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The key to building a business is connecting with people and taking that relationship beyond the initial meeting.

Whenever you meet someone, make an effort to get into a conversation with them. And then, at the end of it, remember to ask for their contact information.

It’s not enough to just give them your business card, because there’s a great chance it’s going to end up in the trash. Without any exchange of contact information, you have no connection and have not started a relationship. 

Connect and start the relationship, it’s going to be priceless for you both.

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Full Transcript

See, this is where conversations, the conversations you choose to have with people, and the way you have those conversations matter so much. I just got back from Redondo Beach back here to Albuquerque, and I had to get a Lyft ride from the airport over to the FBO because I flew out private. 

So she just dropped me off in my truck. So we had about a, I don’t know, 10 minute conversation, and very quickly she let me know she’s a realtor. So Lyft driver, Lyft black. I mean, it’s a nice car. And realtor, which means realtor who’s driving a Lyft is probably not doing really, really great. But she did talk about her business. She did let me know she was a realtor. So I’m like, “Yes, good job. Yeah, put it out there. You’re a realtor.” Because if I happen to be moving here and looking for a realtor, I’ll be like, “Okay, it’s a great conversation starter.”

So we had a good conversation, and then I’m like, “Okay, how is she going to end this conversation? Is she going to ask for business? Is she going to ask for a connection? Or is she going to, you know… What’s she going to do?” 

So when we stopped for her to drop me off, she goes like, “Well, let me give you my card so that if you ever need any information or anything I can help with, then you can contact me.” And I’m like, “Okay, good.” So she gave me a card, which is like for 99% of the time, my friend, giving a card is giving somebody a piece of future trash. That’s the way it is. Why? Because mostly they’re not going to keep it. And if they do keep it, they’re never going to call you. It’s just the way it goes.

But what if, instead of just giving them the card, what if you asked for a relationship? What if you ask for a connection? 

So here’s a really simple script, so what do you do? Which she never asks. I’m like, “I trained real estate agents how to make money and have a life.” I mean, that would’ve been like, okay, we have a conversation now. But the segue, it’s not about what I do. The segue is, “What do you do?” I tell her, she says, “Awesome.”

“Do you have a business card so we can exchange information and stay in touch?” The difference is that she gave me her business card without asking for a relationship. The key is that when you meet somebody and they leave that conversation, you leave that person after that initial conversation. If there is no exchange of contact information, you have no connection with them because you have no way to continue the conversation. No matter how good of a conversation it was, no matter how much they may potentially need you, if you leave and they have your contact information but you don’t have theirs, you have no connection, you don’t own a relationship. So you really haven’t started a relationship. All you’ve done is given out your information.

My friend, if you want to build a business, relationships are the key. And if you want more relationships, connecting with people and asking for a connection that carries a relationship beyond this initial meeting is the magic. So ask for it. Will you always get it? Nope, it doesn’t matter. But the times that you do, that relationship is the start of something that could be absolutely priceless for you and super beneficial for them.




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