7 Strategies to Get 5 Deals From Every Listing

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How do you get one listing and turn it into 5 transactions? You leverage success.

Here are 7 strategies to get 5 additional deals from a listing:

  1. Put a sign in the yard. Motivated buyers will go directly to you, the listing agent.
  2. Sell the listing. Putting a SOLD sign on the FOR SALE sign gives you credibility.
  3. Neighborhood Direct Mail Campaign Send out 5 separate mailers to every home in the neighborhood about the listing. (Coming soon, Just listed postcard, invitation to the open house event, Pending, Sold). This tells them that you’re the agent that gets results.
  4. Door-knock and invite at least 200 neighbors to the Open House Event (script is in The Book of YES <link>) on the first weekend the house is on the market.
  5. Have a powerful Open House Event with online registration (use Open Home Pro or Spac.io ), and follow up with unrepresented prospects. Send them a Personal Intro Video that same day. This helps them remember you.
  6. Ask the seller for referrals before, during, and after the sale. You’ve already earned their trust when they hired you.
  7. Get a video testimonial from your seller. Use it on your website & social media. Third-person testimonials are the best marketing on the planet.

Create systems to do these strategies consistently, and you can always expect YES!

I’ll train you on how to create these systems to get more business without chasing deals at Agent Mastery Live 2020. Click here to register.

What other strategies do you use to get more deals? Share them in the comments below.

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So how do you take one listing and turn it into five transactions, where one equals five?

Hi there, it’s Kevin Ward, the founder of Yes Masters Real Estate Success Training, helping you get more YES and more successes in your business, and in your life. And in today’s video, I want to talk about seven strategies to get five deals from every listing.

How would you like that every deal you get leads to five more deals immediately? And when I say immediately, I mean in the next few weeks or months, not necessarily that day. But leads to more deals over time, right? This is all about what I call, in the real estate vortex training, leveraging your success. So it’s not just a matter of getting one success and every success as a standalone. I want to leverage that success to get more success. So how do you take one listing and turn it into five transactions, where one equals five? One deal equals five deals. Today I’m going to give you seven strategies, seven to help you make that happen.

Strategy number one, put a sign in the yard. Okay? Now I’m going to start simple, but I don’t want you to dismiss this and go, ah that’s nothing new.

Because as we go through this, I’m going to give you strategies that are going to help you put it all together and understand that it is not any one thing that you do to get you more deals. But it is a cocktail of having a business model and a framework that makes everything that you do increase the probability of creating more success from it. So first is simply put a sign in the yard. Again, it’s basic, it’s nothing new. And yet the reality is, buyers will come directly to you. And here’s part of the understanding and the thinking that you need to have. More and more today, motivated buyers, real buyers, are going directly to the listing agent. Now, you can argue with that, and you can talk about why this is bad, and why it’s blah, blah, blah, all you want to complain about it, but it’s reality. And the way things are going, it’s going to continue. Because buyers don’t need agents today to help them find a house.

You see back in the day, back in the 1900s, if a buyer wanted to find a house, the best place you’d go to find all the houses for sale, and find the one that would meet their criteria and their needs best, and to save time, they could go to an agent. And an agent had better access to more information than buyers did. Now, you still have access to more information than the buyer can get by themselves, but not in the preliminary stages. They can get all the information about all the houses out there without needing a buyer’s agent. So they’re more likely to go to the listing agent. And so your ability, your opportunity to double in transactions is dramatically higher today than it was back in the 1900s, when I started real estate. And because of that, you need to have the mindset that when I get a listing, I increase the probability that I’m going to get a buyer for that listing itself. So success breeds success. So I’m going to give you seven strategies that will get you five additional deals from that listing, and that’s one. All right?

Now the second strategy is going to upset you a little bit, but just take it, because it’s right. The second strategy to get five deals from every listing is to actually sell the listing. Sell it. Okay? Now I’m not even counting that as one of your five deals. What I’m saying is, is that a SOLD sign on the FOR SALE sign gives you great credibility in the neighborhood. And when you take a listing, and you put up a for sale sign, and a couple of weeks later, or a month later, once you get through inspections and all that, and you’re firm, in escrow, and it’s pending, and it’s definitely going to close, you put a sold sign up. It tells everybody in the neighborhood, not only are you doing business, but you know how to do business, and how to get a result. All right? Not selling a listing is the worst kind of marketing you could do in a neighborhood. It’s taking a listing and then six months later, or four months later, the sign coming down and not doing it.

