing that you fear, and the death of fear is certain.” When you start taking big actions, massive actions, all the little fears, all little things go away. Dream big, play big, and win big. It’s that simple.

Now to get a detailed framework of how to implement these four transformers in my life, I’m going to invite you to go to 4transformers.com. The number 4transformers.com. Put in your email. I’ll email you this whole download, this PDF that’s going to give you the exact framework of exactly how you implement the four transformers with examples and all of that. So you can download that and start transforming your life right now. 

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