6 Fast Strategies to Become More Confident as a New Or Young Agent

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So you’re a young agent or somebody who’s a new Realtor? That’s awesome! I remember how excited I was when I first got started as a Realtor – that is, except for this one little thing…

I was terrified that people would ask me how long I’d been doing this! I was so convinced that potential clients would immediately turn their noses at a young pup like me that I wondered how I’d ever get any business at all. If you believe that you’re too young or too new to attract clients, you probably know this exact same challenge – but there is a solution!

The thing is, people respond to confidence. Clients don’t work with the oldest agents or those who have been in the business the longest (well, they might, but not for those specific reasons). Instead, they choose to work with the agents who seem most confident about their ability to bring about the results they want – and that confidence has to come from within you!

So if you’re struggling to get clients because you feel too new or young to stand out amongst your competition, consider the following six strategies for boosting your self-confidence:

Up your energy level
Think about it… Would you rather work with an agent who’s brimming with enthusiasm over how hard he’s going to hustle to sell your house, or would you rather sign on with an agent who treats your property as yet another checkbox on a never-ending “to do” list?

People respond naturally to energy and excitement, so practice bringing these traits to every interaction you have with potential clients. You might feel goofy doing it, but by consciously being more energetic, you’ll telegraph a sense of confidence to clients that causes them to overlook your lack of experience.

Develop your skills
While you’re working on pumping up your energy levels, make it a priority to hone your skills at the same time.

As an agent, you have a choice – you can learn your real estate skills slowly or you can learn them quickly. To see the difference, compare a young agent who spends six hours a day for an entire week honing his listing presentation skills with a 25-year industry veteran who still flies by the seat of his pants because he never actively pursued skill improvements.

Are you new to the field? Yes. But does that mean you need to wait around for 25 years until your skills mature? Absolutely not! Start practicing now and you’ll develop an amazing sense of confidence that’ll come through to potential clients.

Improve your market knowledge
Realistically, if you’re young or new to the real estate game, even the brightest smile won’t be enough to overcome resistance from hesitant client.

But do you know what will? Arming yourself with market knowledge! If you can casually spout off detailed statistics on days on market, list prices, sell prices and other key stats in your market area (gleaned from regular study, of course), you’ll immediately cut down the prospective client’s concern that you don’t really know what you’re talking about.

Study the “young guns”
If you want to quickly advance your real estate career, one of the best things you can do is to look to others that have had the kind of success you want to and emulate them.

Plenty of real estate websites and magazines publish profiles of “up and coming” agents…such as the annual “30 Under 30.” Use this information – including who they are, how they got into business and what their strategies – to improve your own real estate skill set. Remember, if they can do it, so can you!

Partner with a “top gun”
Similarly, partnering with an established industry “top gun” can be a great way to learn the tips and tricks that would otherwise take years to learn on your own. I’m NOT primarily talking about a formal partnership. Rather, have an arrangement with a top agent in your office who will do a co-listing with you when you feel you need the added credibility that a top agent can add to your arsenal to get a particular listing.

Chances are you can find these realtors within your own agency, though you can always look online for a mentor if no suitable candidates exist in your area. By taking the time to find and build these types of partnerships, you’ll gain valuable experience – which will, in turn, boost your own confidence as an agent.

Understand the “new rules” of real estate
And finally, if you’re still feeling less-than-confident about your prospects of success as a new or young agent, keep one thing in mind – the rules of real estate have changed!

Today’s clients don’t want the ones who have been in the field the longest – they want the people who will get them the best results! If you had to go in for heart surgery, would you rather have it done by the doctor who’s still following the outdated practices he learned in the 1960s, or by the younger doctor who’s spent his career on the cutting edge of the latest surgical techniques?

The bottom line is that, in today’s market, skills are more important than experience. If you don’t have experience, you’ve got to have the skills – which you can develop fast using the techniques described above. Focus on improving your skills, and the confidence needed to sell customers on your benefits as an agent will naturally follow in time.

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