Not selling a listing, not putting a SOLD sign up will cost you future deals.

All right. So again, we’re selling the listing. I’m not counting that listing, but just the fact that you did sell it will help increase your probability of getting additional listings in the neighborhood. Especially when you add to that, strategy number three. Strategy number three for getting five deals from every listing is a Direct Mail Strategy. Now, this is a business approach to real estate. So this is not like, well, it’s too much effort. No, this is systems. And as you develop the right systems, this is how you leverage your success to get more success. Have you ever noticed that it seems like there’s agents that fight and struggle to get five or six deals a year, or 10 or 12 deals a year.  And then there are other agents that are getting 70 deals, and 80 deals, and 200 deals. How are they doing it? Because of systems that leverage their success. So they take one deal and they turn it into five. And here’s one of those systems. Using effective neighborhood direct mail.

And an effective neighborhood direct mail campaign is one of the strategies that I learned from one of my inner circle members that they use is what they call the starfish approach. And that is actually with every listing they send out five, count them, five individual pieces of mail over a very short period of time to every home in the neighborhood, to 200 or more houses about the listing. And so here’s what they have. They have first is a coming soon listing. Now, depending on MLS rules and all that, abide by the rules, but you can do all of this. A coming soon neighborhood postcard, okay? Getting ready to come on the market. Then the day it comes on the market, you have a just listed postcard comes out. Okay? A few days later they get another postcard that’s an invitation to the open house event. That’s mailer number three.

And then mailer number four is when you put it under contract, when it goes pending, you now send out an email that says hey … Or not email, but a postcard, or a letter that says, hey, it’s under contract in just X number of days, and so forth. And then a fifth mailer is when it closes that says, hey, this home sold with multiple offers in this length of time. Or it sold this much above list price. Or it’s sold for this, where you’re telling them about the success. Now, you don’t have to do all five. And depending on how you do the launch of the home on the market, those first three, coming soon, just listed, and an open house event may be all right together. So it may just be one, or maybe two of those emails. And yet what I’m doing is I’m announcing, hey here’s a listing. I am marketing it for my seller. And then once you get it under contract, you’re letting the neighborhood know, got a result. If they’re thinking about selling what do they want? An agent that will get them a result.

I got you a result. And if you’re thinking about selling, we’ve got more buyers. They’re still out there. And then when it actually closes, now you can put out there and disclose what the actual stats were, the sale, how quick it sold, the days on the market, number of offers, did it sell for above list price. Anything that really shows them evidence of success that you did. And when you combine all of those together with the fact they saw the sign go up, they saw the sold sign go up a few days or a few weeks later, you’re putting together a cocktail of awareness in a market. You’re creating the buzz that makes him go, ah, I noticed that agent. And it’s not like the postcards, if you’re sending in these pieces of direct mail, they’re not all of a sudden going like, I’m getting hit by this guy with mail over, and over, and over again. No, but they’re seeing it over and over, and it makes an impact. Okay. Now, number four. Strategy number four. We’re only three in. We’ve got four more to go.

Strategy number four, door knock and invite 200 or more of the neighbors to the open house event the first weekend the house is on the market. Door knock 200, 300, 400 doors and invite all of the neighbors to come check the house out. All right? Now when you do that, and if you’re like, how do I approach that, how to do that? You can get a copy of the neighborhood open house event invite script in The Book of Yes. Go to thebookofyes.com you can get a free copy for just shipping and handling. And you can go get this. It’s got in it the exact script to use that will increase the likelihood that people, the neighbors, will actually come to the open house event, which also increases the buzz. So that when buyers walk in they’re like, wow this house is hot. There’s a whole lot of things that are working together here. Again, it’s a cocktail of the strategies that makes them powerful. But the other thing is when you are doing that, you are building relationships with the neighbors.

Other homeowners who are seeing you as the agent doing aggressive work that they would want an agent to do for them if they were moving. And then you can actually ask them when you invite. So when do you think you guys may be looking to make a move?

And all of that is working together to increase your likelihood that you’re going to get a listing from them. Okay? Now, that’s strategy number four. Strategy number five follows right on the tail of that, and that is actually having a powerful open house event with app registration and follow up. Okay? So having an effective open house event. Now what an effective open house event does, one is you’re going to market it like crazy. You’re going to put out tons of directional signs, big signs in the yard, big feather signs, you want everybody to know, man, there is something going on in this neighborhood, and that’s the agent that is making it happen. And then as people come in, you want them to register. Now the best way to get them to register is with your iPad, or your tablet, using either Open Home Pro or Spac.io which are two of the best apps out there for open house registrations. And people are more likely to give you the accurate information and all of that when you do it.

And there’s some really cool things on it that you can use for the open house event registration, and getting people to register at the open house event. And then in your follow up, on how you follow up, one of the things I recommend is that you follow up on the same day for everybody that comes through, and for all the unrepresented prospects that come through. Buyers, prospective buyers, or prospective sellers, that you are reaching out to them that day. I love to do it with a personal intro video, where you just shoot a quick video and say, hey, Mr and Mrs. Smith it was great to meet you today at the open house event, I know we didn’t really have much time to visit. If you want more information about the property, this is my cell phone, please reach out to me, and so forth. You just send them a personal intro video, because they’ve been out looking at 18 other houses, and they don’t remember the house, and they don’t remember you. And so what that does is that helps them to remember you. What am I doing?

I’m increasing the likelihood that I’m going to get a deal from them, whether it’s them buying that house, or them as an unrepresented buyer, or potentially seller, or both, that they will contact you, or they will build a relationship with you, and you get the deal from them. All right, strategy number six. Strategy number six. And hold onto your hat here, because it’s going to freak some of you out. Ask your seller for referrals. Who else do you know that’s looking to buy or sell that I can help? Now, but here’s the real magic. Ask the seller for referrals before, during and after the sale. I know. I know, some of you right now you’re watching, you may be freaking out and going like, what? I can’t ask them for referral before I sell their house. I haven’t earned their trust. Wait a second. They trusted you enough to hire you to sell their house. If they trust you enough to help them, why would they not trust you enough to help somebody else? You’ve already proven yourself to them that you are worthy of their trust, or they would not have hired you.

Why not say, so while I’m helping you guys, anytime you run across somebody else, I’m always looking for other great families, great people like you that I can help. Who else do you know? Who do you know that is the most likely to either be buying or selling a house in the next couple of months that I can help. And you start it. Just get it going. You just get it going, and you help them. It is amazing how that will happen. Ask them before you take the listing. Say hey, I’m going to do such a great job for you that not only that, I don’t just want to do a good job for you here. I want to do such a great job that you want to use me forever. And I want to do such a great job that you want to tell everybody you know that they should use me too. Is it okay with you, going in knowing that I’m going to deliver that kind of results for you, and I’m going to work that hard for you? Absolutely. Great.

So, when you run across somebody, would you refer them to me? And they’ll say, absolutely. So I start getting their mind thinking about it, and there’s a whole lot more I could train you on that one. But I just want you to thinking about, ask your seller for referrals. And then obviously at closing, and once you get the deal done, once you get the contract accepted. So after we get you guys taken care of, who else do you know that I could help? Consistently be asking, and training them to be looking for people like themselves that I can help. And then number seven. The seventh strategy to get five deals from every listing is, get a video testimonial from your seller. You simply ask them, after the deal is done, would you do a video just describing your experience? And talk about how I was able to help you.

And when you do that, and they do a video testimonial for you that you can then use in your marketing, whether it’s on your website, through your social media, you can use it in all kinds of marketing opportunities, it is the third person testimonials. Word of mouth marketing is the best marketing on the planet. And whenever you get a video testimonial of somebody else talking about how good you are, people believe it. If you tell them how good you are, they go like, yeah whatever. But when you have a testimonial of somebody else talking about how good you are, the world will believe. And when you take all of those seven strategies and you put them together, and you consistently do that every single time, and you create systems to do this. This is part of what I train in my real estate vortex training and my Agent Mastery Live training event. We’re going to be talking about how do you create the systems, and build an entire business framework that doesn’t just help you get listings, doesn’t just help you get a deal, but it teaches you how to get business.

And from that business, get more business, get more business, get more business, so that you’re actually building a profitable business, and not just out chasing the next deal. It can completely revolutionize your business and transform your bank account. So what strategies are you using? What other strategies that maybe I did not cover, or did not get to that you can post down in the link below? Any ideas that you have, any questions you have about it? If you liked the video, give it a thumbs up. Make sure you subscribe to the channel. Share this with any other agents that you know are needing some more deals. And join me at agent mastery live, links down below. I look forward to talking to you soon. Play to win, and always expect YES.

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